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Tottenham 1-0 Everton: Premier League – as it happened

Guardian - man, 06/07/2020 - 22:57

Michael Keane’s unfortunate own goal gave Spurs victory in a poor game that was most notable for a half-time row between Son and Hugo Lloris

10.12pm BST

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9.57pm BST

“Never,” says David Miller, “have two mediocre teams worked so hard to prove that they are mediocre. “

9.56pm BST

Peep peep! Spurs move up to eighth, a point behind Arsenal, after an important victory over Everton. It was a poor game, settled by Michael Keane’s unfortunate own goal, but Spurs created the better opportunities and deserved to win. Everton were frustratingly timid.

9.52pm BST

90+2 min Spurs make their final change. Jan Vertonghen comes on for Giovani Lo Celso.

9.51pm BST

90 min Kean twists away from Winks and Dier on the edge of the area but hits a low drive too close to Lloris, who makes another comfortable save.

9.50pm BST

89 min Digne’s corner is headed away to Gordon on the edge of the area. He tries desperately to get over the bouncing ball but can’t quite manage it and lashes his shot over the bar.

9.47pm BST

88 min Everton are going down with a whimper. This has been a very disappointing game.

9.47pm BST

87 min Andre Gomes is booked for kicking Lamela.

9.46pm BST

86 min A terrific ball from Davies flashes across the six-yard box.

9.45pm BST

85 min “These games really aren’t being helped by the drinks break,” says George Wright. “The flow gets totally stopped, particularly in the second half when it comes in a period already disrupted by countless subs. The 65th-75th minutes are totally lost. Do you reckon they’re here to stay? Sadly I think they probably are.”

Until the end of the season, yes, but I imagine/hope/pray they (and five subs) will be dropped after that. I thought the whole point of those changes was because games are being played during summer.

9.44pm BST

84 min Alderweireld is booked for flapping his gums at the referee.

9.43pm BST

83 min Calvert-Lewin’s snapshot is blocked by Alderweireld. Spurs are inviting trouble with their defensive approach.

9.42pm BST

82 min Erik Lamela replaces Lucas Moura for Spurs.

9.41pm BST

81 min Gordon’s free-kick is backheeled imaginatively towards goal on the volley by Calvert-Lewin, 15 yards from goal. Lloris makes a comfortable save.

9.40pm BST

79 min Davies swishes over the bar from long range.

9.38pm BST

79 min “It’s certainly looking that Mourinho was a bad appointment for Spurs,” says David Wall. “But I’m not sure they should have stuck with Pochettino. Spurs had been in consistently bad form for about a year before he was fired, a run that was masked a bit by the fact that they reached the CL final. But they only managed that thanks to 45 minutes of decent football against an Ajax team who had outplayed them over the previous 135 minutes. Something needed to change there. Bringing in Mourinho wasn’t the change that needed to be made but Spurs were starting to slide before he increased the rate of descent.”

I agree with that. I’m not entirely sure why, but it was increasingly clear that a brilliant Spurs era was coming to an end.

9.38pm BST

78 min And one for Spurs: Son is replaced by Steven Bergwijn.

9.38pm BST

77 min A double change for Everton: Moise Kean and Djibril Sidibe replace Coleman and Davies.

9.36pm BST

76 min Davies is booked for a cynical foul on Richarlison.

9.34pm BST

73 min Lucas Moura commits a silly foul just outside the Spurs area. Bernard slams the free-kick into the wall, and Davies’s follow-up deflects behind for a corner.

9.33pm BST

71 min “A clearly unpopular opinion here, but as a United fan I am actually quite grateful for what Mourinho did for the club,” says Matt Richman. “There were some real displays of attacking cohesion and even fun in his first two seasons, and most of the players that he brought into the first team are performing still (he may have fallen out with them at the end, but he clearly was right in his view of their potential). A 2nd place finish with 81 points, Europa League, and League Cup were all nice things to have in the turgid years since Fergie left. I’d counsel Spurs fans not to write him off yet (but by all means, do not waste time in his third season).”

I know what you mean, though I think you’re generous to most of his signings. The problem with Mourinho is that once the mood sours, there’s no way back. And I fear the second season is the new third season.

9.31pm BST

70 min Gordon has shown some nice touches since coming on at half-time, including another there as part of a zig-zag passing move with Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin.

9.28pm BST

68 min And that’s drinks.

9.27pm BST

67 min Another substitution for Everton: Bernard replaces Gylfi Sigurdsson.

9.27pm BST

67 min Digne’s clipped free-kick is headed away excellently by Dier, under extreme pressure from Keane in the six-yard box.

9.26pm BST

66 min “Evening Rob,” says Simon McMahon. “I think the whole Spurs thing is just part of José’s master plan. You know, the one that sees him lead Scotland to World Cup glory in the year 2030. In England.”

9.25pm BST

65 min Another effort from Son, who wriggles away from Sigurdsson and belts a low left-footed shot that is beaten away by Pickford. That’s another good save.

9.25pm BST

64 min A lovely effort from Son, who has been the brighest attacker on the field. He turns just outside the area, dances away from Coleman and hits a curling shot that flies a couple of yards wide of the far post.

9.23pm BST

63 min When I said the game had improved...

9.23pm BST

61 min “Isn’t Mourinho like a batsman, once great, who now averages 16 after 17 the previous season and 18 the one before that,” says Andrew Hurley, eschewing the question mark. “What was Levy thinking, and getting rid of Pochettino to top it all off? It’s not one of those where hindsight is even really needed...”

I do wonder if us amateurs are missing something, and that Spurs are going to do the Treble in 2022-23. But it’s hard to resist the conclusion that he’s done, and has been since Madrid. I must say, I thought he would succeed at United, because it was his dream job so I expected it to lift him to his old great heights. Once he started sulking there, I couldn’t see a way back.

9.19pm BST

58 min Winks belts a half-volley well wide from distance. Everton have been better in the second half, and the game has improved as a result. Spurs are still a bit passive, certainly compared to Mauricio Pochettino’s team at their most dynamic, but they have the game under reasonable control.

9.17pm BST

57 min “Hi Rob,” says Ruth Purdue. “My cynical alarm went off at that visible hug… in front of the cameras… not in the changing room.”

It looked to me like a sincere, slightly self-conscious reaffirmation of what had already happened in the dressing-room rather than a cynical gesture. But what would I know about the etiquette of making up with a mate after an embarrassing display of toxic masculinity, eh? Oh.

9.16pm BST

55 min Coleman, found by Richarlison in space on the right of the box, floats a woolly cross in the vague direction of Calvert-Lewin that is headed away. That was unusually indecisive from Coleman, who was in a great position.

9.14pm BST

54 min Alderweireld wafts a long ball forward towards Son. Mina lets it bounce, then misses it, which allows Son to run on and drive a low shot across goal. Pickford plunges smartly to his right to push it away.

9.12pm BST

52 min Davies makes a fine block tackle on Calvert-Lewin, who was in the act of shooting from 20 yards.

9.11pm BST

51 min It’s a dog of a game, this.

9.10pm BST

50 min A crisp long-range drive from Gordon is comfortably held by Lloris.

9.08pm BST

48 min Sissoko fouls Richardson, who lost him with a lovely dummy, and is booked.

9.07pm BST

47 min “I don’t understand that photo captioned ‘Lloris and Son’,” says Mac Millings. “Surely Hugo’s too young to have a kid playing top-flight football.”

You’ve been watching Father Ted again, haven’t you.

9.07pm BST

46 min Peep peep! Spurs begin the second half. Everton have brought on the teenager Anthony Gordon for the anonymous Alex Iwobi.

9.06pm BST

Breaking news: two grown men have made up after a brief altercation

Lloris and Son had a wee embrace in the tunnel on the way out.

9.02pm BST

Lloris and Son

9.01pm BST

“Did you see what happened with Son and Lloris?” says Chris Ioannou. “They were at each other’s throats as they walked off at half-time.”

I’ve just seen it now – Lloris, in particular, was fuming and looked like he was quite close to throwing hands. I think it was down to Son not tracking back in the build-up to that Richarlison shot that went just wide.

8.59pm BST

“Rob,” says Ian Copestake. ““I think it is pretty clear that, like Klopp at Liverpool, Carlo Ancelotti has taken Everton as far as he can.”

8.52pm BST

Half-time chit-chat

“The problem with 4-4-2, of course, is that you need the two to offer out balls for an outnumbered midfield,” says Gary Naylor. “Richarlison looks short of fitness, too static, neither pressing nor playing the auxiliary target man. Don Carlo needs to do something. or this will get comfortable for Tottenham.”

8.51pm BST

Peep peep! Spurs lead through Michael Keane’s unfortunate own goal. It hasn’t been a classic.

8.51pm BST

45+5 min Richarlison almost equalises out of nothing. He received the ball on the half turn, pushed it forward to the edge of the area and crumped a shot that bounced this far wide of the far post. That was a really good effort.

8.48pm BST

45+4 min “I like Pickford’s shot-stopping skills and enjoy watching him play,” writes Divock Or- Peter Oh. “Sometimes, however, his enthusiasm seems to boil over a little. When he gets into that zone he reminds me of a cat repeatedly pouncing on a ball of yarn. Speedy and mostly effective, but all over the place.”

8.47pm BST

45+3 min This hasn’t been a great half of football. It has looked like a match between two mid-table teams.

8.46pm BST

45 min Five minutes of added time.

8.45pm BST

44 min “Football is really changing,” says Rotimi Styles Obisesan. “Many years ago, who could have predicted The Almighty Jose and Great Carlo would be managing Spurs and Everton respectively? (No disrespect to both clubs though.) Just thinking.”

8.44pm BST

43 min Lo Celso’s inswinging corner goes through the hands of Pickford, who is relieved to see it drift wide of the post.

8.43pm BST

43 min Kane, such an underrated passer, slides a nice ball across the field to Lucas Moura on the edge of the area. His first touch takes him past Digne, who recovers excellently to block Moura’s cross.

8.41pm BST

41 min The second corner is headed away to the edge of the D, where Andre Gomes slaps the bouncing ball miles wide.

8.40pm BST

40 min Now a corner to Everton on the left. Sigurdsson’s deep inswinger is headed back across goal by Calvert-Lewin and shovelled behind for another corner by Lloris.

8.38pm BST

38 min Son’s corner leads to another, this time on the right wing. Mina heads it away.

8.37pm BST

37 min Kane’s free-kick hits the top of the wall and goes behind for a corner.

8.36pm BST

36 min Holgate tried to continue but he can’t; Yerry Mina replaces him. Meanwhile, Andre Gomes has fouled Son 25 yards from goal, and Harry Kane is over the ball.

8.35pm BST

33 min “Pickford’s penchant for unnecessary diving is something that needs to be discussed in greater depth,” says Stephen Carr.

Ha, yes, he doesn’t exactly radiate calm. When it comes to temperament of goalkeepers, I think I’d definitely prefer a Seaman type to a Schmeichel.

8.32pm BST

32 min Holgate is going to continue.

8.31pm BST

31 min It looks like Holgate injured himself when he fouled Lo Celso. He’s receiving treatment.

8.30pm BST

30 min Dier clips the resulting free-kick onto the roof of the net. It was a good effort, with Pickford leaping desperately across goal in an attempt to make the save.

8.29pm BST

29 min Holgate is booked for cleaning out Lo Celso on the edge of the area.

8.28pm BST

27 min “Hi Rob,” says Peter Oh. “Unfortunately Ennio Morricone has passed away. He certainly could have penned a catchy musical flourish to capture Mourinho’s mood of circling wagons and tumbleweed desolation.”

8.25pm BST

25 min It’s time for the drinks break.

8.25pm BST

It wasn’t much of a goal, though Spurs won’t mind that. Son and Kane both had efforts blocked, and then Lo Celso’s shot on the turn took a huge deflection off Keane and wrongfooted Pickford. The original shot was going well wide, so that will go down as an own goal.

8.24pm BST

Spurs take the lead!

8.22pm BST

22 min “Not seen too much so far but genuinely think Calvert Lewin has something about him,” says Tom Collins. “Such a hustler, intelligent user of the ball, great aerially (tips from big Dunc). As and when Ighalo goes Utd could do a lot worse in an area that will require competition. Offers qualities the rest lack. Fits the Ole bill more than Jiminez as well.”

Yes, I like him too. His attitude is great and he’s improved a lot in the last 18 months. That said, I’m not sure how much better he will get. I doubt there’s any chance of Everton selling him anyway.

8.21pm BST

21 min Lucas Moura rouses the game from its slumber with an explosive low drive from 25 yards that whistles just past the far post. That was a fine effort.

8.17pm BST

18 min “Spurs,” says Stephen Carr, “are possibly better off playing behind closed doors at the moment...”

8.16pm BST

17 min Spurs’ problems this season have generally been away from home, so they should go into games like this expecting to win. But they have made a pretty tentative start tonight.

8.15pm BST

15 min See 10 min.

8.14pm BST

13 min “When Jose first came to England, they said he looked like Clooney,” says Digvijay Yadav. “That was a compliment to Clooney. So much charisma, oodles of charm, tactical nous. You name it, he had it. Look at him now.”

I have a vague theory that he changed indelibly because of three things at the start of the last decade: the politics of the Real Madrid dressing-room, the mental energy it took to compete with possibly the greatest club team of all time and the disappointment/humiliation of not getting the Man Utd job in 2013.

8.09pm BST

10 min Nothing much is happening at the moment. There’s been some decent passing but it’s all a bit too slow.

8.06pm BST

In other news

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8.06pm BST

6 min Digne’s cross is headed away by Dier. It’s been quite a bright start from Everton.

8.05pm BST

4 min “Jeez, what a ringing pre-game vote of faith that is from Jose for his players. Chelsea players used to say that they’d happily run through a wall for their coach,” says Justin Kavanagh. “Spurs players are probably desperately trying to tunnel their way out onto the Tottenham High Road these days.”

8.03pm BST

3 min Lo Celso’s free-kick goes behind off the head of Digne for a corner. Son’s near-post delivery is headed away.

8.00pm BST

1 min Peep peep! Everton kick off from left to right.

7.58pm BST

The players are out on the field. It’s a fine and dry evening with cloud slowly breaking. Winds will become light and accompanied by long clear spells overnight, giving a chilly feel around dawn, particularly in rural areas. Minimum temperature 8 °C.

7.51pm BST

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7.51pm BST

Tom Davies (22 yrs, 6 days) makes his 100th PL appearance. He’s the second youngest player to reach 100 PL games for @Everton after Michael Ball (21 yrs, 68 days)

7.42pm BST

Pre-match mood music

[Jose, you’ve made two changes, is that a reaction to the Sheffield United defeat?]

7.39pm BST

“Though Everton have not won at Tottenham since November 2008, a victory today would vault them into ninth, with games against Wolves and Sheffield United among their remaining five,” says Matt Burtz. “The possibilities are enticing!”

7.36pm BST

An email! “It really shows how elite the Premier League has become,” says Eoin Doherty, “when a match between Spurs and Everton pits Mourinho vs Ancelotti.”

Or £15m a year vs £11.5m a year, if you’re into the whole remuneration thing.

7.28pm BST

Pre-match reading (and listening)

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7.05pm BST

Tottenham Hotspur (4-2-3-1) Lloris; Aurier, Alderweireld, Dier, Davies; Winks, Sissoko; Lucas Moura, Lo Celso, Son; Kane.
Substitutes: Gazzaniga, Vertonghen, Sanchez, Lamela, Ndombele, Fernandes, Skipp, Cirkin, Bergwijn.

Everton (4-4-2) Pickford; Coleman, Keane, Holgate, Digne; Iwobi, Davies, Andre Gomes, Sigurdsson; Calvert-Lewin, Richarlison.
Substitutes: Stekelenburg, Baines, Mina, Sidibe, Branthwaite, Baningime, Bernard, Kean, Gordon.

5.48pm BST

Hello. The marriage of convenience between Jose Mourinho and Daniel Levy always felt like a big gamble, and it might not be long before both parties are scrutinising the small print of the prenup. Spurs are on course for their lowest finish in over a decade, Harry Kane’s future is subject of constant speculation and, most worryingly of all, Mourinho already has his third-season face on.

Nothing would be more entertaining than Mourinho winning the Premier and/or Champions League with Spurs, before celebrating with a never-ending V-sign to the entire world, but it’s becoming increasingly hard to see that happening. We all know you need to be careful when discussing win percentage as Spurs manager, but so far Mourinho’s is a modest 41 per cent. That puts him below, among others, Tim Sherwood (2013-14), Doug Livermore (1992-93) and The Directors (1908-13). It’s also the lowest of his career.

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Lloris and Son in furious Tottenham bust-up

Sky Sports - man, 06/07/2020 - 21:56
Tottenham captain Hugo Lloris became embroiled in a furious bust-up with team-mate Heung-Min Son as they left the field for half-time against Everton.

The Fiver | José Mourinho, who is 57 years old

Guardian - man, 06/07/2020 - 18:07

Sign up now! Sign up now! Sign up now? Sign up now!

During a Zoom press conference last Friday, Séamus Coleman was asked about Everton’s latest false dawn and the Merseyside club’s captain put it down to mindset: that tonight’s match at Tottenham is the kind of game he and his team-mates should turn up for thinking they will win. In good news for Séamus and his team-mates, such is the current mindset of their opponents that tonight’s match in north London is almost certainly one Tottenham’s players also think Everton will win. Having been routinely thrown under the bus by their completely blameless manager in the wake of last week’s feeble surrender at Bramall Lane, Harry Kane and chums will have listened and read with interest as José Mourinho doubled down when it came to dishing out blame to everyone involved in that particular defeat except himself.

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Mourinho has trust in Tottenham 'nucleus'

Sky Sports - man, 06/07/2020 - 08:00
Jose Mourinho insists Tottenham have an important nucleus of players that he hopes will carry them into the next five years - but admits they need time to build.

Mourinho hits back at apparent Arsenal jibe

Sky Sports - søn, 05/07/2020 - 23:40
Jose Mourinho has hit back at Arsenal's apparent ridicule of Tottenham's defeat at Sheffield United on social media by saying their north London rivals do not have any success of their own to enjoy.

Live on Sky: Tottenham vs Everton

Sky Sports - søn, 05/07/2020 - 08:00
Team news, stats and prediction ahead of Tottenham vs Everton in the Premier League on Monday (kick-off 8pm).

Live on Sky: Tottenham vs Everton

Sky Sports - søn, 05/07/2020 - 08:00
Team news, stats and prediction ahead of Tottenham vs Everton in the Premier League on Monday (kick-off 8pm).

Sissoko backs Ndombele for Spurs success

Sky Sports - lør, 04/07/2020 - 23:43
Moussa Sissoko says he is confident Tottenham team-mate Tanguy Ndombele will be a success at the club, despite a tricky start to his time in north London.

Moussa Sissoko believes Tanguy Ndombele can repay Spurs' faith

Guardian - lør, 04/07/2020 - 23:30

The Tottenham midfielder on working with José Mourinho, his first major injury and helping France teammate Tanguy Ndombele settle in his first year in north London

Moussa Sissoko is considering the situation of Tanguy Ndombele. “Maybe because I am like his big brother, I am a good example because nothing was easy for me at the beginning,” the Tottenham midfielder says of his teammate.

Sissoko is close to Ndombele, for whom Spurs paid a club record fee to Lyon last July. It was widely reported at £55m but is now believed to have been closer to £60m. Sissoko had previously played with Ndombele for France and he was always going to look out for him in north London. But it is easy to see that the parallels in their personal stories have helped to deepen the connection.

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Tanguy has come from another country, another culture, he doesn't speak the language. I'm sure he will be a success

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José Mourinho 'destroyed a little bit' by Spurs defeat at Sheffield United

Guardian - lør, 04/07/2020 - 15:27
  • The Portuguese says team could have done more in loss
  • Result leaves Spurs in ninth place in Premier League table

José Mourinho says he was “destroyed a little bit on the inside” by his side’s lack of fight against Sheffield United on Thursday. Spurs sunk without a trace after a controversial VAR decision robbed them of a goal as their Champions League hopes were left in tatters by a 3-1 defeat. They were outplayed and outfought by the Blades and Mourinho, who called his players out on it, was left unhappy by the performance.

“There was a lot in the game, there was a possibility of shortening distances to Champions League positions, there was the possibility of being more stable for the Europa League positions fight,” he said. “I believed in the evolution of the team and I thought that by a desire point of view, they put more in than us. That’s something that disturbs me.

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Jose: Finishing out of top six 'not end of the world'

Sky Sports - lør, 04/07/2020 - 14:45
Jose Mourinho insists finishing outside the top six is not the end of the world and could provide a catalyst for positive change for Tottenham going forward.

Ref Watch: VAR 'blameless' on Moura but why no free-kick?

Sky Sports - fre, 03/07/2020 - 13:37
Was VAR to blame for Tottenham's disallowed equaliser in their defeat at Sheffield United? And why was no free-kick awarded? Dermot Gallagher is here with the answers...

Premier League LIVE!

Sky Sports - fre, 03/07/2020 - 08:21

Sheffield United v Tottenham Hotspur: Premier League – as it happened

Guardian - tor, 02/07/2020 - 21:15

Sander Berge, Lys Mousset and Oli McBurnie got the goals as Sheffield United rediscovered their mojo against hapless Spurs

8.15pm BST

Andy Hunter travelled to Bramall Lane for the Guardian to see a decidedly average Tottenham side comprehensively beaten by their hosts.

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8.04pm BST

What now for Jose? The Tottenham manager is getting pelters on social media and it’s not difficult to see why after an abominable display from his turgid side. It’s difficult to avoid the conclusion that, despite all his successes, the game has passed him by and he increasingly resembles a beaten docket.

Tottenham Hostpur, Champions League finalists last year, level on points with Burnley, who currently have about four fit senior players, all of whom are goalkeepers. It's not been a stirring start from Mourinho, has it?

8.00pm BST

ITV tonight. New series; Levytate.

A sinister hobgoblin uses his super powers to turn Champions League finalists into bottom-half cannon-fodder in record time.

7.59pm BST

Manchester City v Liverpool: The newly crowned champions will be getting a guard of honour from Manchester City ahead of their game which kicks off in a little under 15 minutes. You can follow that one with Paul Doyle.

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7.55pm BST

Peep! Peep! Peeeeeeep! It’s all over at Bramall Lane, where Sheffield United have secured their first win in four games since the restart. Having rediscovered their mojo, they’ve run out comprehensive winners over a Spurs side that was fairly abject. They go seventh in the table five points behind Wolves, into a Europa League place. Tottenham, looking clueless under Jose Mourinho, are ninth, two points behind the victors.

7.52pm BST

90+3 min: Lys Mousset has been a real handful since coming on and he wins another free-kick for his team on the halfway line as Sheffield United run down the clock.

7.50pm BST

90+2 min: Sheffield United substitution: Oli McBurnie off after an outstanding performance capped by a goal. Kieron Freeman on.

7.49pm BST

Harry Kane fires home from six yards out at the far post, taking advantage of a Sander Berge error as Son squares it for him.

7.47pm BST

89 min: Sheffield United deserve this win. Their players have been working their red socks off and are first to every 50-50 ball. Tottenham’s, by contrast, look as if they couldn’t be bothered and would rather be anywhere else.

7.46pm BST

88 min: Lucas Moura drills the ball low and hard into the Sheffield United penalty area. Ollie Norwood gets a touch to take it out of Erik Lamela’s reach.

7.45pm BST

86 min: Jan Vertonghen wins a corner for Spurs. Sander Berge heads clear at the near post.

7.44pm BST

85 min: Tottenham win a free-kick just to the left of the Sheffield United penalty area. Son’s delivery is cleared.

7.43pm BST

Game, set and match, Sheffield United. Oli McBurnie scores their third, getting in front of Davinson Sanchez to volley home a cross from the right with a deft finish.

7.42pm BST

81 min: Tottenham Hotspur are creating little or nothing as they attempt to peg back their two-goal deficit. Jose Mourinho will almost certainly blame this defeat on officialdom in general, specifically the goal his side had disallowed in the first half, but he ought to be very concerned about just how bereft of ideas they’ve looked in this second half.

7.39pm BST

78 min: Tottenham double-substitution I forgot to mention some minutes ago: Dele Alli and Tanguy Ndombele on for Moussa Sissoko and Serge Aurier. More recent Tottenham substitution that reminded me I’d forgotten to mention that double-substitution: Jan Vertonghen on for Ben Davies.

7.35pm BST

76 min: Harry Kane gets the ball in the Sheffield United net after pouncing on a ball threaded through a thicket of legs on the edge of the Sheffield United penalty area. Offside.

7.33pm BST

that is woeful defending. No-one tracking their man. I guess better not to qualify for the Europa League and have a clear run next year.

7.33pm BST

That defending. Spurs backline may as well have been training cones.

7.31pm BST

70 min: That’s two goals United have scored in the Manchester City style now, Sander Berge and Lys Mousset both scoring from pull-backs from the byline. Tottenham’s marking there was non-existent - Mousset was completely unmarked three yards from goal as he converted the delivery from Enda Stevens after a good rampaging run by Ben Osborn.

7.28pm BST

Sheffield United double their lead, the completely unmarked Lys Mousset tapping in from a couple of yards as he prods home a pull-back from the byline.

7.26pm BST

67 min: The second half has been extremely tedious, a state of affairs that will suit Sheffield United just fine. They’re defending very well against what is currently passing for the Spurs threat.

7.24pm BST

65 min: “OH F**K OFF, MAN!” roars Eric Dier in frustration after being penalised for a foul on Lys Mousset. That’s £1 in the swear jar, Eric. Up with that kind of potty-mouthed effing and jeffing we will not put.

7.23pm BST

64 min: Ben Osborn is penalised for a high boot near the face of Moussa Sissoko near the halfway line.

7.21pm BST

63 min: Sheffield United substitution: David McGoldrick off after another good shift, Lys Mousset on.

7.20pm BST

61 min: Having been under intense pressure in the final minutes before half-time, Sheffield United look very comfortable here. They almost double their lead when David McGoldrick volleys into the side-netting with his left foot. A poor effort, although he had picked up a knock moments previously and was in visible distress.

7.18pm BST

59 min: Erik Lamela goes a-rampaging towards the Sheffield United penalty area but runs down a blind alley and loses the ball when he’d have seen, if he’d looked up, Harry Kane was available and screaming for a pass.

7.16pm BST

57 min: Serge Aurier screams in pain as he goes to ground clutching his shin after a challenge by Ben Osborn. Free-kick for Tottenham, wide on the right. Lo Celso’s delivery into the Sheffield United penalty area is atrocious and the hosts clear.

7.15pm BST

56 min: Tottenham substitution: Erik Lamela on for Steven Bergwijn.

7.14pm BST

55 min: Good hold-up play from McBurnie, who controls a long clearance from Henderson. He manages to get a cross into the penalty area, but Tottenham clear.

7.11pm BST

53 min: Good work from McBurnie, who pressurises Sissoko into giving away a corner needlessly. His industriousness proves ultimately fruitless as nothing comes of the set piece.

7.10pm BST

51 min: Now Gio Lo Celso is penalised for a shove on Oli McBurnie a few yards outside the Sheffield United penalty area. It’s one from the training ground involving a flick round the corner from Chris Basham, who overcooks his pass. Hugo Lloris cleans up at the back.

7.09pm BST

50 min: Steven Bergwijn is penalised for a push on George Baldock as the duo contest a high ball on the edge of the Sheffield United penalty area.

7.08pm BST

48 min: Another driving run towards and into the Tottenham penalty area from Lucas Moura. He wins his team a corner and might have won them a penalty if Jack RObinson hadn’t done well to stay on his feet and resist what must have been an overwhelming urge to dive in. Nothing comes from the set piece.

7.06pm BST

48 min: A slow start to the second half, with Spurs dominating possession but doing little or nothing with it.

7.04pm BST

46 min: Sheffield United resume play, protecting a one-goal lead. They were under serious pressure towards the end of the first half so if you’re a Spurs fan, I wouldn’t feel too disheartened just yet. Aggrieved, yes. Disheartened, no. There are no changes in personnel on either side.

6.58pm BST

Jamie Redknapp speaks: “This is one of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen,” says the Sky Sports pundit of Tottenham’s disallowed goal. “I can honestly say, since VAR has been introduced ... look, I get the letter of the law but we have to use common sense.

“A player has been fouled and when you fall over you have to put your arms out to protect yourself. Moura gets fouled by three Spurs players and the ball get ricocheted on to his arm and falls for Harry Kane, who finishes well. It’s common sense! That is a horrendous decision! This is ruining football – things like this happening. I’m not even convinced it hit his arm and he should at least have got a free-kick.”

6.53pm BST

A Football Weekly podcast host tweets and appears to make a good point

That disallowed goal is isn't VAR's fault. It's the law. It's @TheIFAB. I'd get rid of VAR, but the decision is correct.

Of course, anyone who's ever seen a football match knows you shouldn't be penalised for being fouled, falling over & the ball brushing your hand. ❤️

6.49pm BST

The sides go in for the break with Sheffield United leading courtesy of Sander Berge’s low drive. Tottenham thought they had equalised a minute later, only for Jose Mourinho to be left fuming after Harry Kane’s strike was ruled out by the curtain-twitchers at Stockley Park, who spotted an accidental – but illegal – handball moments after Lucas Moura had been fouled in the build-up.

6.47pm BST

45+1 min: With the Blades under more pressure from Tottenham, Ben Osborn plays the ball out of defence, picking out David McGoldrick on the left touchline.

6.45pm BST

45 min: John Egan throws his body in front of a Gio Lo Celso drive from the edge of the penalty area as Sheffield United cling on to their lead under serious pressure.

6.44pm BST

44 min: Good defending from Chris Basham, who tracks a Son run into the Sheffield United penalty area and forces him away from goal as he tries to run on to a pass in behind from Lo Celso.

6.43pm BST

42 min: Jose Mourinho and his coaching staff have been giving the fourth official, Peter Bankes, both barrels since Tottenham’s goal was disallowed and have been told to sit down and shut their yaps. Jose’s face is a picture. It really is.

6.42pm BST

39 min: Oliver Norwood takes one for the team, tripping Lucas Moura a few yards outside the Sheffield United penalty area, right of centre and about 35 yards from goal. Son’s free-kick loops high and wide after taking a deflection off the wall. From the ensuing corner, Norwood catches Son with an elbow into his neck as the pair contest a bouncing ball out by the touchline and is incredibly lucky to avoid a second yellow in quick succession. What the hell was he thinking?

6.38pm BST

37 min: So, back to that Spurs non-goal. Lucas Moura advances up the field towards the edge of the penalty area with the ball at his feet. He ran into a crowd of players and was fouled, whereupon he went to ground and the ball bounced off his arm and into the path of Harry Kane, standing in acres of space to his right. Kane hit a low shot past Henderson, who almost certainly should have done better but was probably expecting a ferocious drive towards the corner of his goal. Anyway, it’s been ruled out now, much to Jose’s displeasure.

6.36pm BST

35 min: Oli McBurnie heads the ball over the bar after getting on the end of a cross from Ben Osborn. There wasn’t much pace on the delivery, which made it a difficult chance.

6.35pm BST

It’s as you were, with Sheffield United leading by what is now the only goal of the game, after Tottenham’s goal is ruled out because the ball hit Lucas Moura’s arm accidentally as the Brazilian hit the deck after being fouled. Jose Mourinho is FURIOUS!!!

6.33pm BST

You’re always most vulnerable when you’ve just scored, they say ... and they might well be right. Harry Kane scores a soft one past Dean Henderson, the ball having bounced his way after Lucas Moura lost control of it on the edge of the penalty area.

6.32pm BST

Sheffield United takes the lead, with Sander Berge shooting low and diagonally into the bottom left-hand corner from inside the penalty area after getting on the end of a pull-back from the byline. He scuffed his shot but his aim was true.

6.30pm BST

30 min: Oli McBurnie protests his team-mate’s innocence to referee Chris Kavanagh after David McGoldrick is penalised for a foul on Lucas Moura. Free-kick for Spurs, about 35 yards from goal in a central position. Harry Kane stands over it and shoots for goal but blasts his effort high and wide.

6.29pm BST

28 min: TOttenham are looking more likely to score at the moment, but are lacking a little cutting edge. Moussa Sissoko tries his luck with a shot from distance that doesn’t trouble Henderson.

6.28pm BST

27 min: Son tries to pick out a decidedly unmarked Harry Kane in the Sheffield United penalty area with a cross curled in from the left. He slightly overhits his delivery and the ball sails into Dean Henderson’s arms.

6.26pm BST

24 min: Jose Mourinho had plenty to say to Moussa Sissoko during the drinks break, during which pointed a lot while instructing his midfielder. Play resumes, with everyone suitably rehydrated after an exhausting 20 minutes of gadding about at a quite pedestrian pace in stifling ... em, 14 degree heat.

6.24pm BST

23 min: Harry Kane gets a sight of goal after running on to a pass from Bergwijn after good work by Son. He slices his shot from a tight-ish angle and the ball sails well wide. It’s time for drinks.

6.22pm BST

22 min: McBurnie wins another knockdown from a Henderson goal-kick, attempting to pick out McGoldrick, who wins a throw-in. Fasten your seatbelt, dear reader. It really is that exciting.

6.21pm BST

20 min: Lo Celso plays the ball high in behind Sheffield United’s defence for Son to chase down the inside-left channel. John Egan is on hand to hack the ball clear.

6.19pm BST

19 min: Sheffield United striker Oli McBurnie has picked up a knock of some sort and is limping gingerly but has yet to receive treatment.

6.18pm BST

18 min: Serge Aurier plays a give and go with Steven Bergwijn and his cross into the penalty area from the right is much better this time. Basham gets a touch, the ball hits Heung-min Son and bounces up nicely for Henderson.

6.17pm BST

16 min: Lucas Moura advances towards the right side of the Sheffield United penalty area and plays a perfect pass into the path of Serge Aurier on the overlap. His cross is diabolically bad and sails high and wide of Henderson’s goal.

6.15pm BST

14 min: McBurnie threads a little pass into the Tottenham penalty area for Chris Basham, of all people, to sprint on to. There’s too much weight on the pass and the central defender can’t reach it before Hugo Lloris.

6.13pm BST

12 min: McBurnie wins the ball in midfield after another long kick-out from Henderson, his goalkeeper. George Baldock is flagged for offside in the ensuing Sheffield United attack.

6.11pm BST

12 min: A fairly poor Enda Stevens cross into the Tottenham penalty area is cut out and cleared by Gio Lo Celso.

6.11pm BST

10 min: Another long ball up the field from Henderson, his third or fourth of the night so far. Baldock and McGoldrick get surrounded and penned in on the right touchline and are forced to play the ball backwards towards John Egan, who lumps it forward again.

6.08pm BST

7 min: Sheffield United win a throw-in just inside the Tottenham half and McGoldrick plays the ball wide to Baldock on the right. Spurs win possession back and advance quickly up the field. It’s pretty even so far.

6.06pm BST

6 min: Steven Bergwijn advances down the inside left and plays the ball wide to Son. He cuts inside and wins a corner with his attempted cross. Son takes the set piece and his delivery is sublime. Dier gets a touch at the near post and the ball flashes across the face of goal. Moussa Sissoko is unable to keep it in play and hooks it out for a goal kick.

6.04pm BST

4 min: A long throw from Ben Osborn into the Tottenham penalty area is cleared by Eric Dier. Good early pressure here from Sheffield United, which comes to naught when Sander Berge overhits a cross from the right and puts the ball out of play.

6.03pm BST

3 min: Tottenham’s defenders pass the ball from side to side under a press from David McGoldrick and Oli McBurnie. The ball makes it’s way upfield to Dean Henderson, who leathers it back down the pitch. Baldock crosses for McGoldrick, who is unable to flick it into the path of McBurnie.

6.02pm BST

1 min: George Baldock takes the first shot in anger after an aggressive start from the hosts. His low drive looks to be fizzing towards the bottom right-hand corner, but Hugo Lloris gets down to save without much fuss.

6.01pm BST

1 min: Harry Kane gets the ball rolling, like his team-mates a vision in sort of aqua-marine ensemble of shirt, shorts and socks. The players of Sheffield United wear their usual home kit of red and white striped shirts, black shorts and red socks.

5.58pm BST

Not long now: With the subs from both teams already dotted around various seats in the lower stand, Tottenham march out on to the pitch down the steps of one of one of the stands to the right the tunnel, from which their hosts emerge. The last of the pre-mch formalities are under way and kick off is just a few minutes away.

5.46pm BST

5.45pm BST

Chris Wilder speaks: “No excuse, we’re missing some big players and we just have to get on with it,”says Sheffield United’s manager in a pre-match interview with Sky Sports. “I just have the trust the team we’re putting out there to work hard and get a result. We only have seven on the bench tonight and we have to try to dig a result out from somewhere. This is a big challenge for us - we’re in the division for occasions and experiences like this, playing against top sides. I expect a fully committed front foot performance and I’m positive I’ll get that.”

5.28pm BST

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5.17pm BST

Sheffield United: Henderson, Basham, Egan, Robinson, Baldock, Berge, Norwood, Osborn, Stevens, McBurnie, McGoldrick

Subs: Sharp, Jagielka, Kieron Freeman, Mousset, Moore, Rodwell, Zivkovic

5.11pm BST

Team news: Sheffield United make two changes to the team that lined up against Arsenal on Sunday, with Sander Berge and Ben Osborn coming into midfield for Johns Fleck and Lundstram. Congratulations to Osborn, who makes his full Premier League debut for the Blades.

Tottenham make one change in personnel from their last start, with Steven Bergwiijn replacing Dele Alli, who drops to the bench. We’ll have the full line-ups shortly.

4.54pm BST

In the build-up to today’s game, the Tottenham manager has been singing the praises of his Argentinian midfielder Giovani Lo Celso, while simultaneously managing to toot his own horn too.

4.54pm BST

The Sheffield United manager has been discussing the financial implications of the coronavirus pandemic and how it might affect his budget for next season. The Blades are expected to be between £20m and £30m out of pocket on the back of it because of it, with no sign of crowd restrictions at football matches being lifted any time soon.

4.54pm BST

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4.54pm BST

4.53pm BST

John Lundstram is a major doubt after being forced out of Sheffield United’s FA Cup defeat at the hands of Arsenal with a shoulder injury. Jack O’Connell is edging closer to a return following a knee injury, but with his replacement in defence, Jack Robinson, impressing in recent weeks, Chris WIlder says he feels under no pressure to rush O’Connell back.

11.44am BST

Reeling from three consecutive defeats in the wake of their “opening day” draw against Aston Villa, Sheffield United must try to get their season back on track with a win against Tottenham Hotspur, who are eighth in the table and just one point ahead of their hosts.

Following their draw with Manchester United and subsequent win over West Ham since the resumption of the season, Tottenham need a win to take them to within four points of Wolves and Manchester United and keep their faint hopes of Champions League qualification alive.

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Sheffield United sweep Tottenham aside to revive hopes of Europe

Guardian - tor, 02/07/2020 - 21:10

José Mourinho rightly condemned the damage being done to “the beautiful game” by VAR but he has more to fear than the killjoys of Stockley Park on the evidence of Tottenham’s defeat at Sheffield United. Mentally, defensively and creatively, Spurs were second best and are in danger of finishing outside the top six for the first time since 2009.

Mourinho attacked the VAR decision that disallowed an equaliser for Harry Kane at Bramall Lane, naturally, but he did not camouflage its impact on his brittle players. Spurs lost their composure and fight after Michael Oliver’s decision and were sliced apart by Chris Wilder’s wing‑backs as United leap-frogged the visitors in the pursuit of European qualification. All three of United’s goals came from the flanks and on all three occasions the Spurs defence was found wanting badly. Oli McBurnie, who sealed victory, embodied the heart and commitment that his opponents lacked.

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Spurs' ruled-out goal: 'Worst decision ever'

Sky Sports - tor, 02/07/2020 - 19:00
Sky Sports' Jamie Redknapp has condemned the VAR decision to rule out an equalising goal for Tottenham at Sheffield United as "one of the worst decisions I have ever seen".

Blades back on form as Spurs fume at VAR

Sky Sports - tor, 02/07/2020 - 17:18
Sander Berge, Lys Mousset and Oli McBurnie fired Sheffield United to a 3-1 win over Tottenham, as Spurs were left fuming after a VAR call denied Harry Kane an equaliser.

Charlie's Premier League predictions

Sky Sports - tor, 02/07/2020 - 16:48
Charlie Nicholas returns with his Premier League predictions for the full round of fixtures this coming weekend.

Mourinho: I wouldn't swap Lo Celso for Fernandes

Sky Sports - tor, 02/07/2020 - 08:00
Tottenham head coach Jose Mourinho says he would not swap Giovani Lo Celso for Bruno Fernandes after Spurs missed out on the Portuguese midfielder last summer when they signed Lo Celso.
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