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How to play tonight's Sky Sports News Quiz

Sky Sports - fre, 10/07/2020 - 08:00
Sky Sports News is set to host another interactive quiz on Friday evening as we build up to Sunday's north London derby.

Jose fumes with VAR: 'Everyone knows it was a penalty'

Sky Sports - tor, 09/07/2020 - 23:20
Jose Mourinho's unhappiness with Michael Oliver continued after the VAR official chose not to award Tottenham a penalty in their 0-0 draw with Bournemouth.

Bournemouth hold Spurs as VAR rules out late Wilson strike

Sky Sports - tor, 09/07/2020 - 23:20
Bournemouth's hopes of avoiding relegation remain in the balance after Callum Wilson's last-gasp strike was ruled out by VAR for handball in their 0-0 draw with Tottenham.

Bournemouth 0-0 Tottenham Hotspur: Premier League – as it happened

Guardian - tor, 09/07/2020 - 21:31

Callum Wilson thought he had scored the winner late on but VAR ruled it out, meaning a mediocre game ended goalless

8.31pm BST

Thanks for joining me for tonight’s ‘action’. Here is Ben Fisher’s report.

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8.25pm BST

The football is not over ... join Rob Smyth for a match which might be better.

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8.18pm BST

Bournemouth look like they’re going down and Spurs look like they’re going nowhere. Which is worse?

8.10pm BST

Something to hold onto ...


No shots on target conceded in #BOUTOT ⛔️#afcb

8.04pm BST

Dom ‘you don’t get much for 15 million quid these days’ Salmon says: “Not to enrage the non-Stephen Carr Stephen Carr further, but Jose’s bunce is just the tip of the iceberg. If you factor in his backroom staff It will be the thick end of half as much again, and to fire them, Levy will be paying them probably twice that to flounce out taking their ‘Triple respect’ with them.

“Post that, I’d like Daniel to know I am available to shout ‘away, Kane-o, get rid’ on the touch line for considerably less , and if kept drunk enough by the Brew Dog franchise, I will throw in picking fights with players, press and fans Gratis. I know money will be tight.”

I am sure Mr Levy reads this blog.

8.01pm BST

Alan McIntyre says: “Spurs obviously don’t like playing in that pale blue kit .. or is it just the Mourinho effect?”

Mourinho makes me feel blue.

8.00pm BST

Callum Wilson and King drop to the ground at full-time, a sign of how utterly knackered they both are.

8.00pm BST

Two really poor teams were evenly matched for 113 minutes. Sadly, almost all of those minutes were dreadful. Bournemouth will feel they should have won it and now just live in hope that somehow three teams in the Premier League are even worse than them, which seems unlikely.

Spurs, on the other hand, need to work out how to improve for next season. Maybe they should look at their manager ...

7.57pm BST

90+10 (100) mins: Ramsdale has knacked his hamstring but is willing to carry on. Not only that, he is adding to all the stoppage time. Come on, mate, some of us want to eat.

Really pleased to bring the ton up here.

7.55pm BST

90+8 mins: Ndombele drives into the box and straight into Harry Wilson. The Spurs man wants a penalty but does not get one as he deliberately ran into Wilson.

King tries to break from a Spurs corner but is dispossessed by Davies and then catches the Welshman.

7.53pm BST

90+6 mins: Harry Wilson should put Bournemouth ahead after being found in lots of space by a wondrous King pass but the Liverpool loanee’s dink is repelled by the onrushing Lloris.

7.51pm BST

90+4 mins: Gedson throws himself to the ground in the hope of winning a free-kick in the corner. Rico gets his own back by kicking the ball off the Spurs man to give Bournemouth a goal-kick. Clever from the Spaniard.

7.49pm BST

90+2 mins: King drives into the box from the left and wins a corner. Hopefully the disallowed goal will give Bournemouth some hope they can score a legal one.

7.48pm BST

90 mins: Possibly the most mediocre overhead kick in history ends up in the back of the net. A free-kick is lumped into the box and bounces around until Callum Wilson positions himself to nudge it towards the net but it dribbles in after flicking King’s arm and VAR rules it out.

Twelve minutes added on.

7.46pm BST

89 mins: There could be more than 10 minutes of injury time. Actually, there should be around 12 or 13, I reckon. Especially now Aurier is down injured after falling badly at the byline and hurting his already bandaged wrist.

7.44pm BST

87 mins: Gosling also goes into the book for a hilarious hacking down of Lamela.

7.44pm BST

85 mins: Bournemouth are upset after the referee blows up very late for a dreadful foul by Ndombele on Callum Wilson. Their anger was due to the fact that Stanislas sprinted away and chipped the ball into the box for King to nod in. Sadly, for all involved, Stanislas was offside. On the upside, Ndombele was cautioned.

Peter Oh says: “Re: 49 min. No room in the all-time balloon XI for English greats Valve Ramsey, Paul Gas-coigne or the Dutchman Danny Blimp?”

7.40pm BST

83 mins: Spurs now look very much on top and Bournemouth only have one substitution opening in which to make their final few changes. Could be crucial.

Aurier drives a low cross but it is deflected wide. The corner is then cleared out for another, which comes to nothing.

7.38pm BST

81 mins: Aurier has put in around 10 crosses today. Fair play to him. He must be annoyed that no one has got on the end of one with real purpose.

“Considering the football on show, what this mbm needs is a 7/10 Keane anecdote,” says Paul Fitzgerald.

7.36pm BST

79 mins: Another Aurier cross finds Lamela in the box but the Argentine can only flick it onwards and wide. Spurs have finally woken up!

7.34pm BST

77 mins: Moura is on for Spurs, with Sissoko the man replaced. Hopefully that is a positive change.

“I have a theory,” says Andrew Pearson. “Jose has been taken on to keep the seat warm while Poch takes a deserved break. I can dream, can’t I?”

7.31pm BST

75 mins: And we are having a drinks break. Plenty of resting in this half.

7.30pm BST

73 mins: This will end 0-0, won’t it?

7.28pm BST

71 mins: Aurier once again gets in down the right and sends in a dangerous low cross into the box but Ake is in the right position to turn it behind. The corner comes to nothing.

Wilson earns Bournemouth a corner down the other end by driving to the byline, before getting crowded out. King heads the subsequent corner wide.

7.26pm BST

69 mins: The two injuries have made the match even slower, which is a feat.

7.24pm BST

67 mins: Harry Wilson replaces the stricken Brooks. He scored twice in the reverse fixture, which might help.

7.22pm BST

65 mins: Referee Tierney, who has had a poor game, gives Spurs a foul after Ndombele piles into Lerma.

Bournemouth clear another Aurier cross, which falls to Winks 30 yards from goal but his volley ends up about 20 yards over the bar.

7.20pm BST

63 mins: Smith is eventually taken off on a stretcher. Stacey on.

7.18pm BST

61 mins: Some good news ...

Smith thankfully conscious and having a joke with Harry Kane. "Smithy you're still ugly," Kane tells him.

7.17pm BST

59 mins: Smith is still being treated and is yet to be moved to a stretcher. Everyone right to use plenty of caution with an injury like this.

7.14pm BST

57 mins: Smith is to be replaced by Stacey. The right-back got inhumanely clattered by Davies and now needs to be stretchered off.

7.13pm BST

55 mins: Calls for a penalty by Bournemouth as Wilson goes down under pressure from Vertonghen in the box but the referee is having one of it.

Smith gets another whacking from Davies and it looks like the Bournemouth man might be out cold. There are lots of medical staff on to deal with it.

7.10pm BST

53 mins: A long ball is lumped out towards the right where Aurier jumps with Rico, resulting in a clash of heads. The Spaniard comes off worse but eventually gets up to check his teeth are all intact. Luckily, they are.

7.08pm BST

51 mins: Kane lines up a free-kick 25 yards from goal after Lamela is fouled. The Spurs skipper whacks it into the wall and, more specifically, into the stomach of Adam Smith who is down in agony. That has to hurt.

7.06pm BST

49 mins: Spurs have started the half looking bright, with Ndombele giving off the impression he might not be as bad as Mourinho makes out.

Mac Millings has used lockdown well.

7.04pm BST

47 mins: There is some early admin for us as Mourinho has taken off Bergwijn and Lo Celso, who barely touched it between them. Ndombele and Son have replaced. Hopefully these changes will make Spurs less awful to watch.

7.02pm BST

Here we go again!

7.01pm BST

Mary Waltz offers: “When Keane walks into a restaurant, do the chefs tremble in fear hoping that their idea of medium rare is the same as his?”

I assume so. I worked at ITV Sport for five years and had to interview Keane a couple of times. I can tell you two 7/10 Keane anecdotes if you ask nicely and send me wine.

7.00pm BST

“Will Unwin,” is the formal opening from Mike Welch.

“Thanks much for swinging wide the gate for me to release my irrational inability to fairly judge Erik Lamela’s soccerball skills because of his ridiculous hair. I haven’t closely reviewed the latest, which appears to consist of dollops of some sort of meringue-based bleach pomade. But it’s just the latest in a series of kewpie-doll styles that cannot be excused by youth.

“Send me an invoice.”

Like Graeme Souness, I judge all footballers based on their hair.

6.54pm BST

Now Keane is laying into how poor Spurs area. I wish I could be as angry as Keane about everything.

6.53pm BST

Keane and Evra are spending half-time pointing out that Spurs should have had a penalty for King’s push on Kane.

Evra: “I think the referee should go home in a taxi.” It’s the way you tell ‘em, Pat.

6.48pm BST

Ed Aarons beat me at tennis on Tuesday but I am happy to be the bigger man and promote his work here:

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6.47pm BST

Spurs have been frighteningly mediocre, while Bournemouth have looked dangerous without getting close to scoring. Bottom line: not a classic.

6.45pm BST

45 mins: Stanislas works some space for himself on the edge of the box, allowing him to drag a low shot at goal but Lloris reads it and palms it behind.

Two minutes added on.

6.44pm BST

44 mins: Lamela picks up the ball 30 yards from goal, skips forward a few yards and then lets fly with his wand of a left foot but it goes well over the bar. At least I had hope for a second.

6.42pm BST

42 mins: Winks passes the ball straight out of play for some reason or other. Not the midfielder’s best work.

6.40pm BST

40 mins: Lamela, still angered by his choice of hairstyle, slides in to take the ball off Rico but instead gives away a free-kick. He gets the ball, to be fair, but the referee sees it differently. Stanislas whips in the free-kick but it bounces straight to Lloris.

6.38pm BST

38 mins: Some lovely buildup play by Spurs allows Aurier to put in a cross from the right but he hits the first defender. I can understand how people are frustrated with Aurier’s output. The subsequent free-kick is lumped into Ramsdale’s arms.

6.36pm BST

36 mins: Bournemouth have a corner but it is sent over everyone and out for a throw-in. Please, Cherries, make better decisions.

Mary Waltz is committed to this MBM: “Watching Everton, my team, tracking Spurs on your MBM. Southampton is dominating my boys,sigh, just nicked a goal after missing a pen.”

6.34pm BST

34 mins: Bournemouth definitely look like they have more intent about their attacking play, while Spurs are going through the motions.

6.32pm BST

32 mins: Pushing and shoving between the two midfields, as Lerma and Sissoko give each other a nudge after a clash. Both go into the book to keep the referee busy.

Lerma’s 11th booking on the season. A true great of the modern era.

6.30pm BST

30 mins: The frenetic pace pre-drinks break has dropped, with Bournemouth quite content to just knock is around at the back until the ball is lumped down the other end. If Wilson had read it, he might have got onto the end of the long ball but instead Lloris comes to clear.

6.28pm BST

28 mins: Bournemouth have put a lot of dangerous crosses into the box but have only actually won a single header in the opposition area.

Aurier puts in his second vicious cross of the match from the right, which Ake heads behind. The Dutchman also caught Lamela in the process with a painful one.

6.26pm BST

26 mins: Bournemouth have just used the long throw as a weapon and it caused some concern in the box before Vertonghen cleared. Bournemouth might be trying to sign Andy Legg during the window.

How did you use the drink break? Get a snack? Open some Barolo?

@Will_Unwin Very impressed by #Spurs today. Seem to be playing at least as well as #Bournemouth

6.23pm BST

24 mins: Bournemouth are growing in confidence, that’s for sure. They are zipping passes around and frequently getting crosses into the box to be attacked.

Sadly, they will lose their momentum as the drinks break is beginning.

6.22pm BST

22 mins: Lamela takes Gosling down, which at least means we get a close up of the Argentines hair. Rico pumps the subsequent free-kick into the box for Lerma to head back across goal for Ake to attack but Kane gets in the way and flicks it clear before the Dutchman can head home.

6.20pm BST

20 mins: Stanislas swings in a dangerous free-kick from the right but Davies reads it well and clears before a Bournemouth play can reach it.

The subsequent corner is whipped in, Kane heads it up in the air and it brushes Aurier’s hand on the way down but VAR once again shakes its head.

6.18pm BST

18 mins: De Bruyne, Salah et al at Chelsea,” Digvijay Yadav says. “Pogba and Martial at United. Ndombele now. If Spurs had a more proactive board they’d pull the plug before he does real damage.”

Martial and Pogba certainly outlasted him at United, at least.

6.16pm BST

16 mins: Spurs still in control here. Bournemouth seem happy to let them play.

6.15pm BST

14 mins: Alderweireld tries to play a long ball for Aurier to chase on the flank but instead whacks it out for a goal-kick. Not a classic pass.

Richard Warner emails to say:

6.12pm BST

12 mins: Lo Celso is penalised for a hack on Wilson, gifting Bournemouth a free-kick and causing the Spurs man to limp off.

JR says: “A Jose Mourinho team’s “attack” versus this Bournemouth side’s “defence” is the classic matchup of a moveable force versus a resistible object.

6.10pm BST

10 mins: Bournemouth get some possession in and around the Spurs box. The end result is King darting for goal and earning a corner. If he had let the ball go quicker, he could have played a teammate in.

Colum Farrelly has been in touch once more: “Oh, Will. Now you have made me leave the MBM to turn on the TV to see Erik Lamela’s hair. And I do try to avoid seeing a Spurs team in a Mourinho 10-0-0 formation. Bah.”

6.08pm BST

8 mins: Spurs are dominating possession here. Bournemouth might be chasing shadows for quite a while.

Confirmation that it should have been a pen from Baz.

How is that not a penalty for the shove on Harry Kane by Josh King? #var

6.06pm BST

6 mins: A Spurs corner is swung in towards Kane, who is barged into by King, caused by the Bournemouth man not looking where he was going. VAR has a look but says the incident does not merit a penalty. I think it might have but Spurs taking the lead at this stage could ruin this match.

6.04pm BST

4 mins: Davies whacks the ball clear but is caught on the top of his boot by Brooks for his troubles. Not very friendly from his international teammate.

Down the other end, Aurier swings in a dangerous cross along the six-yard line, which flicks off Rico and bounces towards the back post for Smith to turn behind. Bournemouth looking pretty ropey already.

6.02pm BST

2 mins: Bournemouth pump it long from kick-off, which you do not see very often nowadays. A true sign of Sunday league intent.

If I stop providing updates at any point, it will be because I have become too distracted by Lamela’s hair. It looks like he has been stood below a flock of defecating seagulls on the pier.

6.00pm BST

Peep! Peep! Peep! Here we go!

5.55pm BST

Can players safely socially distance themselves in the stands at the Vitality? It’s not a big place. Some subs might need to sit behind the goal.

5.49pm BST

Since the announcement that five-a-side football is about to return, I have received 10 emails about arranging a match. It turns out people really do like football.

5.44pm BST

Impatient Jose.

5.43pm BST

Tobias Peggs is the latest person to email in, saving me from thinking for myself.

“Spurs fan here (and Englishman in absolutely sweltering New York),” says Tobias.

5.37pm BST

Colum Farrelly says: “Ah, Will, that Optajoe stat at 17:27 is the kind of nonsense that Motty used to come out with. So what if a Mourinho team playing 4-2-3-1 hasn’t lost away on a Thursday when Ian Rush is playing? It has no relevance to tonight’s game!”

Look, we all need nonsense stats at this stage of the season. Ian Rush only makes the bench for Spurs tonight, which gives greater hope to Bournemouth.

5.35pm BST

Roy Keane might struggle to get really angry here. I suspect he can’t get too frustrated about Aaron Ramsdale’s kicking.

5.30pm BST

Peter Oh emails to point out that my choice of top image is potentially deflating. Peter also uses this joke but I don’t have any other balloon-based humour: “The pre-match photo is encouraging to the home fans. Although Bournemouth’s recent results have been deflating, clearly Eddie Howe has got everyone pumped up for tonight’s contest. “

5.28pm BST

The even better news is that I’ve been watching the cricket on Sky Sports Main Event and it’s going straight to Bournemouth v Spurs. I don’t even need to change the channel. I can use that extra four seconds to review how awful Bournemouth are.

5.27pm BST

Some good news for Mourinho ...

24 - José Mourinho has never lost a Premier League away game against a side starting the day in the relegation zone, with the Portuguese winning 18 and drawing six of his 24 such games. Scourge.

5.20pm BST

Eddie Howe has a battle on to keep Bournemouth in the Premier League but he denies his team have become complacent with their top-flight status.

“To say we are an established Premier League club – I don’t think we could ever say that,” Howe said.

5.14pm BST

Mourinho has had his say on Dier’s ban.

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5.03pm BST

Bournemouth: Ramsdale, Smith, Ake, Kelly, Rico, Brooks, Lerma, Gosling, Stanislas, C Wilson, King

Subs: Boruc, Stacey, S Cook, Surman, Danjuma, H Wilson, Solanke, Surrindge

1.20pm BST

Good evening!

Bournemouth have not won in their last eight Premier League games, securing a solitary point against Chelsea on the last day of February. Since the restart they have looked like a Championship side, barely impacting any game they have played in. Their pitiful nature has left them second bottom and four points from safety, a gap that is still closable due to poor quality of the teams above them.

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Bournemouth's Wilson and King see efforts ruled out to reprieve Tottenham

Guardian - tor, 09/07/2020 - 21:30

That Tottenham did not muster a single shot on target against a team who have leaked goals for fun of late, with Harry Kane failing to register a touch in the opposition box until the final throes of play, is a damning indictment of just how grim this performance was. In truth, Spurs could count themselves fortunate to exit with a point after Callum Wilson and Joshua King had late goals disallowed.

It was such a listless and uninspiring Spurs display that Kane had more touches inside his own box than the opposition’s, with Bournemouth taking a crucial first point since February to reignite their fight for survival.

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Handball law changed for next season

Sky Sports - tor, 09/07/2020 - 16:06
Harry Kane and Riyad Mahrez's controversial disallowed goals for Tottenham and Manchester City last week would have been allowed under an amended handball law to be introduced next season.

Fanzone: Watch Tottenham vs Arsenal with friends & family

Sky Sports - tor, 09/07/2020 - 10:38
Take the return of the Premier League to the next level with the Fanzone feature as part of Sky Sports' live coverage.

José Mourinho hits out over four-game ban for Eric Dier entering stands

Guardian - ons, 08/07/2020 - 23:43
  • Spurs midfielder punished for confronting abusive fan
  • ‘Powerful people don’t have the feelings,’ says Mourinho

José Mourinho has accused the power-brokers in English football of being clueless and out of touch after Eric Dier was given a four-game Football Association ban.

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Jose: Decision to ban Dier lacked understanding

Sky Sports - ons, 08/07/2020 - 11:35
Jose Mourinho has accused people in power of being out of touch with the game after Tottenham defender Eric Dier was handed a four-match ban by the Football Association.

Jose: Spurs unlikely to appeal Dier four-game ban

Sky Sports - ons, 08/07/2020 - 11:35
Jose Mourinho says Tottenham are unlikely to appeal the four-match ban handed to Eric Dier for confronting a fan at a match in March.

Dier given four-match ban for confronting fan

Sky Sports - ons, 08/07/2020 - 11:35
Eric Dier has been given a four-match ban and fined £40,000 for climbing into the stands to confront a fan following Tottenham's FA Cup exit to Norwich.

Moura: Spurs bust-up shows we want to win

Sky Sports - tir, 07/07/2020 - 17:00
Tottenham midfielder Lucas Moura says Monday night's on-pitch row between his team-mates Heung-Min Son and Hugo Lloris showed the desire within the squad to be successful.

Live on Sky: Bournemouth vs Tottenham

Sky Sports - tir, 07/07/2020 - 15:22
Team news, stats and prediction ahead of Bournemouth vs Tottenham in the Premier League on Thursday (kick-off 6pm).

José Mourinho 'very happy' with clash between Son and Lloris – video

Guardian - tir, 07/07/2020 - 10:52

José Mourinho has said he was 'very happy' after the half-time confrontation between the Tottenhgam captain, Hugo Lloris, and Son-Heung min during the 1-0 win over Everton. The pair were seen pushing one another as they left the field. The Spurs manager added that he does not want to manage a team capable of winning nothing more than the Fair Play Cup

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José Mourinho thrilled with 'beautiful' row between Spurs' Son and Lloris

Guardian - tir, 07/07/2020 - 00:52
  • Manager happy with half-time argument in win over Everton
  • ‘My winning teams, we had big fights in the team’

José Mourinho described the half-time confrontation between Hugo Lloris and Son-Heung min during Tottenham’s 1-0 win over Everton as “beautiful” and said that he would not want to manage a team capable of winning nothing more than the “Fair Play Cup”.

Mourinho wanted a response after last Thursday’s insipid defeat to Sheffield United and the Spurs manager was happy to see Lloris erupt at Son after the winger’s failure to track back almost led to Richarlison cancelling out Michael Keane’s own-goal just before the interval. In Mourinho’s eyes his goalkeeper’s anger was proof that his players are ready to grow up.

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Jose on Lloris-Son bust-up: It's beautiful

Sky Sports - tir, 07/07/2020 - 00:06
Jose Mourinho labelled Spurs' half-time bust-up during their win over Everton as "beautiful" after asking his players to be more critical of one another.

Keane’s unlucky break for Everton brings respite for Spurs and Mourinho

Guardian - man, 06/07/2020 - 23:10

This is no time for grand architectural blueprints or bold tactical experiments. No time for building blocks or moral victories. That moment may yet arrive for José Mourinho and Tottenham, if their chances of European football evaporate in the next couple of weeks. That moment may now be imminent for Carlo Ancelotti and Everton, whose defeat here gives them a formidable climb in that respect.

But at this stage of the season, with the days ticking down and the games coming thick and fast, you get no points for style. Which is just as well, because if you did, this fractious and largely drab game would have been a persuasive argument for relegating both Spurs and Everton on the spot.

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Keane own goal gives Spurs scrappy win

Sky Sports - man, 06/07/2020 - 23:00
Michael Keane's own goal gave Tottenham a scrappy 1-0 win over Everton to dent the Toffees' European hopes.
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