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Lo Celso, Ndombele show the way for Spurs

Sky Sports - ons, 06/11/2019 - 23:38
Mauricio Pochettino urged fans to be patient with Tottenham's summer signings in an interview with Sky Sports last week, insisting they would need at least a season to adapt. But was Wednesday night's win over Red Star Belgrade a glimpse of what's to come?

Red Star Belgrade 0-4 Tottenham: Champions League – as it happened

Guardian - ons, 06/11/2019 - 23:24

Son Heung-Min scored twice as Spurs quelled the hostile atmosphere in Serbia for a crucial victory in Group B

10.24pm GMT

David Hytner was at the Marakana to witness Tottenham’s first away win in any competition since the Champions League semi at Ajax, nearly six months ago. Here’s his report. Enjoy ... and thanks for reading this MBM. Nighty night!

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10.23pm GMT

Mauricio Pochettino speaks. “It is good, we are happy with the performance of the team. Our approach was fantastic. We controlled the game, and we were better. This game will help us stay together, and now we need to keep going. We need three points more to qualify, but it’s a good feeling after Everton.”

10.15pm GMT

Tottenham’s two-goal hero Son Heung-min speaks. “It was so important to win this game, especially against a team who were unbeaten at home. We played really well. It’s a really difficult place, and we should take confidence, the positive things. It has been a tough few days, but my team-mates and supporters have made me realise how lucky I am. Everyone gave me strong messages. Of course I feel really, really sorry about this accident ... [long pause] ... but I had to focus for the team.”

9.59pm GMT

Easy to forget that Red Star could - and probably should - have scored two goals in the first half. But they didn’t manage it, and Spurs were utterly dominant in the second half. Mauricio Pochettino’s men thoroughly deserved their victory, and they’re now looking good for a place in the knockout stage. One more win will guarantee it - and if Bayern win at Red Star next time round, they’ll be through no matter what. Special praise goes to Son Heung-min, who responded to the emotional tumult of Goodison by scoring twice, and Giovani Lo Celso, so impressive on his full debut. It’s been a good night for Tottenham.

9.55pm GMT

A magnificent performance by Spurs, who now just need to beat Olympiacos on matchday five to progress to the knockout stage.

9.53pm GMT

90 min +4: The Red Star coach Vladan Milojevic isn’t happy with that Skipp challenge. He’s bouncing around on the touchline, beyond furious. Boakye limps off, unable to continue. The hosts will end the game with nine men.

9.52pm GMT

90 min +2: Skipp is booked for an extremely over-zealous slide on Boakye. That could easily have been a red. Needlessly aggressive.

9.51pm GMT

90 min +1: Eriksen should free the lively Sessegnon down the left, but opts to attempt to spring Kane in the middle instead. Wrong choice. His pass is easily cut out.

9.50pm GMT

90 min: But there will be four added minutes. Poor Red Star.

9.49pm GMT

89 min: Ndombele sends Sessegnon away down the left. Sessegnon spots Kane free in the centre, but he slips as he tries to hook a cross towards his captain. Red Star are all over the shop now, in tatters, and are desperate to hear the final whistle.

9.47pm GMT

88 min: Red Star don’t often get battered like this at home. I wonder when the Marakana was last as quiet as it is now?

9.46pm GMT

86 min: The excellent Lo Celso is replaced by Oliver Skipp.

9.45pm GMT

Rose feeds Sessegnon down the left. Sessegnon pulls one back for Eriksen, who shapes to send a shot towards the bottom right. But it takes a deflection and dribbles apologetically past a wrong-footed Borjan and into the bottom left.

9.42pm GMT

83 min: Sessegnon combines with Lo Celso and tees up Eriksen, who tries to fire low into the bottom right from 20 yards. It’s an easy gather for Borjan.

9.41pm GMT

81 min: Red Star have used all their subs, so they’re down to ten men now. Ninety minutes can’t tick round fast enough for the hosts.

9.39pm GMT

79 min: Pavkov crumples in a heap, having jumped for a high ball and landed awkwardly on his ankle. He’s in some pain, and won’t be able to continue. He departs on an electric buggy.

9.38pm GMT

77 min: Kane crosses from the left. Lo Celso wafts a weak volley wide right. That was a good chance, he should have done much better. But he’s had a fine game tonight, as has Ndombele. Throw in the beginning of Sessegnon’s Spurs career, and Mauricio Pochettino’s second-wave Spurs side is beginning to take shape.

9.35pm GMT

75 min: Tottenham’s two-goal hero, Son Heung-min, is replaced by Ryan Sessegnon, making his Champions League debut, three days after turning out for Spurs for the first time in the Premier League.

9.33pm GMT

73 min: A lull ... and a sense that both teams would quite happily declare now, given the opportunity to do so.

9.31pm GMT

71 min: Ndombele rolls a pass down the right for Eriksen, who cuts one back from the byline. Kane meets it, 10 yards out and level with the right-hand post. He drags his shot inches wide right. Or was it deflected? It looks deflected. It should have been a corner. Kane is incensed, though the scoreline being what it is, it doesn’t really matter. But Kane will be wanting a goal.

9.29pm GMT

69 min: Ndombele cuts in from the right and finds the top-left corner ... of the stand behind the goal. That was a wild old slash.

9.28pm GMT

68 min: Marin waits to take, but before he does so, Richmond Boakye comes on for Mateo Garcia. The free kick’s then whipped towards the bottom-left corner. Lo Celso blocks for a corner that’s easily dealt with by the Spurs defence.

9.27pm GMT

67 min: Marin busies himself down the left and is crudely bundled over by Foyth. Just outside the box, but a free kick in a dangerous position nonetheless. The crowd find their voice again.

9.26pm GMT

66 min: The home crowd, so intimidating early on, have fallen almost totally silent. The only songs to be heard are coming from the away end. Glory, glory, all that.

9.24pm GMT

65 min: Petrovic slides in late, though not particularly recklessly or dangerously, on Rose. It’s mistimed enough to earn a booking, though.

9.23pm GMT

64 min: That was a quite magnificent one-two from Spurs, who drew the sting from a re-energised Red Star, calmly and methodically, before springing forward and surely putting this game beyond the hosts. Four minutes that could get their season back on track.

9.22pm GMT

62 min: A couple of changes in the wake of the third goal. Jose Canas comes on for Dusan Jovancic, while Christian Eriksen replaces Dele Alli.

9.21pm GMT

Spurs are in total control now! Kane slips a glorious pass down the left for Rose, who scampers into space and squares for Son, who slams home from close range at the far post!

9.20pm GMT

59 min: Red Star win a corner down the left. Marin takes, but it’s easily cleared and Lo Celso nearly breaks clear into the Red Star half on his own. Red Star want to watch themselves here.

9.18pm GMT

And then Spurs, having bored Red Star into submission, break quickly upfield! Sissoko powers with great grace down the inside right, holding off his man and drawing another defender. He’s got Alli and Son to his left. He feeds Alli, who shuttles the ball on to Son, and the striker roofs one past Borjan. A wonderful goal on the break! Tottenham’s away-day woes could be coming to an end here in Belgrade.

9.16pm GMT

56 min: Spurs pass it around the back in the sterile fashion. It’s clever, because it’s getting on the home crowd’s nerves. It doesn’t make for great viewing, admittedly, but Spurs haven’t won on the road for nearly six months, so you do what you have to do.

9.14pm GMT

54 min: All a bit scrappy again. Spurs will be happy enough with that, in the wake of Red Star’s recent burst of increased energy.

9.12pm GMT

52 min: So having said that, Spurs nearly make it two, Alli sashaying into the box through the middle only to be robbed just as he’s cocking his leg back to shoot. The ball’s poked out for a corner, from which nothing much occurs, despite the very impressive Lo Celso’s prompting.

9.10pm GMT

50 min: Degenek, quarterbacking from deep, fires a long pass down the inside-left channel and nearly finds Garcia in the Spurs box. Not quite. Another goal kick. But this is much better from Red Star.

9.09pm GMT

49 min: Red Star should be level. Ndombele gifts the ball to Marin in midfield. Suddenly Red Star are two on two. Marin instigates a one-two with Pavkov, and should be sent clear into the box on the left, but the return pass is a real clunker. Goal kick, and Marin is beyond livid.

9.07pm GMT

47 min: Tottenham impose themselves on the second half immediately. They stroke the ball this way and that. Then Kane bursts into the box down the left. Kane goes over very easily in a barging match with Milunovic, who did shove the Spurs captain in the small of the back, but very gently indeed, so come on. The referee’s not having it, quite correctly.

9.05pm GMT

We’re back! Spurs get the second half underway. Red Star have made a change at right back, with Jander coming on for Marko Gobeljic.

8.53pm GMT

Half-time entertainment. A few episodes of the magnificent Nessun Dorma pod for your leisure and pleasure. Includes a fine dissection of Ossie Ardiles and the Famous Five, the cult attacking quintet of Teddy Sheringham, Jürgen Klinsmann, Ilie Dumitrescu, Darren Anderton and Nick Barmby. Enjoy!

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8.50pm GMT

And that’s the end of the first half. If you didn’t know better, you could be forgiven for thinking this game has a multi-ball feature. Two amazing pinball sequences, one at each end, both going Tottenham’s way. It’s been great fun. More in ten minutes!

8.48pm GMT

45 min +2: Van la Parra earns a corner for Red Star in the second of two added minutes. Marin floats it in from the left. Pavkov is penalised for pushing. For a second, the home crowd think the referee’s signalling for a penalty. But it’s not to be.

8.46pm GMT

45 min: This has been all Spurs, really, and yet Red Star must wonder how they’ve managed to pass up two gilt-edged invitations to score.

8.45pm GMT

43 min: More pinball madness, this time in the Spurs box! Van la Parra bursts into the box on the right and smacks a shot against the base of the right-hand post. Sanchez, facing his own net, loops the rebound over his own keeper Gazzaniga and off the crossbar! Spurs clear, having got away with that big-style!

8.43pm GMT

42 min: Son earns a corner on the left. He possibly should have laid the ball off for Alli. From the set piece, he tries to mend fences by slipping a pass down the left wing for Alli. Too much juice on the ball, and it’s out for a goal kick. Alli doesn’t look particularly pleased.

8.42pm GMT

41 min: Alli considers a shot from 20 yards, but thinks twice and slips the ball right for Lo Celso, who is brimming with confidence after his goal. We know this because he’s just tried to flick an insouciant shot into the bottom right from the edge of the box, first time, with the outside of his boot. It flies wide, but full marks for ambition.

8.40pm GMT

40 min: Some more space for Kane down the inside right. He floats a chip over Borjan and over the bar. The flag goes up for offside, so it didn’t really matter.

8.40pm GMT

38 min: Lo Celso’s finish was quite sublime, by the way. A cushioned first touch and a deft swish into the top right, calmness personified amid some wild nonsense.

8.38pm GMT

36 min: The previous entry was brought to you by Bally Entertainment.

8.37pm GMT

Pinball madness! Lo Celso wins the ball in the midfield and sends Kane clear down the inside right. Kane enters the box and should score, but slips the ball past Borjan and off the base of the right-hand post. Son volleys the rebound goalwards, but it’s hacked off the line. Alli looks to have been bundled over amid the melee, but the ball breaks to Kane, who pulls a volley across the face of goal, left to right. Son tries to bundle the ball home, but hits the bar. And finally the man who started it all, Lo Celso, crashes home! That ... was intense.

8.33pm GMT

32 min: Now Garcia is clattered by Rose, who was late and clumsy. But it’s just a free kick, he gets away without a booking. So each side has had one. Fair’s fair.

8.32pm GMT

30 min: Dier goes up to challenge for a high ball, and clacks Pavkov in his startled coupon. He goes in the book. That was completely unnecessary. Now he’s tip-toeing gingerly along that metaphorical ribbon of censure, the disciplinary tightrope. He’ll be up on that an hour!

8.30pm GMT

29 min: Ndombele is fine, all right. He nearly releases Son with a glorious slide-rule pass down the inside-left channel, but just as Son is shaping to meet it first time and shoot on goal from an inviting position, Milunovic slides in to intercept. Fine football all round.

8.27pm GMT

26 min: Son is crudely stopped in his tracks by Gobeljic, and that’s a free kick just to the left of the Red Star box. Ndombele wafts the set piece into the box, and it’s eyebrowed out for a corner by Van la Perra. Lo Celso takes the corner from the right. The ball’s punched clear by Borjan, then lashed wildly high and wide by Sissoko. A sense that a goal’s coming soon, one way or another.

8.25pm GMT

25 min: Well, that got the home crowd going again. Red Star needed that, because Spurs have enjoyed nearly 70 percent possession so far.

8.25pm GMT

23 min: So after all that, it’s Red Star who nearly take the lead. Pavkov, who scored twice against Liverpool here last year, barges his way through a couple of poor Spurs challenges, and he’s free in the box! He opens his body and sidefoots powerfully towards the bottom right, but Gazzaniga has read his intentions well, and sticks out a strong leg to block and clear!

8.23pm GMT

22 min: Sissoko drives Spurs forward, winning possession and finding Lo Celso in a central area, 25 yards from goal. Lo Celso slips the ball to Son on his left; Son drops a shoulder and drags a shot across Borjan and wide right.

8.22pm GMT

21 min: Foyth and Lo Celso combine well down the right again. Foyth pushes the ball along the byline only to lose control before he can find a team-mate, and Degenek is able to clear. Most of the game is now being played in Red Star’s final third, though Spurs haven’t warmed Borjan’s hands yet. A sense that it’s only a matter of time.

8.20pm GMT

19 min: Sanchez’s long pass down the middle nearly causes havoc in the Red Star box, but Borjan manages to slap the ball out of harm’s way with Son and Kane lurking, hoping to pick up the pieces. Spurs are beginning to cause Red Star a little trouble.

8.19pm GMT

18 min: Lo Celso finds Foyth on the overlap down the right. Foyth’s cross isn’t all that, but it’s good enough to win the first corner of the game. Lo Celso sends a vicious inswinger into the mixer, a fine delivery, but Borjan punches clear with confidence from the middle of a packed box. Lo Celso has looked lively in these early exchanges.

8.17pm GMT

16 min: Son reaches the byline down the left and scoops a dangerous ball over Borjan. It’s begging to be prodded home, but there’s nobody there in dark blue, and turns out he was offside anyway, the flag going up late.

8.16pm GMT

15 min: Rose and Pavkov clash heads in the middle of the park. Ooyah oof. Totally accidental, and while Rose furrows his brow and attends to his sore neep by rubbing it with great vigour, both players look fine to continue. We play on.

8.14pm GMT

13 min: Suddenly Spurs spark into life. Sissoko slips a quick ball down the inside-right channel. Ndombele shuttles it further on to Kane, who takes a stride into the box and lashes the evening’s first shot in anger into the side netting on the right.

8.12pm GMT

12 min: Spurs knock it about the back for a while. They go absolutely nowhere, but that’s not really the point. They continue to work their way into this game, and are quieting down the crowd a little. Just a little, mind, it’s all relative.

8.10pm GMT

10 min: Lo Celso plays a cute ball around the corner for Kane, who makes good down the right and tries to interact with Son just inside the Red Star box. But Kane leans unnecessarily on a nearby defender and it’s a pressure-releasing free kick.

8.10pm GMT

8 min: Lo Celso has the ball at his feet and options ahead of him. But he can’t pick a pass. Possession’s given up to Van la Parra, who draws a foul from Lo Celso. All a bit scrappy at the moment.

8.08pm GMT

6 min: Borjan launches a goal kick long. Pavkov flicks on for Garcia, who threatens to get the better of Foyth, but the Spurs man nudges a weak pass backwards towards Dier, who sorts out the bother. Another slightly uncertain moment for Foyth; a worry for Spurs unless he finds his feet soon.

8.05pm GMT

4 min: Foyth hassles Rodic out on the Spurs right. The ball breaks to Kane, just inside the box, and he tries to combine with Ndombele, but Red Star swarm around and refuse to be opened up. That’s a first sortie into the Red Star half for Spurs, and a small foothold in the game after that early home flourish.

8.04pm GMT

2 min: Marin attempts a dribble down the left but the Red Star captain goes down a dead end. He might have taken a little knock while doing so, and grimaces accordingly. Ah, panic over, he looks fine to continue and trots back upfield.

8.02pm GMT

Here we go, then! The hosts get the ball rolling. It’s launched forward quickly, and Foyth hesitates with the ball at his feet. He’s nearly closed down by Van la Parra, but a rebound goes out for a goal kick. Red Star are soon coming back at Spurs, Garcia nearly besting Rose down the right. But Rose keeps cool and clears. A fast start from the home side, though.

7.58pm GMT

The teams are out! The 1991 champions Red Star sport their world-famous red and white stripes, while Spurs are shunted into second-choice dark blue. There is, it goes without saying, one hell of an atmosphere at the Marakana. Red Star don’t lose here often. In fact they rarely concede, so let’s not be too disappointed if we don’t get another 4-4 tonight. But whatever happens, it’ll be a big test of Tottenham’s moxie. Handshakes and coin tossing to come, but we’ll be off before you know it! Incidentally, in the early kick-off in Group B, Bayern Munich have beaten Olympiacos 2-0. So they’ve qualified for the knockout stage already.

7.48pm GMT

The abridged pre-match thoughts of Mauricio Pochettino. He tells BT Sport it’s the “right moment” for Giovani Lo Celso to make his full debut, having finally got himself up to full fitness. Meanwhile Son Heung-min has “moved on quick” after the distressing injury to Andre Gomes at Goodison Park. “He’s started to realise it wasn’t his fault. He is in a perfect state to perform.” One last point: it’s going to be a “tough game”.

7.36pm GMT

So here’s how the players get from the changing room to the pitch at the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. (Actually this is the NFL Tunnel Club under the East Stand, but it mirrors the Spurs Tunnel Club in the West Stand, so you get the general idea.)

7.07pm GMT

Tottenham make five changes to the XI sent out at Everton last Sunday. Toby Alderweireld, Christian Eriksen, Lucas Moura and Ben Davies drop to the bench, while Serge Aurier is out altogether. In come Danny Rose, Eric Dier, Giovani Lo Celso, Juan Foyth and captain Harry Kane, who has recovered from a virus.

Red Star Belgrade - Crvena zvezda to the purist - make three changes to the side thrashed at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium two weeks ago. Midfielders Milos Vulic and Jose Canas, and striker Tomane, are replaced respectively by Njegos Petrovic and Dusan Jovancic, and Milan Pavkov.

6.54pm GMT

Red Star Belgrade: Borjan, Gobeljic, Milunovic, Degenek, Rodic, Jovancic, Petrovic, Garcia, Marin, van La Parra, Pavkov.
Subs: Popovic, Pankov, Vulic, Richmond Boakye, Jander, Simic, Canas.

Tottenham Hotspur: Gazzaniga, Foyth, Sanchez, Dier, Rose, Sissoko, Ndombele, Lo Celso, Alli, Son, Kane.
Subs: Alderweireld, Vorm, Sessegnon, Eriksen, Lucas Moura, Skipp, Davies.

4.56pm GMT

Spurs swatted Red Star aside a fortnight ago in north London. Harry Kane and Son Heung-min both scored twice in an easy 5-0 win at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Erik Lamela also getting on the scoresheet. In that sense, they should be confident of getting the victory tonight in the return match, one that’d help immensely in their quest to qualify for the knockout stage.

Nevertheless, they’ll be wary. Red Star were pasted 4-0 at Liverpool last season, yet bounced back to beat the eventual champions 2-0 in Belgrade soon after. They’re a different proposition in Serbia: they’ve won 13 of their 14 league matches so far this season, and have lost only two of their last 21 home games in Europe. And this season they’ve already got a 3-1 win over Olympiacos in their Group B bag. A home win tonight will give Red Star a boost in their hopes of reaching the last 16.

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Son Heung-min’s double helps Tottenham past Red Star Belgrade

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Son Heung-min’s anguish at Everton on Sunday knew no bounds and it is no exaggeration to say that on Monday, as the guilt at his role in André Gomes’s horrific injury continued to consume him, the Tottenham forward could not even think about this Champions League test against Red Star Belgrade.

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Son double inspires Spurs in Belgrade

Sky Sports - ons, 06/11/2019 - 22:55
Heung-Min Son scored twice as Tottenham took a giant stride towards the Champions League knockout stages with a commanding 4-0 victory at Red Star Belgrade.

Nessun Dorma podcast: from Ardiles to Baggio, Bracewell and Van Basten

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The Nessun Dorma podcast is back and this time they’re discussing USA 94, Alex Ferguson, Spurs and Euro 88

When a nation calls, that call must be answered. If a nation doesn’t call, we resurface anyway. The Nessun Dorma podcast is back for a third season, just in time to put some heat into your unseasonably cold autumn. Let us beckon you in from the harsh outdoors, with its bracing winds and chillingly bleak political landscape, and run you a nice warm bath full of nostalgia. We’re a few episodes into the new series, so here’s a quick recap of the high jinks so far.

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Kane: Spurs ready to follow racism protocol

Sky Sports - ons, 06/11/2019 - 07:00
Harry Kane says Tottenham’s players will follow UEFA's three-step protocol should they be subjected to racist abuse in their Champions League match at Red Star Belgrade.

Poch: Eriksen still committed to Spurs

Sky Sports - tir, 05/11/2019 - 22:24
Mauricio Pochettino insists he is "happy" with Christian Eriksen's performances and says the midfielder is still committed to Tottenham.

LA Chargers owner: rumor of ground share with Tottenham Hotspur is 'bullshit'

Guardian - tir, 05/11/2019 - 21:42
  • Report in the Athletic says team are open to move to UK
  • Chargers have struggled to attract fans in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Chargers owner, Dean Spanos, has denied reports his team are open to moving the NFL franchise to London.

According to a report in the Athletic, the team would listen to the NFL if the league approached them to discuss a relocation to the UK, where they would play their home games at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

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Spurs’ Son Heung-min wins appeal and makes trip for Red Star game

Guardian - tir, 05/11/2019 - 18:15

• Son ready to play in Belgrade after tackle on André Gomes
• Pochettino says Spurs still recovering from June defeat in final

Harry Kane could not bear to look at the time and, in the stomach-churning aftermath of André Gomes’s horrible injury, the Tottenham striker has deliberately avoided all footage and any photographs. This is what it is like when a member of the footballing fraternity is so stricken. A part of every player knows it could have been them and an element of self-preservation kicks in.

“I watched it on Sky,” Kane said, having missed the 1-1 draw at Everton on Sunday because of illness. “I don’t think they showed the replay anyway. But I’ve tried not to watch any replays [subsequently] or look at any pictures. When you’re a fellow professional it’s the last thing you want to be watching.”

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Son red card overturned

Sky Sports - tir, 05/11/2019 - 17:59
Heung-Min Son's red card against Everton has been overturned and he will be available for Tottenham's next three domestic fixtures.

Red Star boss: Spurs won't suffer racism

Sky Sports - tir, 05/11/2019 - 17:21
Red Star Belgrade boss Vladan Milojevic says Tottenham will not suffer any racist abuse in Wednesday's Champions League meeting in Serbia.

Gomes discharged after surgery

Sky Sports - tir, 05/11/2019 - 15:40
Everton midfielder Andre Gomes has been discharged from hospital following successful surgery on his right ankle, the club confirmed on Tuesday.

Police end probe into Son alleged racist abuse

Sky Sports - tir, 05/11/2019 - 14:13
Merseyside Police say they will not be taking further action following a complaint of racist abuse towards Heung-Min Son during Everton's 1-1 draw with Tottenham.

Pulisic tops Power Rankings

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Sky Sports and Budweiser, the official beer of the Premier League, have teamed up to bring you the weekly Power Rankings.

Premier League managers to meet referees’ head to discuss VAR problems

Guardian - man, 04/11/2019 - 23:42
• Mike Riley to hold second meeting with managers on Thursday
• Lack of pitchside monitors for referees to be discussed

Premier League managers will meet with Mike Riley, manager of the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL), on Thursday to discuss the video assistant referee (VAR) system.

Riley, who heads the body responsible for the country’s leading referees, will meet the top flight’s northern-based managers after sharing views with southern managers last week.

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Spurs appeal Son red card against Everton

Sky Sports - man, 04/11/2019 - 22:05
Tottenham have appealed the red card issued to Heung-Min Son for his tackle on Everton midfielder Andre Gomes on Sunday, Sky Sports News understands.

Charlie Nicholas' CL predictions

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Charlie Nicholas returns with his latest round of Champions League predictions with Manchester City and Tottenham all in action.

Tottenham appeal against Son Heung-min red card for André Gomes challenge

Guardian - man, 04/11/2019 - 17:54

• South Korean faces ban after controversial sending-off
• Spurs’ sympathy for Gomes mixed with surprise at red card

Tottenham have appealed to the Football Association against Son Heung-min’s dismissal at Everton on Sunday, which led to André Gomes’s horrific injury.

The Spurs winger tripped Gomes in the 79th minute of the 1-1 draw, sending him crashing towards Serge Aurier with dire consequences and, initially, the referee, Martin Atkinson, reached for a yellow card.

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Fantasy Team of the Week

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Sky Games look at who shone during Gameweek 12 of Sky Sports Fantasy Football. Did any of your team make this week's best XI?
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