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Alli double ends Bridge hoodoo

Sky Sports - søn, 01/04/2018 - 19:00
Tottenham ended their 28-year Stamford Bridge hoodoo as Dele Alli struck twice in a 3-1 win to severely dent Chelsea's top-four hopes on Super Sunday.

Chelsea 1-3 Tottenham Hotspur: Premier League – as it happened

Guardian - søn, 01/04/2018 - 18:55

A stunner from Christian Eriksen and a double from Dele Alli earned Tottenham their first win at Stamford Bridge in 28 years

Chelsea 1-3 Tottenham Hotspur: read Dominic Fifield’s match report

6.39pm BST

Read Dominic Fifield’s match report from Stamford Bridge:

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5.55pm BST

Chelsea must have thought that their proud record in this fixture was going to remain intact when Alvaro Morata gave them the lead, but it’s turned into a painful day for Antonio Conte’s side. Christian Eriksen’s stunner on the stroke of half-time changed the game and built the foundations for an inspired Dele Alli to win it with two goals in the second half. Alli’s first was a brilliant and his second confirmed Tottenham’s first win here since February 1990 and made sure they moved eight points clear of Chelsea and 13 clear of Arsenal. The race for the top four could be over. This MBM definitely is. Thanks for reading and emailing. Bye.

5.52pm BST

Tottenham have won at Stamford Bridge for the first time since 10 February 1990!

5.51pm BST

90 min+4: Azpilicueta belts a volley wide. It’s over.

5.48pm BST

90 min: There will be four added minutes. The Chelsea fans are leaving.

5.46pm BST

89 min: Lloris plucks Emerson’s cross-shot out of the air.

5.45pm BST

88 min: Moussa Sissoko replaces Erik Lamela and Callum Hudson-Odoi replaces Alvaro Morata.

5.45pm BST

86 min: Vertonghen slides and studs Hazard, his Belgium team-mate, on his calf. A free-kick isn’t given, but Hazard is down and receiving treatment.

5.42pm BST

85 min: Eriksen threads a pass through to Lamela. He turns, but his shot is blocked.

5.40pm BST

83 min: Emerson Palmieri replaces Marcos Alonso.

5.39pm BST

82 min: Olivier Giroud replaces Victor Moses. It’s all hands to the pump now for Chelsea.

5.38pm BST

81 min: Victor Wanyama replaces Eric Dier.

5.35pm BST

78 min: Sanchez misses a bouncing cross from Azpilicueta, letting the ball slither through to Kante, who’s too surprised to take advantage of the mistake.

5.33pm BST

76 min: Hazard teases Tottenham on the left and feeds a pass to Azpilicueta. It comes to Morata, but he can’t control properly and the ball runs through to Lloris.

5.30pm BST

74 min: Tottenham make their first change. Harry Kane replaces Son Heung-min.

5.29pm BST

72 min: Willian slides a pass through to Fabregas on the right. He hammers a low ball into the six-yard box and Vertonghen turns it over his own bar. This isn’t over yet. A Chelsea goal would make this very interesting. And both sides know it.

5.28pm BST

71 min: The ball breaks to Willian in the Tottenham area. He hangs a cross into the middle. It’s headed to Alonso, who snatches his volley and bounces it wide. That was an excellent chance.

5.27pm BST

70 min: Davies is booked for catching Moses on the right.

5.26pm BST

69 min: The corner’s taken and eventually Fabregas has an opening. But he slashes wide.

5.26pm BST

68 min: The Tottenham fans are jubilant. They’re enjoying this. They haven’t seen their team win here since 1990. But there’s time left for Chelsea to salvage something. Morata wins a corner. Tottenham will be tested.

5.25pm BST

A brilliant, instant reverse pass from Eriksen sends Son steaming through on the right. Eriksen has eyes in the back of his head and Son has the pace to run away from Alonso. Son has Alli in support in the middle, but he wants to go it alone. He bears down on Caballero, but he overruns it and can’t poke it past the goalkeeper. It looks like the chance has gone. But the ball breaks loose and Son gets control of it. He should tee up Lamela. Instead he tries another shot. It’s blocked again, but Chelsea can’t scramble it away and eventually Alli finds the composure to take command and turn in his second of the afternoon!

5.22pm BST

64 min: Chelsea look for an instant response, Hazard dribbling at Tottenham on the right. His cross is put behind for a corner. Tottenham sort of clear their lines and the ball comes to Willian, who shoots high and wide from 25 yards. Meanwhile Cesc Fabregas is annoyed with Erik Lamela for a saucy challenge on him. Lamela went over the ball and is lucky not to be booked for catching Fabregas.

5.20pm BST

Eric Dier picks up possession on the halfway line. There’s no pressure on him. He looks up and spots Dele Alli running between two Chelsea defenders. Dier sends a Gerrard-esque pass over the Chelsea defence and Alli, watching the ball drop over his right shoulder, brings it down with Bergkamp-esque control before flicking a superb finish past the onrushing Caballero! What skill! What an assist! What a goal! England are going to win the World Cup!

5.18pm BST

60 min: Tottenham move the ball smartly and with purpose, Dembele and Alli combining to find Son on the right. He cuts inside and bends one towards the far corner from 20 yards, forcing Caballero to leap to his right and push the ball wide for a corner, which comes to nothing.

5.16pm BST

59 min: Willian slips a pass through to Alonso on the left. Dier deflects his cross behind for a corner. Chelsea take it short, working the ball back to Fabregas, whose cross is glanced wide by Christensen.

5.15pm BST

58 min: Eriksen chips a cross into the middle, looking for Alli, but it’s too high for him.

5.13pm BST

57 min: Moses’s cross is easy for Lloris to claim this time.

5.12pm BST

55 min: A couple of corners to Tottenham, over on the left. Nothing comes from Eriksen’s deliveries, though.

5.11pm BST

53 min: Tottenham construct their first coherent attack of the second half, making headway down the right. Trippier crosses and when Lamela can’t rise high enough, Moses attempts to deal with the danger results in him falling on the ball and handling it. It was accidental, though, and Tottenham’s appeals for a penalty go unanswered.

5.09pm BST

52 min: Son has started the second half on the right, with Lamela playing more centrally. It might not be long until we see Harry Kane.

5.08pm BST

50 min: It’s been a scrappy start to the second half.

5.05pm BST

47 min: Chelsea are on the front foot, Moses looking to make up for his part in Tottenham’s equaliser, driving down the right and seeing a shot blocked. Then Azpilicueta steps in to win the ball off the dawdling Alli and bursts past Davies, only for Tottenham to clear his cutback. “If David De Gea could somehow play in goal for both teams (and i wouldn’t put it past him) it would still be nil all,” says Niall Mullen. “Are keepers getting worse or is DDG too good to judge others by?”

5.03pm BST

46 min: Tottenham get the second half underway. “That Eriksen shot had a trajectory which reminded me of that Bentley volley against Arsenal,” says Jeremy Dresner. “Knuckling, Dipping and Screaming - kissing the bar on the way in. A thing of beauty - muah!”

4.49pm BST

Tottenham looked like they were begging for half-time - then up popped Christian Eriksen, who produced a spectacular equaliser to cancel out Alvaro Morata’s goal. See you in 15 minutes.

4.48pm BST

45 min+2: One last attack for Chelsea, Hazard hurtling behind Sanchez, who does enough to force him wide. It ends with Alonso firing over from 18 yards.

4.48pm BST

Tottenham put together one last attack before half-time. A deep cross from Dier doesn’t go anywhere. Alli races off after it, doing enough to keep it from going out for a throw, but all he can do is backheel it to Moses. He tries to chip it to Willian, but the pass is cut out by Davies. Alli plays the ball to Eriksen, 25 yards from goal, and his right-footed shot dips and swerves and soars through the air, completely confounding Caballero, who can only stand and watch as it flies over him and under the bar! What a goal from the Danish genius!

4.45pm BST

45 min: There will be two added minutes.

4.45pm BST

44 min: Tottenham are rocking. Chelsea smell blood. Alonso pops up on the left again, flashing in another ball, Willian, Hazard and Morata all waiting. The cross is blocked and the ball breaks to the edge of the area. Kante flies on to it, but his thumping shot, which looks destined for the top corner, hits a white shirt.

4.43pm BST

42 min: Chelsea look dangerous whenever they counter. They burst forward again and the ball comes to Alonso on the left. His first cross is blocked, but the ball comes back to him and he decides to take aim with a low drive. Lloris gets down to parry the Spaniard’s shot and the ball’s hacked clear before Morata can turn in the rebound. Tottenham could do with waking up.

4.40pm BST

40 min: Eriksen drops a shoulder to make space for a shot and shoots from 30 yards. It’s straight at Caballero and he’s able to gather the loose ball after spilling it at first.

4.38pm BST

38 min: The Chelsea fans are letting Dele Alli know that they don’t like him. It’s all set up for him to be England’s No1 villain this summer, isn’t it?

4.38pm BST

36 min: Morata does fall over a lot. Still, he’s feeling good at the moment. This might be simplistic, but you can’t help but think that Tottenham need Harry Kane on.

4.33pm BST

32 min: We can add a photo of Lloris grasping at thin air there to the Big Book of Spursiness. It was dismal from the goalkeeper. But his team-mates look determined to respond impressively. All of a sudden Eriksen’s racing through on goal after Chelsea fail to react to a long ball, but the Dane seems to stop as Caballero comes hurtling off his line, allowing the goalkeeper to clear. Caballero needs some treatment, but he’s fine.

4.31pm BST

There’s a sense that Chelsea are slowly building some momentum. Moses had just gone on a fine run and he does so again, surging into space on the right. His cross is inviting and it tempts Lloris off his line. Unfortunately for Tottenham, the goalkeeper makes a wretched mess of his attempt to claim the ball. He flaps at it comically and Morata, that goal machine, rises highest to head into the unguarded bottom right corner!

4.27pm BST

28 min: This is fairly tepid. Don’t you just adore the race for the top four? This is better, though. Hazard sends Moses steaming away down the right, but his deflected shot is held by Lloris.

4.25pm BST

25 min: Chelsea lose the ball midway inside their half, Dembele stepping in assertively. He passes to Alli, who shifts it to Eriksen on the left. Azpilicueta comes across to concede a corner. It’s an outswinger from Lamela. Rudiger’s clearing hander drops to Trippier, who skews a shot over.

4.23pm BST

23 min: You feel that everything needs to run at maximum smoothness for Tottenham’s attack when Harry Kane isn’t there, especially against this good a defence. It isn’t at the moment. There are too many loose touches, rushed decisions and misunderstandings.

4.21pm BST

22 min: Trippier, who was the one who let Alonso go, dithers again and allows the ball to run through to Morata. He’s relieved to see the flag up.

4.20pm BST

19 min: Chelsea continue to press, Kante receiving possession on the inside-right channel, looking up and sending a cross towards the left. Alonso breaks behind Tottenham’s high line and cushions a volley past Lloris, but the flag’s up for offside and the goal’s ruled out. Alonso was off by half a yard.

4.19pm BST

18 min: Chelsea mount one of those flowing counterattacks, Morata scrapping and finding Hazard. The Belgian’s held up by Sanchez, but he’s strong enough to shield the ball, turn and find Willian, who cuts inside before shooting low and hard from 18 yards. A deflection makes it award for Lloris, but he pushes the ball away.

4.16pm BST

16 min: Morata seizes on a loose ball in the Tottenham area, but his cutback from the left isn’t good enough. Tottenham break again, although the momentum of their attack stalls when Kante trips the surging Alli. They continue to probe, but eventually Alli’s pass goes out of play.

4.13pm BST

13 min: Tottenham have started with more confidence than Chelsea. They’re dominating possession. Chelsea are being forced to play on the break. Mind you, they’re pretty good at that.

4.11pm BST

10 min: Hazard has his first meaningful touch, darting through the middle and playing a clever pass to Willian on the left. The Brazilian cuts inside, on to that right foot, but his shot is blocked and Lamela is able to bring the ball away for Tottenham. The visitors probe inventively and Eriksen, over on the right, drives a brilliant cross towards Alli at the far post. Azpilicueta’s struggling, but Moses exerts enough pressure on Alli to force him to head wide.

4.09pm BST

9 min: Eriksen’s delivery is poor, but he gets another chance. The ball ends up on the edge of the area, dropping to Vertonghen, who sends a tame shot bobbling wide.

4.08pm BST

8 min: Trippier finds space on the right and crosses dangerously, forcing Christensen to head behind for the first corner.

4.06pm BST

7 min: Moses is back on and quickly into the thick of it, ferociously closing down Davies in Tottenham’s half.

4.06pm BST

5 min: Victor Moses is down after being accidentally trodden on by Mousa Dembele, who inadvertently took a walk down the prone Chelsea man’s chest after trying to tackle him deep on the right. Moses is receiving treatment.

4.03pm BST

3 min: There’s a vibrant atmosphere inside Stamford Bridge. It’s arguably better than the one we heard at the Emirates Stadium during Arsenal’s 3-0 win over Stoke earlier.

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4.01pm BST

Peep! Chelsea, in the blue, kick off from right to left. Tottenham are in white shirts and navy shorts.

3.57pm BST

Here come the teams! Kick-off is moments away.

3.49pm BST

Chelsea are without Thibaut Courtois, their No1 goalkeeper, but Conte has faith in his team. “If we want a place in the Champions League we have to try to take three points today,” he says.

3.48pm BST

Antonio Conte uses his pre-match interview to wish Ray Wilkins well in his recovery from a cardiac arrest. “I’d like to start saying we are very close to Ray Wilkins and his family. Ray is a legend in the history of this club and our players are with them.”

3.44pm BST

Mauricio Pochettino speaks! He’s asked about Harry Kane’s return and Tottenham’s record at Stamford Bridge. “I think it is important he is back again. We are happy because it is a very important game for us. This is one option more. We will see what happens in the game. He is ready to play. Maybe not 90 minutes but if we need him in the second half he is ready. Every game is different. The past is not today. It is a tough stadium for Tottenham. We will see what happens. We are very motivated. It is an important game, but the battle for the top four is not over if we win today.”

3.16pm BST

Chelsea make one change to the side that beat Leicester in the FA Cup two weeks ago. Out goes Tiemoue Bakayoko, in comes Cesc Fabregas. Thibaut Courtois, David Luiz, Ross Barkley and Pedro are missing.

Tottenham make two changes to the side that beat Swansea in the FA Cup two weeks ago. Mousa Dembele and Dele Alli are in, Moussa Sissoko and Lucas Moura are out, but the big news is that Harry Kane is fit enough to be named as a substitute after recovering from an ankle injury. There’s no space for Toby Alderweireld, though. He appears to be getting the Kyle Walker treatment.

3.11pm BST

Chelsea: Caballero; Azpilicueta, Christensen, Rudiger; Moses, Kante, Fabregas, Alonso; Willian, Morata, Hazard. Subs: Eduardo, Cahill, Palmieri, Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Hudson-Odoi, Giroud.

Tottenham: Lloris; Trippier, Sanchez, Vertonghen, Davies; Dier, Dembele; Eriksen, Alli, Lamela; Son. Subs: Vorm, Aurier, Rose, Wanyama, Sissoko, Lucas, Kane.

11.47am BST

Would you look at Tottenham Hotspur? There they are, sitting pretty at the top of London’s football tree, Arsenal, Chelsea and West Ham United all gazing up at them. It’s been a long time coming. Tottenham haven’t finished as the capital’s top club since the 1994-95 season - when they finished seventh, two points above QPR, six above Wimbledon and eight above Arsenal and Chelsea - and since then they’ve seen Arsenal lord it over them by winning league and cup doubles, Chelsea speed off into the distance thanks to Russian billions and West Ham ... okay, best we leave that one here.

But there’s been a shift in the balance of power and Tottenham can take a significant step towards establishing supremacy over their neighbours this afternoon. All they have to do is ... let me check my notes ... hmm ... win at Stamford Bridge for the first time since 10 February 1990. Maybe they shouldn’t get too carried away just yet. Their record in west London in the Premier League era is wretched. History isn’t on their side. Tottenham are a highly enjoyable team, but how much do you trust them?

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Tottenham must break the hold of history at Chelsea, says Érik Lamela

Guardian - lør, 31/03/2018 - 23:30

Argentinian says he enjoys derby games most because of their intensity and there should be no lack of that at Stamford Bridge after the fiery draw between the two sides in May 2016

The Superclásico between the Buenos Aires rivals River Plate and Boca Juniors is a writhing, seething mass of colour and emotion, and it has come to represent the industry standard for the harum-scarum derby. Érik Lamela played in it for River and the Tottenham winger can tell the story of how his team’s bus arrived at Boca’s La Bombonera in May 2011 without any glass in the windows. The stones hurled by the home supporters provided the ventilation.

“In Argentina the derby is different,” Lamela says. “Outside the pitch it’s different. You have to see it to realise it. It’s much more than just one game. You have to win. If not, you are the worst. It’s too much. It’s not balanced.”

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Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur: match preview

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Chelsea have won only three of nine league games this year, with Antonio Conte having acknowledged Tottenham must be beaten if they are to reach the top four. They will fret over whether Thibaut Courtois and Andreas Christensen will be involved, while taking comfort in the knowledge Spurs, who have suffered one domestic defeat since November, have not won at Stamford Bridge since February 1990 and could be without Harry Kane. This has the makings of a tense occasion. Dominic Fifield

Sunday 4pm Sky Sports Premier League

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Alli: I'm numb to critics

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Toby Alderweireld’s World Cup worries will not influence Tottenham selections

Guardian - fre, 30/03/2018 - 23:39

• ‘I can’t be kind with every national manager,’ says Pochettino
• Fit-again Spurs defender unlikely to return at Chelsea on Sunday

Mauricio Pochettino will not change his defensive system to accommodate the fit-again Toby Alderweireld and has made it plain the centre-half is behind Jan Vertonghen and Davinson Sánchez in the Tottenham pecking order.

Alderweireld has endured a torrid five-months, during which he has had hamstring problems and made only two appearances for the club. When he has felt fit, there have been times when Pochettino has disagreed and left him out – namely for the Arsenal and Juventus games in mid-February.

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Poch: Alderweireld needs to wait

Sky Sports - fre, 30/03/2018 - 23:37
Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino will not select Toby Alderweireld just to help him secure a place in Belgium's World Cup squad.

Antonio Conte says Tottenham are improving quicker than Chelsea

Guardian - fre, 30/03/2018 - 23:30

• Italian believes Spurs ‘are ahead of us in terms of development’
• Thibaut Courtois is a fitness doubt for Sunday’s London derby

Antonio Conte believes Tottenham Hotspur are ahead of Chelsea in their development even though the Stamford Bridge club denied their London rivals in the race for last season’s title.

The champions go into Sunday’s derby five points behind Tottenham with both clubs left targeting a top-four finish and the FA Cup from the run-in to a draining campaign. Conte has suggested in the past that Spurs have benefited in recent years without the same levels of expectation heaped upon managers at Stamford Bridge, though he acknowledged they have made considerable progress under Mauricio Pochettino.

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'Real Madrid want to sell Bale'

Sky Sports - fre, 30/03/2018 - 15:10
Real Madrid want to sell Gareth Bale this summer and a return to the Premier League is on the cards for the Wales international, according to Guillem Balague.

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