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Spurs 2-0 Man City player ratings

Sky Sports - søn, 02/02/2020 - 20:16
Tottenham moved up to fifth in the Premier League after goals from debutant Steven Bergwijn and Heung-Min Son secured a 2-0 win over Manchester City.

Tottenham 2-0 Manchester City: Premier League – as it happened

Guardian - søn, 02/02/2020 - 20:04

Manchester City had 18 shots while Tottenham only managed three, but Spurs somehow skipped away with a two-goal win

6.55pm GMT

That was wild. For most of it City were excellent, and Spurs rode their luck. There were successful penalty claims, unsuccessful penalty claims, possible red cards, actual red cards, saves, woodwork-bothering, VAR controversies. Spurs scored one excellent goal, another deflection-assisted one, and then they rode their luck a bit more. It was excellent entertainment from first to last. Thanks for sharing it with me. Bye!

6.47pm GMT

David Hytner has filed his match report, and here it is:

Manchester City might have played for 78 minutes of this see-saw game with 10 men only for Raheem Sterling to get away with a horribly late tackle on Dele Alli. But when they did have a man sent off – Oleksandr Zinchenko for a second bookable offence in the 61st minute – it was the prompt for Tottenham to throw off the shackles and fire the wildest of turnarounds.

Until then, it was difficult to overstate City’s dominance. Sergio Agüero missed a clutch of excellent chances and Ilkay Gundogan had a penalty saved by Hugo Lloris as Pep Guardiola’s team set up residence in the Spurs half. Yet profligacy has been City’s enemy on numerous occasions this season and they could count the cost once again.

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6.46pm GMT

Mourinho has an inevitable gripe about the depth of his squad: “I have to say, if I have on the bench fresh attacking players, I can do things that at this moment I cannot do, so my attacking players have to go until their limit.” He says they are “in trouble” for the FA Cup replay against Southampton on Wednesday, when Bergwijn will not be able to play, and Dele Alli might be knackered.

6.42pm GMT

José Mourinho is delighted. Well, I assume he’s delighted, he looks like he’s just been slapped around the face with a gurnard.

We had good work. We worked very hard during the week. I’m so pleased for the boys. We can look from the perspective of we were a bit lucky in a couple of situations, they hit a post or they missed a good chance, but from the other perspective we were very unlucky that the VAR didn’t decide for a Sterling red card, which was a red card. And from that moment it was a completely different game if we played 75 minutes against 10 men. But my boys, very well organised, great effort, great discipline. We know how we can score goals. We know how we cannot score goals. So we were waiting for our chances. One player less is not a big deal for them, the way they move the ball. But we had our chances to score and we did, and a very important three points for us.

That’s Man City. It’s the champion, a fantastic team, with players technically really good. We don’t have the capacity to play with a front man that holds the ball and allows us to come out of pressure and to keep more possession. We have only one way to get out and that’s not keeping possession of the ball. City love the ball, they know better than anyone what to do with the ball, so when they have the ball for the majority of the time it’s hard. But fantastic performance, great concentration.

6.32pm GMT

This is true, obviously. City will have played away at Leicester, Manchester United and Chelsea (among other fixtures, obviously) before Liverpool kick off against Palace, a few hours after the final whistle blows on that Chelsea game.

Re liverpool winning the league: if city drop more points (against Leicester or Utd), it could be even earlier. Against Everton even @Simon_Burnton

6.29pm GMT

Steven Bergwijn has a little chat with Sky:

It’s unbelievable. It’s a dream from me that’s come true. I’m so happy to be here and make a goal for the Spurs. As a little kid you want to play in the Premier League, and if you can score on your debut it’s unbelievable.

6.26pm GMT

90+6 mins: It’s all over! Here’s a summary of the key statistics:

Spurs shots against Manchester City this season: six
Spurs goals against Manchester City this season: four
Spurs points against Manchester City this season: four

6.25pm GMT

90+5 mins: City hit the bar! Bernardo Silva bursts down the right and crosses, and Davinson Sanchez heads against his own woodwork!

6.24pm GMT

90+4 mins: Rodri gets a booking, for fouling Lo Celso.

6.22pm GMT

90+2 mins: Son ruins the statistical perfection of Tottenham’s victory by having a shot that doesn’t go in.

6.21pm GMT

90+1 mins: I think that if Liverpool win all their games from here, they would win the league at home to Crystal Palace on 21 March.

6.20pm GMT

90+1 mins: There will be about five minutes of stoppage time.

6.20pm GMT

90 mins: Bernardo Silva’s excellent cross from the left finds Jesus, but he can’t get any pace on his header and Lloris saves again.

6.19pm GMT

89 mins: Another couple of shots for City. First Bernardo Silva’s effort hits Dier on the head, then De Bruyne’s curler from way out on the left is tipped over by Lloris.

6.15pm GMT

85 mins: Son’s goal came courtesy of a hefty deflection off Fernandinho that I didn’t spot at the time. When it’s not your day, it’s not your day.

6.13pm GMT

83 mins: Sterling seems to have tweaked his left hamstring. He goes off, with Bernardo Silva coming on, and Eric Dier replaces Moura for Spurs.

6.12pm GMT

82 mins: Spurs work the ball to the edge of the City area. Like me, though, they clearly think the two-shots-two-goals thing is hilarious, so rather than have another go they pass backwards a bit and then give it away.

6.10pm GMT

80 mins: Cancelo goes down the left and pulls back to De Bruyne, but the ball is just too far in front of the Belgian. City have basically played excellently. They’ve made chances, had shots, and restricted their opponents to scraps. They are, however, two goals and a man down.

6.08pm GMT

78 mins: Sterling tries to lift the ball to De Bruyne, who was free on the left of Tottenham’s penalty area, but Aurier does an unusual diving defensive header to send it looping into the air, and Lloris catches as it comes back down.

6.06pm GMT

77 mins: City win a free-kick, which is lifted into the area by De Bruyne, and Fernandinho’s half-volley deflects wide.

6.05pm GMT

75 mins: City, still zipping the ball around, push forward, but then Jesus fouls Sanchez and that’s the end of that.

6.01pm GMT

72 mins: City bring Gabriel Jesus on, and take Mahrez off.

6.01pm GMT

A second shot, and a second goal for Spurs! Ndombele finds him on the edge of the area, and he turns onto his right foot before shooting low and hard inside the near post!

250 - Steven Bergwijn’s opener for Spurs saw him become the 250th player to score on his debut in the @premierleague, and the 13th Dutchman to do so. Clogs. #TOTMCI

5.59pm GMT

70 mins: A double substitution for Spurs: Tanguy Ndombele comes on for Alli, and Erik Lamela comes on for Bergwijn. City’s corner is headed away.

5.58pm GMT

68 mins: Bergwijn is on the turf. City attack anyway, with the home fans booing their lack of charity, and win a corner. The goalscoring Dutchman appears to have a spot of cramp.

5.56pm GMT

66 mins: Lo Celso is booked for a foul on Walker.

5.55pm GMT

66 mins: City’s have had 44 shots against Spurs in the league this year; Spurs have had four against City. Spurs are 3-2 up on aggregate.

5.53pm GMT

64 mins: A corner is headed clear to Moura, 25 yards out, who might have shot but instead chips a pass to Bergwijn, who chests down and volleys into the corner from just inside the area!

5.52pm GMT

Incredible! City have had 13 shots without scoring; Spurs have just smashed in their first!

5.52pm GMT

63 mins: Gabriel Jesus has sat back down. Joao Cancelo is being readied now.

5.50pm GMT

61 mins: Spurs try to break after a terrible City corner, and Zinchenko shoulder-barges Winks to stop it. It’s his second yellow card, so he’s got to go!

5.49pm GMT

60 mins: Gabriel Jesus is being readied.

5.47pm GMT

58 mins: A fine City move, but after De Bruyne finds Mahrez overlapping, his pull-back goes behind his teammates.

5.44pm GMT

55 mins: Spurs briefly threaten to get into a position from which they might have an actual shot, but by the time Moura passes Alli is offside.

5.42pm GMT

53 mins: A brief lull while everyone present comes to terms with the madness they have just witnessed.

5.40pm GMT

49 mins: An open goal, and City can’t find it! Sterling is played in; Lloris comes out and runs into Tanganga, the ball breaking to Aguero. His first-time shot is on its way to goal when Alderweireld hooks it clear, but it drops to Sterling. He squares to Gundogan - not a perfect pass, forcing his teammate to stretch - who blazes over! “Pinball, but no wizards,” says Martin Tyler, which is the perfect summary.

5.36pm GMT

47 mins: In their first three halves of league football against Tottenham this season Manchester City have had 41 shots, and Spurs have had three. The aggregate score is 2-2. (Thanks to Phil Grey for reminding me of the stats from August’s game)

5.34pm GMT

46 mins: Peeeeep! The players are back out and play is back under way. Both lineups are unchanged.

5.33pm GMT

I see Ryan’s point here: the contact looks horrible in slow motion. There was no violence, no lunging, no losing control, but even so it must have been a close call.

Just seen the sterling challenge! How has a red not been given? Dele lucky to not have a serious injury

Was Sterling’s challenge on Ali (yellow) any different to Aubameyang’s (red) on Meyer?

5.29pm GMT

I’ve seen every replay Sky has to show me, and I still have no idea if Sterling was caught by Lloris in the moments after the penalty. On the original penalty decision, one thing I don’t know is whether everything that happened in the game during the two minutes that VAR was checking replays - passes, possession, whatever - will remain in official statistics, or whether that period of football and everything that occurred during it has been retrospectively deleted.

@Simon_Burnton It's almost as if refereeing decisions are as subjective under VAR as they were before - in the end it's still humans making decisions. Which begs the question, again, what's the point? #TOTMCI

5.23pm GMT

“I’m confused and was hoping you can help me out,” writes JR. “What sport am I watching?” Refereeing. The greatest of all sports.

5.19pm GMT

45+5 mins: The game is, somehow, goalless at the break.

5.19pm GMT

45+4 mins: Mahrez lifts an excellent pass to Sterling, running into the area. He squares to Aguero, but Aurier throws a leg out to block, and then the Argentinian slams the ball wide of the near post. It is City’s ninth shot of the half; Spurs have had one.

5.17pm GMT

45+2 mins: Zinchenko has the most off-target shot of the night. More cheers from the crowd.

5.16pm GMT

45+1 mins: Into stoppage time, of which there’ll be four minutes or so. Replays of the penalty show that Lloris was off his line when it was taken, but not significantly, and lord knows the referee had other things to be looking at.

5.15pm GMT

45 mins: The free-kick eventually leads to a corner, which is poor from Son and cleared.

5.13pm GMT

43 mins: The atmosphere has turned wild. Son, now playing to the left, is fouled, and Spurs have an attacking free-kick.

5.12pm GMT

42 mins: The referee walks around with his yellow card for a while. I think Alderweireld and Zinchenko were the ones he showed it to.

5.11pm GMT

41 mins: That looked no less penaltyish than the first one, but this time VAR is unimpressed!

5.10pm GMT

40 mins: Lloris saves the penalty! The ball rolls loose, and Lloris and Sterling race for it. Sterling gets there first, and goes down! The referee gives a goal kick!

5.09pm GMT

39 mins: Play continues for two full minutes, before Dean indicates that VAR has awarded the penalty!

5.08pm GMT

36 mins: Big penalty shout for City! The ball rebounds to Gundogan, who could have shot but instead feeds Sterling, who is closed down, and then via a couple more ricochets it goes to Aguero, but Aurier slides in from the side to dispossess. Aguero goes down, but Dean makes a “got the ball” sign with his hands and play goes on.

5.06pm GMT

35 mins: Bergwijn crosses from the right towards Alli, but Walker gets the top of his head to it.

5.03pm GMT

33 mins: A yellow card for Kyle Walker, who stops Moura from getting away. The decision proves quite popular with the home crowd.

5.01pm GMT

30 mins: City continue to press. For the moment De Bruyne has moved to the right and Mahrez infield, and for a couple of minutes the ball is repeatedly worked to one or other of them in dangerous areas, but the home defence holds firm.

4.58pm GMT

27 mins: City hit the post! Sanchez gives the ball away to Mahrez, who instantly feeds the run of Aguero, who bursts into the area and passes towards the near post, but Lloris flings out his left foot and it scrapes his studs, hits the base of the stanchion and rebounds to safety!

4.57pm GMT

26 mins: A long ball is played up to Mahrez, who controls and then stops playing. Perhaps he heard a whistle from the crowd, because there was no offside decision, and in the ensuing confusion the ball is cleared into De Bruyne, but Spurs get away with it!

4.54pm GMT

25 mins: De Bruyne’s 25-yard drive flies straight into Lloris’s arms.

4.52pm GMT

22 mins: Another pass to Son on the right. This time Zinchenko slides in to take the ball, but this is where Tottenham are looking most dangerous.

4.50pm GMT

20 mins: Fernandinho has had two significant defensive duels so far, and he’s won both of them. Most recently he keeps up with Son and eventually dispossessed him.

4.48pm GMT

18 mins: Spurs play the ball through for Son, but Ederson is out of his area like a rocket-fuelled hare, and clears to safety.

4.47pm GMT

16 mins: Good work from both left-backs, with Tanganga bursting down the left before moving the ball infield, and Zinchenko anticipating well to end the attack.

4.44pm GMT

14 mins: Sterling’s foot landed on Alli’s ankle, but there was no violent intent. It looks quite nasty in the replays, but not nasty enough to be worth more than a booking. Mourinho, having seen the challenge in slow motion, is not gruntled.

4.43pm GMT

13 mins: Sterling is booked for a high tackle on Dele Alli, and VAR is going to have a closer look to see if a red card would have been more appropriate.

4.42pm GMT

12 mins: The ball is chipped down Tottenham’s left, but Otamendi manages to win the race with Bergwijn and send it back towards his keeper. But as Ederson waits for it, Moura attacks, and he very nearly takes it past the keeper for an open goal.

4.40pm GMT

10 mins: De Bruyne’s pass through to Sterling goes to Serge Aurier, but then deflects off his shin into Sterling’s path and the Englishman runs away from the defence and into the penalty area before going to ground, with Aurier breathing down his neck. The referee waves play on.

4.38pm GMT

9 mins: Aguero has his first two shots of the day, and hits defenders with both of them.

4.38pm GMT

8 mins: Another good move from City, which ends with Mahrez controlling Rodri’s pass and touching the ball forward for De Bruyne, who instead of blasting a low cross into ye mixer blasts a high shot well wide of the near post.

4.36pm GMT

5 mins: A long ball from Alderweireld finds Alli breaking beyond the City defence. He controls, but the linesman raises his flag and Alli shoots limply at Ederson, but replays suggest the goal would probably have stood.

4.33pm GMT

3 mins: City keep the ball for a while, before finally lifting it into the area, where it’s touched back into the patch of Aguero, who tries to take on a couple of defenders and is dispossessed.

4.32pm GMT

2 mins: Bergwijn is on Tottenham’s left, with Son on the right and Moura in the middle.

4.30pm GMT

1 min: Peeeeeeep! Manchester City, clad all in black, get the game started.

4.27pm GMT

Out they come! Hands have been shaken and anthems played, and action is now just moments away.

4.25pm GMT

Tottenham’s players are in the tunnel, and just waiting for their opponents to turn up.

4.18pm GMT

Jose Mourinho has a pre-match chat with Sky:

The thinking? The thinking is to try to be offensive, to try to score goals to win the game, without having a clear striker, a clear target man. So we go with the qualities that we have. Fast players, creative players, with good dynamic, with good mobility, and hopefully we can reach our objective with them. Bergwijn was playing with PSV, he’s fit, he had a week of work to try to understand us better, for us to try to understand him. We don’t have many options. Lamela is on the bench but not 100%. So we go with Bergwijn, with Son, with Dele Alli, with Lucas, with Lo Celso. We go with all of them.

4.08pm GMT

Pep Guardiola has a chat. He says Laporte is “much better” and will hopefully be back next weekend:

We’ll try to win the game, knowing who you are and the opponent. That’s the idea, as always. They are physically sytrong, they have quality in the middle and a lot of pace up front. Experienced back. Always a tough team.”

4.06pm GMT

Here’s photographic evidence of Steven Bergwijn’s existence. He’s pacey, direct and very exciting, and though it’s not always easy to translate Eredivisie form to Premier League form, I’m looking forward to seeing him try. He’s scored five and created 10 in 16 league appearances this season, so scoring or creating very nearly a goal a game.

3.46pm GMT

Not entirely (remotely) relevant to this game, but this is surely the VAR moment of the day/week/year/whatever:

Player called back from locker room where he already ran as his red card is overturned by Var;

Walks on and goes head-to-hard with opponent;

Gets a second yellow and is sent back to locker room!

3.40pm GMT

So by my calculations Vertonghen, Lamela and Sessegnon all drop out of the side that beat Norwich in Tottenham’s last league game, with Tanganga, Sanchez and Bergwijn coming in. City bring Gundogan and Aguero in and leave Jesus and Laporte out.

3.31pm GMT

Team news is in, and this is the shape of it:

Tottenham Hotspur: Lloris, Aurier, Alderweireld, Sanchez, Tanganga, Winks, Lo Celso, Bergwijn, Alli, Son, Lucas Moura. Subs: Vertonghen, Lamela, Dier, Sessegnon, Gazzaniga, Ndombele, Fernandes.
Man City: Ederson, Walker, Fernandinho, Otamendi, Zinchenko, De Bruyne, Rodri, Gundogan, Mahrez, Aguero, Sterling. Subs: Bravo, Gabriel Jesus, Bernardo Silva, Silva, Joao Cancelo, Foden, Garcia.
Referee: Mike Dean.

#THFC: Lloris (C), Aurier, Alderweireld, Sanchez, Tanganga, Winks, Lo Celso, Dele, Bergwijn, Son, Lucas.

@WilliamHill latest (18+) ⚪️ #COYS

Here's how we line up in the capital this afternoon...⬇

XI | Ederson, Walker, Otamendi, Fernandinho (C), Zinchenko, Rodrigo, Gundogan, De Bruyne, Mahrez, Sterling, Aguero.

SUBS | Bravo, G Jesus, Bernardo, D Silva, Cancelo, Foden, Garcia.

#ManCity #TOTMCI

2.59pm GMT

Hello world!

Ding ding ding! It’s Guardiola v Mourinho, round 23! “I think with him or without him I try to do my best,” Guardiola said this week. “Without him, I think I would have done the same. It would have been another rival.” As for Mourinho: “With him I remember more the three years we fought on the same side, working together at the same club. I remember more that than what people can speak about rivalry. Then of course Barcelona and Real Madrid, Inter and Barcelona in the Champions League, City and United, now Tottenham and City. A new chapter for us because it’s the first time, Tottenham against Manchester City with us. Never Jose and Josep, like he is in Catalan. For me, it’s a game I want to win because I want my team to win and we need points. No more than that.”

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Bergwijn stunner as Spurs beat 10-man City

Sky Sports - søn, 02/02/2020 - 19:30
Steven Bergwijn's stunning volley on his debut helped Tottenham to a 2-0 victory over 10-man Manchester City, who missed a first-half penalty.

Dele Alli: I'm feeling good now

Sky Sports - søn, 02/02/2020 - 08:00
Dele Alli insists he is his own biggest critic, but says he is feeling good now at Tottenham under Jose Mourinho.

Giovani Lo Celso: ‘I try not to compare myself to Christian Eriksen’

Guardian - lør, 01/02/2020 - 23:30

With the ink newly dry on a permanent five-year deal, Tottenham’s goalscoring playmaker wants to carve his own niche

After five months at the club it was only in the past week that Giovani Lo Celso finally became a Tottenham player. The Argentinian arrived at White Hart Lane last summer on loan, one of the pieces in Mauricio Pochettino’s plans to rejuvenate the team. In January he signed a five-year permanent contract to play under the management of José Mourinho. A lot can change quickly in football.

“Right now I’m really enjoying the moment of being at such a big club like Spurs,” says Lo Celso, sitting comfortably at Tottenham’s top-of-the-range training facility. “In the beginning it wasn’t so easy for me. I was coming to a new league, a new language, a new culture, and then I got injured shortly after arriving. But right now I couldn’t feel better.”

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Guardiola looks to Europe for boost as he prepares to face old foe Mourinho | Paul Wilson

Guardian - lør, 01/02/2020 - 23:30

Spurs and Manchester City meet in unusual circumstances and with Pep Guardiola increasingly mindful of the possible effects on his City legacy of failing to win the Champions League

“Maybe it’s because we are older,” was Pep Guardiola’s response when asked why his rivalry with José Mourinho never reached the heights in this country that were achieved in Spain. “Sorry to disappoint you.”

The pair meet again at Tottenham on Sunday afternoon, with something in common. Neither has a chance of winning the Premier League, unusually given what Spurs and Manchester City have accomplished in recent seasons, and both will be hoping to make some progress in Europe this month to make up for the fact their expected challenge to Liverpool never really materialised.

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Mourinho: It's Spurs vs City, not Jose vs Pep

Sky Sports - lør, 01/02/2020 - 11:38
Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho played down his rivalry with Pep Guardiola ahead of a "new chapter" when Tottenham host Manchester City on Super Sunday.

Tottenham v Manchester City: match preview

Guardian - lør, 01/02/2020 - 10:00

José Mourinho has not always seen eye to eye with Pep Guardiola as they have clashed across divides in Spain and Manchester. There was also that Champions League semi-final between Mourinho’s Internazionale and Guardiola’s Barcelona. But on the eve of this showpiece, Mourinho wanted to remind everybody of the four years that they spent together, when he was a translator then assistant manager at Barcelona and Guardiola was a player. Forget the sideshow, he suggested. Sunday is all about the football. David Hytner

Sunday 4.30pm Sky Sports Premier League

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Mourinho praises Levy over Eriksen deal

Sky Sports - lør, 01/02/2020 - 00:42
Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho has praised the "fantastic" deal Daniel Levy negotiated over the exit of Christian Eriksen.

José Mourinho says he ‘cannot lie’ after transfer window frustrations

Guardian - lør, 01/02/2020 - 00:08
• Spurs manager could not find cover for injured Harry Kane
• Mourinho says Christian Eriksen played ‘with limitations’

José Mourinho has made no attempt to hide his frustration at Tottenham’s failure to sign a striker in January, saying he is “going to have a problem” as he fights in three competitions without a recognised senior No 9 for at least another two and a half months.

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Man Utd '50-50' to sign Ighalo with talks under way

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Manchester United are in talks to sign former Watford striker Odion Ighalo, with the chances of a deal being completed before the 11pm deadline rated "50-50".

Brighton fan jailed after racist abuse vs Spurs

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Brighton fan was given eight-week prison sentence for racist language at Amex Stadium during Tottenham fixture.

Live on Sky: Tottenham vs Man City

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Team news, key stats and ways to follow ahead of Tottenham vs Man City, live on Sky Sports on Sunday.

'Don't you want another striker?': Mourinho interviews himself on deadline day – video

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José Mourinho saved journalists the trouble of asking questions on deadline day by predicting and asking them himself. The Tottenham manager went on to say he's not expecting any new players to be signed with the club

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Jose: Better if Spurs signed striker

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Tottenham head coach Jose Mourinho insists he is "happy" with the club's transfer business in January, but admits it "would be better" if they had signed a striker.

Lampard rules out Giroud departure

Sky Sports - fre, 31/01/2020 - 12:56
Chelsea forward Olivier Giroud will remain with the London club, despite transfer interest from Tottenham.

Celtic in talks for Wanyama return

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Celtic are in talks to re-sign Tottenham midfielder Victor Wanyama.

Pep: Spurs are 'alive' under Jose

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Pep Guardiola insists Tottenham are alive and kicking under Jose Mourinho as he prepares to take his side to the capital to play Spurs.

Bale not leaving Real for Spurs - Zidane

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Zinedine Zidane has ruled out the possibility of Gareth Bale joining Tottenham from Real Madrid, with the player's agent Jonathan Barnett saying reports of a possible Deadline Day move are "made up".

Real Sociedad rule out Willian Jose exit

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Real Sociedad have confirmed they will not sell Willian Jose on Deadline Day, ending Tottenham's hopes of a deal for the striker.
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