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Lloris accepts blame for Liverpool winner

Sky Sports - søn, 31/03/2019 - 21:34
Hugo Lloris has accepted responsibility for conceding Tottenham's costly second goal against Liverpool.

Liverpool 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur: player ratings from Anfield

Guardian - søn, 31/03/2019 - 20:40
Andy Robertson put in an assured defensive display for Liverpool at left-back, as did Tottenham’s Danny Rose in a more advanced position


Alisson Looked nervous and uncertain from the start, especially with his kicking. Better with his handling. 6

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Big-match stats: Liverpool vs Spurs

Sky Sports - søn, 31/03/2019 - 20:00
How did Liverpool squeeze past Tottenham at Anfield on Sunday? Use our interactive tools and delve into the stats to find out...

Liverpool vs Spurs: Player ratings

Sky Sports - søn, 31/03/2019 - 20:00
Who impressed during Liverpool's last-gasp win over Tottenham and who had an afternoon to forget?

Liverpool 2-1 Tottenham: Premier League – as it happened

Guardian - søn, 31/03/2019 - 19:52

A last-minute own goal from Toby Alderweireld gave Liverpool a priceless victory after a nerve-shredding second half at Anfield

8.40pm BST

Here’s Andy Hunter’s player ratings:

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6.52pm BST

Danny Taylor’s match report from Anfield has landed, so I’ll leave you with that. Thanks for your company, goodnight!

Related: Liverpool get out of jail as Alderweireld’s late own goal earns victory over Spurs

6.50pm BST

Liverpool’s next game is Southampton away on Friday night. A tricky match, that, but if they win it I’d fancy them to win their remaining games.

6.50pm BST

Mo Salah speaks

“Normally I stay outside the box on corners but I followed my intuition and went inside. I have to wait to see if the Premier League give me the goal. [They haven’t.] We got the three points, that’s the most important thing. I don’t care about the goal. There are some players with the same number of goals as me and they are having the best season of my life, and I’m supposed to be having a bad season. I want to win the Premier League; that’s the most important thing for me. The atmosphere was crazy and the fans help us a lot. They are desperate to win the league and we will do everything to make that happen.”

6.43pm BST

The more you see the winning goal, the more it looks like a bad mistake by Hugo Lloris, who should have caught Salah’s header. Instead he dropped it onto Alderweireld’s shin and it rebounded into the net.

6.40pm BST

It’s worth remembering the majestic, Beckenbaurian piece of defending from Virgil van Dijk, who showed the cool certainty of a bomb-disposal expert when he was left alone facing Sissoko and Son with a few minutes remaining.

Liverpool still needed Sissoko to blooter it into orbit, and he did that immaculately.

6.38pm BST

Andy Robertson (who was magnificent)

6.33pm BST

That last-minute goal gave Liverpool two points - and, almost as importantly, will massively increase their sense of destiny. I think they’ll win their last six games now. And if they do, City cannot afford to drop any points. This is some title race.

And, I’m sure you’ll all agree, it’s a great time to be a Manchester United fan.

6.30pm BST

“That,” says Frank McGirr, “must have been the best £14 that guy on the BA flight has ever spent.”

I hope the person sitting next to him wasn’t enjoying a nice nap.

6.29pm BST

When Alderweireld scored Liverpool’s winner, Jamie Carragher defenestrated all professionalism to giddily shriek, ‘Mo Salah you little dancer!’ I imagine this piece of commentary has significantly increased the volume of spittle on keyboards and monitors up and down the country, though I quite enjoyed it myself.

6.27pm BST

The win means Liverpool go two points clear of Manchester City, who have a game in hand. But that game in hand is at Old Trafford. It is exquisitely tight. For whatever it’s worth (clue: nowt), I think Liverpool are going to win it.

6.25pm BST

The nerves of everyone connected with Liverpool were sliced and diced during a deranged last quarter of the match, but it ended with the sheer euphoria of Toby Alderweireld’s 90th-minute own goal. If that doesn’t give them the impetus to win their remaining games, nothing will.

6.23pm BST

Liverpool go back to the top of the table after an unforgettable victory!

6.22pm BST

90+5 min There’s a delay because of a clash of heads between Fabinho and Llorente, who both need treatment for cuts.

6.19pm BST

90+3 min Llorente is on for Eriksen, but I think Spurs are done. This has been a ridiculous finish. Sissoko missed a glorious chance to finish Liverpool off; Alli shot this far wide; and then Liverpool snatched victory through Alderweireld’s own goal.

6.18pm BST

90+2 min There will be four minutes of added time.

6.18pm BST

Alexander-Arnold’s inswinging corner was headed away superbly by Kane. It was collected by Robertson, who played it out to Alexander-Arnold again. He swung a big, deep cross beyond the far post towards the unmarked Salah. He planted a header towards goal that Lloris pushed onto Alderweireld and into the net. Lloris should probably have caught it. There was nothing Alderweireld could do, really.

6.17pm BST

Liverpool’s desperation is rewarded!

6.16pm BST

90 min Origi wins a corner for Liverpool. This is exhilarating stuff.

6.15pm BST

88 min Spurs have another chance to win it! Eriksen hooks a wonderful pass to the left for Alli, who floats a delicious curler just past the far post with Alisson beaten.

6.14pm BST

87 min Another dangerous break from Spurs. Son plays the ball to Rose, who has options in the middle but overhits his attempted cross to Kane. Liverpool are ragged and desperate, but that isn’t always a bad thing.

6.12pm BST

85 min: Sissoko misses a sitter! Oh my goodness, what a chance! Spurs opened Liverpool up like a can of peas on the break and had a two against one with van Dijk faced by Son and Sissoko. Van Dijk did brilliantly, a bit like Franz Beckenbauer in the 1974 World Cup final, by blocking the pass to Son and inviting Sissoko to shift the ball onto his left foot and shoot. He did just that – and belted it over the bar from 15 yards.

6.10pm BST

84 min “I have a nasty feeling,” says Matt Dony, “ that Cannon’s next big case will be ‘The death of a dream.’ And if I don’t solve it, Millings can have my badge! (It might cover that weird thing on his chest.)”

6.09pm BST

83 min To borrow a phrase from my colleague Daniel Harris: Hell, bloody football. This is an almighty 10 minutes for Liverpool.

6.08pm BST

82 min Ben Davies replaces Lucas Moura for Spurs, who have been hanging on in the last few minutes.

6.07pm BST

81 min Origi’s free-kick hits the wall, wrongfoots Lloris and deflects agonisingly wide of the near post.

6.06pm BST

80 min Lucas Moura takes a booking, dragging down Salah 25 yards from goal.

6.06pm BST

79 min Origi wins a corner for Liverpool, who have dominated possession since the goal. And they almost get a second! Alexander-Arnold curls a brilliant inswinger that is missed by van Dijk at the near post and hits the unsighted Firmino in the six-yard box before falling into the arms of Lloris. It was a better chance for van Dijk, who was unmarked as he rose at the near post.

6.04pm BST

78 min This email from Tony Barr arrived approximately 0.12 seconds before Lucas Moura’s goal. I can only blame myself.

“Greetings from BA flight 104 to Dubai. After fighting the impulse I’ve just stumped up a whopping 14 quid to BA’s inflight wifi service to check the score and for that kind of money I’d prefer Liverpool to be 4-0 up. Am now bashing the refresh button constantly in search of value. Please be gentle with any bad news.”

6.03pm BST

77 min A double change for Liverpool: Fabinho and Origi for Milner and Henderson.

6.03pm BST

75 min Alexander-Arnold curls a left-footed shot that is just fingertipped over by the stretching Lloris. It might have been a cross; to be honest, I barely know what day it is any more. This is pulsating stuff.

6.02pm BST

74 min Liverpool did not win the title despite losing only two games in 2008-09. As things stand, they are in danger of going one worse.

6.00pm BST

73 min Liverpool cannot really afford a draw, so the rest of this match is going to be off the scale when it comes to intensity.

5.59pm BST

72 min The ball was probably moving slightly when Kane drove that long free-kick to Trippier, although it was a superb spot and a great pass.

5.58pm BST

It was a slightly scruffy goal but Spurs will not care. The alert Kane drove a quick crossfield free-kick to Trippier on the right. He passed it infield to Eriksen, who screwed a low ball across the area, wrongfooting most of the Liverpool defenders in the process. It fell perfectly for Lucas Moura, who forced it through Alisson from six yards.

5.56pm BST

Spurs have equalised!

5.56pm BST

69 min Spurs make a change, with Son replacing Davinson Sanchez. That means Rose goes to left-back and Vertonghen into the centre.

5.55pm BST

69 min Salah drills a shot over the bar from 20 yards. He’s had another relatively poor game.

5.53pm BST

67 min “I’d like to apply for the position of coroner on this new show you’re cooking up,” says Justin Kavanagh. “Matt Dony would ask me about the state of the victim’s heart at time of death, and I’d say something like “He was a Scouser. It was April. Take a wild guess!”

5.52pm BST

66 min This is deliciously tense. Another dangerous cross, this time from Eriksen, is put behind by Matip. Eriksen’s outswinging corner is lumped clear.

5.51pm BST

65 min “Mac Millings as Cannon and Bore’s boss?” sniffs Gary Naylor. “I’m not at all sure he’s the right calibre...”


5.50pm BST

64 min Rose drives a dangerous low cross towards the near post, where van Dijk smoothly gets in front of Lucas Moura. That was a brilliant piece of defending, made to look routine.

5.48pm BST

62 min Liverpool are largely playing on the counter-attack now, though they won’t particularly mind that with the pace they have up front. It’s a really excellent game, this.

5.47pm BST

60 min Salah could and possibly should have played Mane in rather than shooting, as Liverpool briefly had two against one. That said, the angle and distance meant it wouldn’t have been an easy pass, so you can understand why he went for the shot.

5.46pm BST

59 min Firmino plays a wonderful through pass to Salah, whose placed shot is blocked vitally by Alderweireld. This is a cracking game.

5.45pm BST

58 min That Eriksen shot would definitely have gone in but for Robertson’s block. The man is a bona fide hero.

5.43pm BST

56 min: A double chance for Spurs! Kane makes room on the left side of the box for a stinging left-footed shot that is beaten away by Alisson. He pushes it straight out to Eriksen, whose follow-up is blocked brilliantly by Robertson!

5.42pm BST

55 min Lucas Moura falls over in the area but Martin Atkinson isn’t interested. At the other end, Firmino appeals for a foul after a challenge from Sanchez, but again the referee ignores it.

5.41pm BST

54 min Milner’s cross is headed over from eight yards by Firmino. It was a good, powerful header under pressure from Trippier, but he had no pace on the ball to work with.

5.40pm BST

54 min It’s getting tense at Anfield, and it’ll stay that way until Liverpool get a second goal. Spurs are having more of the game now, but they still haven’t really tested Alisson.

5.38pm BST

52 min “Actually, I don’t want a sidekick,” says Matt Dony. “I want to be Virgil van Dijk’s sidekick. Just generally follow him around, and bask in his brilliance. What a player. What a man. On an unrelated note, Mrs Dony is currently packing for a trip to South America. I just went upstairs, and found her listening to Atmosphere by Russ Abbott. By choice. Should I be worried?”

I’d be more concerned about your erroneous and disrespectful spelling of Russ Abbot, mate.

5.37pm BST

51 min Spurs are now playing a loose-limbed 4-2-3-1 formation, with Alli in midfield and Rose, Lucas Moura and Eriksen behind Kane.

5.36pm BST

50 min “If McMahon’s in as the sidekick,” says Mac Millings, “maybe I could be the superior officer they drive crazy. ‘Damn it, Bore! You gotta keep Cannon in check, or either I’m gonna lose my mind, or he’s gonna lose his badge! Also, could you take a look at this thing on my chest? Does it look weird to you?’”

5.36pm BST

49 min A clever corner from Liverpool almost leads to a second goal. Alexander-Arnold played a short pass infield to Milner, who lost Eriksen and drove a first-time cross beyond the far post. Van Dijk arrived round the back but couldn’t get on top of a header that flew over the crossbar.

5.34pm BST

48 min Spurs have switched to a back four, with Vertonghen at left-back and Rose on the left of midfield. Meanwhile, Eriksen swishes high over the bar from 22.37 yards.

5.33pm BST

47 min “I don’t get to watch a lot of football live on the telly box, so this is proving something of a treat,” says David Horn. “I’m wondering though ... has someone smuggled Graeme Souness into one of those pods from the Cocoon movie? He looks about 35.”

It’s because he drinks the blood of a small Romanian midfielder every morning.

5.32pm BST

46 min Peep peep! Liverpool get the second half under way.

5.25pm BST

And some half-time viewing

5.17pm BST

Half-time reading

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5.16pm BST

Peep peep! Liverpool lead deservedly through Roberto Firmino’s goal, made superbly by Andy Robertson. Spurs were hanging on for a while, with Liverpool’s full-backs rampant, but restored order after a tactical switch to 3-4-3 and that should give them greater hope for the second half. See you in 10 minutes.

5.14pm BST

43 min This is Spurs’ best spell of the game, with a lot of possession and some sharper passing and movement. They need to work Alisson, though, who has looked very nervous.

5.11pm BST

41 min Eriksen is starting to look dangerous. He floats a delicate return pass over the defence towards Alli that is crucially headed away by the stretching van Dijk.

5.10pm BST

40 min Moura shoots tamely wide from 20 yards after collecting a good pass from Eriksen.

5.08pm BST

38 min Spurs have switched to a 3-4-3 formation, although at the moment it’s more of a 5-4-1. Liverpool aren’t giving them a moment’s peace.

5.07pm BST

37 min Mane, found well by Firmino, curls a sweet effort just wide of the far post from 20 yards. That was so close, and Lloris didn’t move.

5.05pm BST

34 min Firmino, who has been much more like his old self today, plays a fine return pass over the defence for Mane. Alderweireld comes across to concede a corner.

5.05pm BST

33 min That’s better from Spurs. Alli plays a one-two with Eriksen and swishes a half-volley just over the bar from 30 yards. Alisson had it covered but it was a good effort.

5.03pm BST

31 min Spurs are hanging on to their 1-0 deficit. Firmino beats Sanchez on the left of the area before hitting a low cross that is blocked. This could be over by half-time.

5.00pm BST

30 min “ESPN’s Katie Nolan, who is a delightful sport presenter, asked her followers what EPL team she should follow,” says Hubert O’Hearn. “Liverpool won a narrow vote. Today is Katie’s first EPL match live and in person. I think she chose a good one as she has already tweeted that Anfield took her breath away. True you know – there is nothing in the world that compares to a completely switched-on football stadium in a title race.”

5.00pm BST

29 min An outstanding cross from Rose flashes right across the face of the Liverpool goal. Robertson did very well to block off Lucas Moura, who would otherwise have had an easy chance.

4.59pm BST

28 min Alexander-Arnold curls the corner onto the outside of the near post. Lloris had it covered, I should stress.

4.58pm BST

27 min The indefatigable Robertson wins a corner for Liverpool. After a slow start, Liverpool have had an excellent 15 minutes and are in total control at the moment.

4.57pm BST

25 min “Tottenham have a hole in the middle,” says Jeremy Dresner. “Everything Erickson touches is going awry and Sissoko seems to be hugging the centre circle while being ringroaded as Liverpool take to the flanks with speed and success.”

Sissoko looked a weak link when the teams were announced, but the biggest danger has been Liverpool’s full-backs. I’m surprised Pochettino hasn’t changed formation, either to 3-4-3 or even 4-3-3, although the latter is difficult without making a substitution.

4.55pm BST

23 min Rose drives a long ball towards the edge of the Liverpool area, where Alisson gets in a tangle and is again lucky that the ball falls to him rather than Dele Alli.

4.54pm BST

23 min “Spurs’ defensive problems in a nutshell,” says Paul Binns. “More League Two kicking by Lloris, cross with no pressure on the ball, free header on the six-yard line with the goalkeeper standing on his line. Over and over and over again.”

It was poor defending but I don’t know that Lloris could have come for that. It was a brilliant cross.

4.53pm BST

22 min Firmino plays a good through pass towards Salah, who is about to shoot when Sanchez makes a desperate and excellent challenge at the expense of a corner. I think Salah was offside but it wasn’t flagged.

4.52pm BST

20 min Liverpool are all over Spurs now. Robertson again marauds down the left and pulls the ball back to Salah in the area. He plays it to Wijnaldum, who cushions it into the D for Mane to strike first time. His curling shot goes a few yards wide.

4.50pm BST

18 min Robertson’s cross is headed away to the edge of the area, where Alexander-Arnold waits for the ball to drop and swishes a fine effort just wide of the far post. “Liverpool’s full-backs are running the game at the moment,” says Gary Neville on Sky.

4.49pm BST

17 min “I’ve had three roll-ups in the first fifteen minutes,” says Hubert O’Hearn. “Football needs to come with cancer warnings.”

4.48pm BST

That goal was all down to the relentless Andy Robertson. He surged down the left and curled a glorious cross into the middle, where Firmino got between Sanchez and Vertonghen to steer a downward header past Lloris from eight yards. It was a relatively simple finish because the cross was sensational.

4.47pm BST

Brilliant goal!

4.46pm BST

15 min “Afternoon Rob,” says Simon McMahon. “I’ve always been a play-by-the-rules type myself so there could be some TV mileage in a series featuring myself as Dave Bore, alongside Matt Dony’s maverick Dirk Cannon. Alas, I fear I shall forever be the Steven Toast to his Ray ‘Bloody’ Purchase.”

Dave Baw, surely.

4.45pm BST

14 min This is an excellent game, full of moral courage and good intentions. Spurs have been better so far but Liverpool look a threat on the counter-attack.

4.43pm BST

12 min “Dearest Bob,” writes Mac Millings. “The instructions at the top of the page told me to email you with my thoughts, and I always do what I’m told. Why did I suddenly weigh 10 pounds more than I ever have before when I stood on the scale at the doctor’s yesterday? What if the pyogenic granuloma (a small red, oozing and bleeding bump that looks like raw hamburger meat) on my chest bursts under my shirt in the middle of class tomorrow and my students all think I’ve been shot, but am carrying on regardless? Why am I hoping it does burst? I have others, but that’s a start. Has anyone ever told you you’re such a good listener?”

Have you ever thought about being the sidekick to a maverick cop?

4.42pm BST

11 min Kane plays a sharp pass to the edge of the area for Moura, who has the chance to shoot with his right foot but instead tries to move past Henderson onto his left foot. It’s the wrong decision, and he loses the ball.

4.40pm BST

9 min There’s a nice, breezy feel to the game, with both sides looking busy and purposeful in attack.

4.37pm BST

6 min Spurs have started well. Eriksen plays a cute angled pass into the area for Lucas Moura, who is preparing to pull the trigger when Alexander-Arnold slides in to concede a corner. Good defending.

4.36pm BST

4 min It looks like Eriksen is playing a bit deeper, alongside Sissoko in a 3-4-1-2 formation, certainly when Spurs don’t have the ball. They aren’t the greatest screen, however, and Liverpool will want to get the ball forward to the front three as quickly as possible.

4.34pm BST

3 min Alisson slides in front of Alli to claim the ball, only for it to slip from his grasp. Thankfully for him it falls not to Alli but to Alexander-Arnold, who gets rid.

4.34pm BST

2 min With Rose down, Alexander-Arnold kicks the ball out of play. No idea what happened but Rose looks groggy and is receiving treatment. Actually, all that happened was that he headed the ball, but it seems to have briefly affected his vision. He seems fine now.

4.31pm BST

1 min Peep peep! Amid a cracking Anfield atmosphere - and with ‘Bon Jovi: This House Is Not For Sale Tour’ beaming from all the advertising boards - Spurs get the game under way. They are in white; Liverpool are in red.

4.30pm BST

The players are ready for business. This, I can say without fear of contradiction, is going to be lively.

4.29pm BST

“They did indeed,” says Matt Dony (see 16:20). “The actual quote was either ‘gold’ or ‘yellow’ (I forget which), but I took some artistic license, cos I’m just that kind of plays-by-his-own-rules rock n roll rebel. If I was in a cop show, I’d drive my superior officer crazy, before ultimately saving the day in an unconventional manner. It’d be called ‘Loose Cannon’, with my character being Dirk Cannon. I’m accepting auditions for a sidekick. (Looking at you, McMahon...)”

Rust Cohle over here.

4.24pm BST

Prediction Liverpool 4-2 Tottenham Hotspur.

4.24pm BST

“If you’re quoting Mint Royale lyrics in the context of Liverpool fans’ emotions,” begins Alix, “you should know that the band’s farewell 2016 single contained this deathless verse:

“‘The sunlight sunk every plan I got
When my dreams all died cause I know I still have time.’

4.20pm BST

“I admire Peter Oh’s wordplay,” says Matt Dony, “but I’m a simple man who subscribes to the Martin Johnson school of committed defending, c. 2003. ‘If you see someone in a white shirt, hit them.’”

Didn’t his team wear white?

4.19pm BST

Pre-match interviews

Jurgen Klopp

4.07pm BST

“The duck’s done barking; the turtle’s sniffed the air; and yet still it’s squeaky bum time,” says James Debens. “Fabinho needed to start instead of Milner.”

I’m sensing nerves.

4.04pm BST

“If you ask me, the Liverpool defence’s job is simple,” says Peter Oh. “Keep the great Dane on a tight lead, harry Kane constantly, and always remember, less is Moura.”

3.53pm BST

Chelsea have gone 2-1 up in injury time, and Neil Warnock looks like he is about to go postal.

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3.51pm BST

“My dear Rob,” writes Ian Copestake. “Can I apologise in advance for the sheer volume of emails you will now be getting from Liverpool fans getting their gammon on about Fabinho being on the bench and our midfield being that conservative midfield beloved of no one but our otherwise pretty damn fine manager?”

Mrs Doyle was a football fan, too.

3.48pm BST

Chelsea have scored a late equaliser at Cardiff, although it was painfully offside. You can follow the last few minutes with Daniel Harris.

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3.37pm BST

Pre-match reading

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3.35pm BST

Liverpool (4-3-3) Alisson; Alexander-Arnold, Matip, van Dijk, Robertson; Milner, Henderson, Wijnaldum; Salah, Firmino, Mane.
Substitutes: Fabinho, Lovren, Keita, Lallana, Mignolet, Shaqiri, Origi.

Tottenham Hotspur (3-3-2-2) Lloris; Alderweireld, Sanchez, Vertonghen; Trippier, Sissoko, Rose; Eriksen, Alli; Lucas Moura, Kane.
Substitutes: Son, Wanyama, Llorente, Foyth, Davies, Skipp, Gazzaniga.

2.28pm BST

Hello. In their 2000 single Don’t Falter, a jaunty cogitation on love’s capacity to influence serotonin levels, Mint Royale featuring Lauren Laverne opined that ‘You must decide to risk your heart for love to find you.’

Liverpool fans know the feeling. They have risked their heart and their soul this season, and their sanity may yet follow. The more you invest, the more you stand to gain - and to lose. Whatever happens, the next six weeks are going to be the most heightened experience for all Liverpool fans. They will experience euphoria and desolation at different times. But by 5pm on 12 May, the final day of the season, only one of those feelings will be available.

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Liverpool get out of jail as Alderweireld’s late own goal earns win over Spurs

Guardian - søn, 31/03/2019 - 19:52

The clock was seconds away from the 90-minute mark when the final, decisive blow sparked euphoric scenes at Anfield. Liverpool were a few minutes of stoppage-time away from a result that – who knows? – could have been a grievous setback. But then the ball was aimed high towards Mohamed Salah at the far post and what happened next, put bluntly, changed everything.

Suddenly it did not seem quite so important that Salah had played so far below his point of maximum expression. Hugo Lloris, who can be surprisingly error-prone for a World Cup-winning goalkeeper, had not been able to hold on to his header. The ball came off his hands, bounced against Toby Alderweireld, the nearest defender, and started trickling towards the goal-line, almost in slow motion.

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Last-gasp OG gives Liverpool huge win

Sky Sports - søn, 31/03/2019 - 19:38
Toby Alderweireld's last-gasp own goal gave Liverpool a huge 2-1 victory over Tottenham as they returned to the top of the Premier League on Super Sunday.

Poch: We're in mini-league now

Sky Sports - søn, 31/03/2019 - 19:15
Mauricio Pochettino admits Tottenham are now in a vital mini-league to secure a top-four spot after their late defeat by Liverpool.

Klopp: 500 ways to win, who cares?

Sky Sports - søn, 31/03/2019 - 19:15
Jurgen Klopp says there are 500 ways to win a football game and Liverpool's last-gasp victory over Tottenham was ugly, but praised the fans for their "improved" support.

Son issues Tottenham challenge

Sky Sports - søn, 31/03/2019 - 12:43
Heung-Min Son challenged his Tottenham team-mates to live up to the standards set by their state-of-the-art new stadium and write a "new history".

Poch: You can't compare us to Liverpool

Sky Sports - søn, 31/03/2019 - 08:00
Ahead of a potentially season-defining trip to Liverpool this weekend, Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino has claimed it is unfair to compare his side with opponents still challenging for the Premier League.

Son Heung-min: ‘I miss White Hart Lane but the new stadium is amazing’

Guardian - søn, 31/03/2019 - 00:30

The Spurs forward believes the move to a shiny new ground can provide fresh impetus for their stuttering Premier League form

Son Heung-min has never known anything like it. Not since his arrival at Tottenham in August 2015 have the team endured a worse run of Premier League form during a single season. And, by the forward’s reckoning, he has never gone three weeks without a match inside a domestic campaign.

Seismic change is also afoot. After all the delays, Spurs are primed to enter their 62,062-capacity new stadium on Wednesday for the Premier League fixture with Crystal Palace. Son and his teammates trained there for the first time on Thursday and, it is fair to say, they are champing at the bit to perform in front of a full house. The atmosphere against Palace promises to be special.

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We want to be in the top four and play Champions League in this amazing stadium. We can do it – we just need to believe

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Jürgen Klopp piles praise on Spurs and Pochettino before Anfield clash

Guardian - søn, 31/03/2019 - 00:30

The Liverpool manager makes no secret of his admiration for his counterpart and the way he has built his ‘world-class’ team

This is supposed to be the business end of the season, squeaky-bum time in terms of the title race, yet Tottenham’s visit to Anfield on Sunday afternoon may turn out to be more of a love-in than a leadership contest. For one thing, games between the two clubs in recent seasons have featured exquisite goals, open football and marvellous entertainment. For another, Jürgen Klopp makes no secret of his admiration for Spurs, their manager and their leading scorer, even if they do arrive on Merseyside looking for their first Premier League win in more than a month.

“We can expect a strong Tottenham, they are a world-class team,” the Liverpool manager says. “In England, the country of transfers, it makes a pretty big statement when you don’t sign anyone at all, but in a way I could see why Mauricio Pochettino did that, why they were not too concerned last summer when they didn’t bring in any new players.

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WATCH: PL clubs unveil anti-racism scheme

Sky Sports - lør, 30/03/2019 - 22:34
Premier League clubs across the country united behind the No Room for Racism campaign on Saturday, with the aim of eradicating discriminatory behaviour in football.

PL round-up: City top, Terriers down

Sky Sports - lør, 30/03/2019 - 22:07
Manchester City moved above Liverpool at the top of the Premier League with a comfortable 2-0 win over Fulham at Craven Cottage.

Gazza plays for Spurs at final test event

Sky Sports - lør, 30/03/2019 - 21:50
Paul Gascoigne donned the white of Tottenham again as Spurs Legends lost 5-4 to Inter Forever in the final test event at the club's new stadium.

Football and F1 live on Sky this Sunday

Sky Sports - lør, 30/03/2019 - 19:46
Sky Sports is offering a feast of football and F1 on Sunday with Liverpool vs Tottenham and the Bahrain Grand Prix both getting under way just after 4pm - and you can watch both!

Spurs’ new stadium: let’s call it a home win

Guardian - lør, 30/03/2019 - 15:00

Around the pitch and in the stands, the Tottenham Hotspur stadium is both magnificent and intimate, but the jarring exterior is mid-table fodder

It was, for a while, all about the cheese room. The new Tottenham Hotspur stadium, it was reported, was to offer its premium customers a selection of specially sourced cheeses, a concept which encapsulated how far the football fan has come from those black-and-white, crackly-voiced days when a gristly pie was all you got, an edible version of the brown balls that were hacked around the Flanders-like mud of those bygone fields – a distillation (conceptually speaking) of the catarrh of a million Capstans.

Which, goes the narrative, was how it should be. In the tribal warfare of football you don’t want the food to be too nice. And what could be more Waitrose, more metropolitan elite, more Highbury and Islington than a range of fermented curds? What could be less likely, except perhaps CO2 foam or a flame-retardant blanket, to put fire in the belly?

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Harry Winks: First...

Sky Sports - lør, 30/03/2019 - 13:30
Tottenham midfielder Harry Winks sits down with Soccer AM's Tubes to discuss his football firsts…

Premier League launches No Room for Racism

Sky Sports - lør, 30/03/2019 - 13:00
The Premier League has launched the No Room for Racism campaign as part of its commitment to help tackling discrimination in football.
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