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José Mourinho says Spurs 'not strong enough psychologically' after collapse

søn, 18/10/2020 - 21:59
  • Tottenham lose three-goal lead to draw 3-3 with West Ham
  • Mourinho: ‘We should be stronger. I have to analyse it’

José Mourinho criticised his Tottenham players for a lack of mental toughness after they drew 3-3 in a wild derby with West Ham, having led 3-0 in the 82nd minute.

The Spurs manager brought on Gareth Bale in the 72nd minute for his second debut for the club after his return on loan from Real Madrid and the forward would miss a clear chance to kill the game at 3-2. It was left instead to the West Ham substitute Manuel Lanzini to score a screaming 94th-minute equaliser that sent his manager, David Moyes, cavorting on to the pitch in celebration.

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Gareth Bale's bizarre return shows Spurs' possibilities and problems | Nick Ames

søn, 18/10/2020 - 21:17

Tottenham’s remarkable 3-3 draw with West Ham from 3-0 up showed the potency of the Son-Kane partnership Gareth Bale can complement but also what can go awry

The scriptwriters can hardly say they did not try. When Gareth Bale weaved in, out and past Angelo Ogbonna with two minutes left of added time, the juiciest of cherries looked ripe for garnishing a Tottenham performance that had lurched from scintillating to skittish. Through he ran, rolling back the years in so doing, and it was the kind of self-made chance he has made a career of gobbling up. Lukasz Fabianski stood still; the romantics held their breaths; the ball went past the post and, well, it was probably not going to matter all that much.

Moments later Manuel Lanzini’s thunderbolt ascribed it rather more significance. The chance had, it turned out, been more than a nice-to-have.

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'We didn't believe that could happen': Mourinho dumbfounded after late Lanzini strike – video

søn, 18/10/2020 - 20:58

A stunning last-minute strike from Manuel Lanzini completed West Ham's comeback from three goals down at Tottenham. José Mourinho's side were cruising in the first half, scoring three in the first 16 minutes in a superb performance. However after Fabián Balbuena pulled a goal back in the 82nd minute West Ham scored two more before the final whistle

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Tottenham Hotspur 3-3 West Ham United: Premier League – as it happened

søn, 18/10/2020 - 19:58

An astonishing late goal from Manuel Lanzini capped an astonishing fightback from West Ham, who conceded three goals in the first 16 minutes then scored three goals in the final eight minutes

8.34pm BST

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6.58pm BST

Right then: that, right here, is us. Thanks all for your company and comments - sorry I couldn’t use them all. Presumably you need more of the same, so here’s more of the same, but otherwise, ta-ra and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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6.56pm BST

Moyes, then! He says the teamtalk at half-time was difficult as he thought his lads were playing well, so didn’t want to do anything. They didn’t defend well enough in the first half – but also notes that Kane was brilliant – and so asked them to keep doing what they’ve been doing. He’s really proud to be manager of his players, praising their honesty in keeping going and says he wasn’t going to kneeslide down the touchline as it’s been done before. He thinks the team is improving, and that’s his aim, to improve things.

As for the goals we’re seeing, he wonders if the forwards are so good, but as a defender looks at ropey defending. He says it’s good to see so much action, but you also want to see good defending.

6.50pm BST

The greatest genre of tweet, by far.

90+4 - Goal for West Ham. Lanzini from distance.

#THFC 3-3 #WHUFC ⚒️

6.49pm BST

Ok, stick with me for Moyes, coming up after the commercial break.

6.46pm BST

Phew. What a game that was, and all power to the Moyesiah. West Ham are a serious proposition of power and fortitude now, and you can only credit him for that.

6.44pm BST

Wrap yer peepers around this match report.

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6.43pm BST

At half-time, Mourinho told his players to keep playing as they’d been and to beware conceding set-pieces because West Ham have a lot of aerial power and praises how hard they worked. He’s asked if he thinks something is going on because we’ve seen so many crazy games, but says he’s only interested in his own team.

6.42pm BST

He says that West Ham are much improved and he gives them credit, but he’s not happy with how his team defended in the closing stages. He says Kane and Bale had chances to kill the game, but they deserved to be punished because they made mistakes. He says Winks gave them more balance and they were in control of the game, but West Ham’s belief increased after they scored their first goal.

6.40pm BST

“What happened?” Mourinho is asked. “Football” he answers, quite brilliantly.

6.40pm BST

Looking again at the equaliser, Lloris goes with his top hand, so he was reaching across. I wonder if he might’ve saved it had he gone with his lower hand, that started nearer to where the ball went.

6.39pm BST

I guess Lanzini got booked for removing his shirt after scoring. Apologies for not reporting that vital detail.

6.36pm BST

“I can’t tell you,” says Declan Rice when asked what just happened. “Just one of them special moments in football ... och, I can’t put it into words.”

He says that he didn’t think it was a 3-0 game and that they felt there was something in it for them at half-time. He can barely contain himself laughing, fidgeting, looking all over the show trying to absorb every memory and every moment. He looks like he’s seen a ghost, handing him a sack of money and love. I’m still shaking and I’m sat in a box room in north London.

6.34pm BST

Please someone tell me there was a camera trained on Mourinho for those last few minutes. Make sure you’ve got your radioactive suit on, because his coupon will singe you through the screen.

6.32pm BST

This thing of ours, I don’t even know anymore. There really is nothing like it whatsoever.

6.30pm BST

“Ooops,” says Martin Benson. “81 minutes - Spurs 3 West Ham 0 - Can Spurs win the league? 94 minutes - Spurs 3 West Ham 3. I think you’ve got to take some blame for that.”

I can’t legislate for this fable of reconstruction, I’m afraid.

6.28pm BST

I don’t have a clue how that happened, except it’s also very clear how that happened: West Ham kept at it and Spurs can’t defend. It took a pornographic finish to level the match, yes, but it was a product of all that had come before, and of Spurs’ lack of conviction or composure at the back. And you have to give credit to David Moyes – whatever he said at half-time, he should say more often, because his players came out to fight when they could easily have come out to relax, and he also got his substitutions bang-on. Moyes still hasn't beaten Mourinho, but it won’t feel like that now.

6.25pm BST

This is it! This is why, despite Sullivan this, Gold that and Brady the other, we keep coming back! Amazing!

6.24pm BST

Winks clears and the ball lands on the laces of the advancing Lanzini, who power-caresses a gigantic, colossal, monumental, devastating swerving, screeching drive that Lloris can only fingernail against the bar and in! What of that Bale miss now? Unbelievable, astonishing behaviour from West Ham! Football!

6.22pm BST

90+4 min It’s not a bad kick either, aimed for Rice, but Spurs half-clear it...

6.21pm BST

90+3 min Were I a Spurs fan, I’d be concerned by how they’re defending now. There’s no intensity or organisation, just a succession of desperate lunges ... and, as I type that, Aurier concedes a free-kick which Cresswell will swing ove...

6.20pm BST

90+2 min Kane brings the ball away and finds Bale outside him – what words those are! – then Bale sways left and right, twizzling Ogbonna into the ground, bursting into the box AND HE’S GOING TO SCORE! He passes wide.

6.18pm BST

90+1 min There’ll be four added minutes. Moyes has sent Fellaini Soucek up front.

6.18pm BST

90 min Snodgrass replaces Masuaku,

6.17pm BST

89 min I guess we can be kind to Spurs and say they finished the game, but their defending is still sketchy. Anyhow, Cresswell slides a ball into the box and Bowen’s shot is blocked, then Moura runs the ball clear and Masuaku disburses a good, honest, old-fashioned bodycheck.

6.16pm BST

88 min “We are seeing some players at their peak,” says Alan Morgan. “For example this the Finest Work Son I’ve seen.”

6.15pm BST

87 min I guess this is the main aspect of the can Spurs win the league question: nothing they can do will alter the fundamental, elemental nature of their overarching Spursyness.

6.14pm BST

Hello. HELLO! West Ham – who deserve credit for not just seeing out the second half hoping to avoid a kicking – win a corner which goes short, and Soucek plays a clever reverse-pass for Soufal, whose cross is inepted into his own net by Sanchez! Game absolutely on!

6.12pm BST

84 min Oh dear. I guess this is germane to whether or not Spurs can win the league, but what a shame.

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6.11pm BST

West Ham win a free-kick down the left which Cresswell swings out, and Balbuena leaps while Sissoko doesn’t, and there’s a livener....

6.10pm BST

81 min So can Spurs win the league? It already looks like it’ll take a lower points tally than the past three seasons, which should mean more teams can stay in the race for longer. Spurs have plenty of goals in them, but it’s worth remembering that the way they’re playing is fairly new on opponents, and plans will be made. Though teams have been making plans for Harry Kane for five years now, and how did those work out for them?

6.08pm BST

80 min Moura replaces Son.

6.08pm BST

79 min “Kane is unassailable in the Prem,” says Mike Ollier, “but, he just doesn’t score in the big England games against the big teams.”

No that’s true and ... EXCUSE ME WHILE I INTERRUPT MYSELF! Son sweeps the ball across the face of the box to Kane, left alone while Bale run into it draws defenders, and first-time, he sweeps a left-footer that leaves Fabianski dreaming of green clouds and furry combine harvesters, as the ball clatters the post. As we were saying, from 12-22 yards, he is absolutely disgusting.

6.06pm BST

77 min Double change for West Ham, Antonio and Fornals coming off with Lanzini and Yarmolenko coming on.

6.05pm BST

77 min Kale runs away from Coufal, so Soucek comes over and can’t help but introduce forearm to phizog. He’s booked.

6.04pm BST

76 min Nice passing in midfield from Spurs, then Kane lofts a ball over the top for Bale, but it’s slightly too strong.

6.02pm BST

74 min Yes, Winks is on for Ndombele.

6.01pm BST

73 min Bale invites himself to take the kick, plopping over the wall and straight at Fabianski. I think Winks may have come on as well, but if he has we’ve not been allowed to see properly, in all the Bale excitement.

6.00pm BST

72 min Ogbonna is late on Bergwijn, earning himself a booking; free-kick Spurs, in prime Bale territory, and right on cue, yerman makes his return, replacing Bergwijn.

5.59pm BST

70 min West Ham win a corner down the left which Cresswell drives in, hard and flat, but no one attacks it and Spurs bring the ball away.

5.58pm BST

68 min “REM wrote a song all about Kane: Superman,” says Paul Mills. “I would add that Hugo (or CuyaHugo as he is known somewhere or other) is definitely the Number One I Love.”

5.55pm BST

67 min West Ham knock it about then Spurs rob them, Son feeding Kane whose shot is blocked; Kane scrabbles about like a madman trying to retrieve possession, but can’t quite manage it.

5.54pm BST

65 min “Seeing Kane this season,” says Rohit Dixit, “I am wondering if Firmino is just a poor man’s version of him. Kane is doing everything that Firmino gets plaudits for, just much much better. By the way, he also scores goals.”

Well yes, Kane is a much better player than Firmino, but Firmino’s style works in a successful team, so.

5.52pm BST

63 min “More than Chelsea, this Spurs side is starting to resemble Mourinho’s Real Madrid,” reckons Chetan Narula. “That was when a Mourinho side was at its devastating counter-attacking best. Remember the 100-goal season? That too when Pep’s Barca were in their prime. Spurs are still not the finished product though, lacking some quality at the back. I would say a star centre-back signing should do it – Skriniar would have been perfect. But even with current defending options, this is brilliant to watch.”

The title Mourinho won, Guardiola’s Barca were probably a season past their best, but yes, the comparison is a fair one – Guardiola certainly found out all that at Bayern, who Madrid dematerialised on the counter in the Champions League. Skriniar is one of those players I’ve never seen be great, but yes, I agree Spurs need a better centre-back, and I’m still not convinced by their midfield.

5.49pm BST

61 min Kane drives towards the West Ham box, starting deep and turning. He should really find Son, outside him and unmarked, but hat-trick hunting, he opts to shoot, dragging just wide of the near post.

5.48pm BST

61 min We’ll be seeing Gareth Bale before long, I shouldn’t wonder.

5.48pm BST

60 min Hojbjerg clears Rice’s ball into the box and Soufal swings back in, but Lloris is able to collect unchallenged.

5.47pm BST

58 min “Begin the Bergwijn” says Alan Morgan; “Son Central Kane” says Peter Oh.

5.45pm BST

56 min “I’d make a change to your Mourinho rankings,” says Ursolin Waxoh.

‘1. Back to back Europa League and Champions League with Porto.

5.42pm BST

54 min West Ham have started the second half well, Masuaku beating his man – honestly – before shooting into legs. Of course, the upshot of all this will be more Spurs goals on the break.

5.41pm BST

52 min “Arsene Wegner used to get a lot of slack for justifying Arsenals’s lack of transfer activity by saying their wasn’t value in the market,” says Matthew Carpenter-Arevalo, “but it appears Daniel Levy has followed that same philosophy. When it was a seller’s market Spurs did little. When it was a buyer’s market they reinvented their squad. Wouldn’t you say?”

“Value in the market” was an Alex Ferguson obfuscation when he was justifying the Glazers taking hundreds of millions out of Man United; Wenger was talking guff about young players when Arsenal needed to sell season tickets while paying the mortgage. But yes, you could argue Spurs spent well in the summer, but not without noting that when they had their best side since at least 1987, Levy refused Mauricio Pochettino the money he needed to reinforce and refresh it, and ended up having to sack him.

5.39pm BST

50 min WHAT A MISS! Antonio runs at Alderweireld, nips inside as the defender haplessly allows it and drives a shot which is blocked, but rears up to the far post, where Fornals arrives, unmarked! All he has to to do is not into the empty net, but instead he thunders over the bar! If anything, Clive, he’s headed that one too well.

5.37pm BST

48 min Nice from West Ham, Rice spreading to Soufal whose cross is deflected further across by Sissoko. It’s dropping beautifully for Soucek, who volleys home fresh air in spectacular style, while the ball passes between his legs.

5.35pm BST

47 min Spurs have played a load of games and have a load of games coming up. But, on the other hand, they have plenty of players playing for places and the other two are Son and Kane, so who knows what’s going to happen during the rest of the game?

5.33pm BST

46 min Off we go again.

5.33pm BST

“Comments on Shearer MkII” says George. “I completely agree that as greats age, they are no longer front of pack raw speed/ jump/ etc. Of course, the veteran’s wisdom paired with his residual formerly fantastic ability places him in an altogether different sphere.”

Yes, Shearer was still good, but his knowhow didn’t compensate for the lost gas. Thinking about it, I’d probably have Kane above Shearer now, given his record in Europe.

5.31pm BST

“Taking Nicholas Walsmley’s pass, and running with it,” says Matt Dony. “Must be really pleasant to play Kane and Son in this kind of mood. Near Alderweireld Heaven. I’m sorry.”

No apology necessary; I ran through the track listing of about six REM albums in my head while looking at the teamsheet, trying to find something similar, and missed this iteration. But I agree, who can cope with Son Son H?

5.29pm BST

“What has happened to the Jose of old?” asks Jonny Bull. “His previous teams would have shut up shop at 1-0, suffocating the opposition and, eventually his own team’s fans with his miseryball.

This Spurs team have been averaging three goals a game this season and show no interest in easing off when ahead. Did Mourinho take the criticism of his style to heart? Or has he been visited by a ghost from his future imploring him to change his ways?”

5.20pm BST

Bit of half-time entertainment.

5.19pm BST

Harry Kane. That really is all there is to say.

5.19pm BST

45+2 min A ball into the box from Masuaku and Soucek tries to shoot then Coufal does, but his effort is blocked at source by ... Harry Kaneavaro! Unbelievable behaviour.

5.17pm BST

45+1 min “Did you really say that Shearer wasn’t elite?” asks Robert Lin. “Are you out of your mind?” he wonders.

No I didn’t say that, I said that Shearer Mk III wasn’t elite, which I don’t think is especially controversial. Still good, but not one of the best in the world.

5.16pm BST

45 min There’ll be two minutes of additional time.

5.15pm BST

43 min Excellent from Spurs, one-touch stuff pinging the ball about before Ndombele tries a pass over the top for Kane. He can’t gather, but Ndombele then manages two decent challenges to keep West Ham down. Is he the first player since Joe Cole who’s come back and been useful to Mourinho, after being victimised by him?

5.13pm BST

43 min “Losing My Reguilon is the song of the night for whoever’s supposed to be marking him,” sniggers Nicholas Walmsley.

5.12pm BST

42 min Spurs counter and Kane finds Sissoko; he squares for Bergwijn, who wafts wide. Spurs are playing through West Ham so easily.

5.11pm BST

40 min “Considering a Moyes-less West Ham’s last two league games garnered two wins (against Wolves and Leicester),” says Charlie Pulling, “and a total of seven scored and zero conceded, I hope, I think, I know that the Hammers would surely prefer the Scotsman would take a lesson out of Gareth Bale’s favourite Oasis album and please do go away. D’know what I mean?”

In fairness, he was managing remotely, and this team absolutely reeks of Moyes – in both good and less good aspects.

5.09pm BST

39 min Reguilon, who’s settling very nicely, arcs a cross into the space behind defence and keeper that has too much gas on it for Bergwijn.

5.09pm BST

37 min Antonio looks to budge the ball across Alderweireld, anticipating a challenge that’ll win him a penalty, but Alderweireld is firm, fast, and first to the ball. Excellent defending.

5.08pm BST

36 min “Harry Kane channelling Don Revie,” says Mal Simon, I imagine referring to the progenitor of the withdrawn centre-forward role.

I actually think someone else played it here first but can’t remember who – I shall investigate – but yes, it was inspired by Nandor Hidegkuti.

5.05pm BST

35 min Eeeeesh! Aurier again makes ground down the right and crosses low and hard; Son slides in, but can’t quite make contact so Fabianski collects. That was very nearly 4-0.

5.04pm BST

33 min I guess we oughtn’t be surprised that Kane is thriving under Mourinho – Mourinho is still a genius, but more than that, Kane is exactly the sort of monomaniacal freak of nature on with whom he gets.

5.03pm BST

33 min Reguilon finds Son, who finds Kane, but Soucek just about gets a foot in.

5.01pm BST

30 min “On Twitter last year,” says John Tumbridge, “one on of those pointless surveys” – are there any others? – “the question was ‘What is your unpopular view about Spurs?’ My response was that ‘We’ve seen the best of Harry. I was wrong .”

Yes, I also used that humiliating medium to wonder if Mason Greenwood was already better than him. Ahem.

5.00pm BST

29 min I wondered about Spurs in midfield, but they look alright so far. Maybe it’s just the addition of Kane, but Hojbjerg is playing really well and Ndombele is growing too, taking a chipped pass from Kane and sliding a nice ball inside the full-back for Aurier, who can’t pick out a man with his cross.

4.58pm BST

28 min Spurs haven’t scored for a bit.

4.57pm BST

26 min “Thanks for the pop video,” says Charles Antaki. “The music is a bit on the hectic side for me, but great to see Helsinki’s beautiful Cathedral Square featured. I didn’t last the whole clip, but if the kids made it to the extravagant Orthodox cathedral a couple of hundred metres down the road, we’d have had the full travelogue’s worth.”

There’s only one Helsinki.

4.55pm BST

24 min A stat comes up: Mourinho has never lost a match to David Moyes.

4.54pm BST

22 min Spurs win a free-kick down the right which Son will swing out, and just as Kane looks poised to attack it, it prangs off Ogbonna who was looking the other way. Then, in the repechage that follows, a stray elbow cracks Sissoko – Antonio’s – and he goes down.

4.52pm BST

20 min The aspect of those 12-22 yard finishes that sets Kane apart is how quickly he sizes up the situation then does whatever it demands. Neither keeper nor defenders can set, and the purity of his technique – as much a facility of practise as nature, I shouldn’t wonder – means there’s nothing they can then do about it. Oh, and Antonio slid in late on Son, earning himself a booking.

4.50pm BST

18 min I’m not going to lie, I wondered about Kane. He’ll be able to finish and pass until the day he does and probably after then, but I wondered if he’d lost his gas, and whether that would have him like Shearer Mk III, a good player but not an elite one. If it was not already clear, I am a moron.

4.48pm BST

It’s absolutely rrrrrrridiculous! West Ham have five defenders and they still can’t get close to Harry Kane! Hojbjerg finds Son, he goes wide to Reguilon and everyone knows what’s coming next: a perfect cross, an expert’s header, and Spurs are ravaging West Ham like wild dogs!

4.46pm BST

15 min “Thanks for the interesting mix of images today,” says Justin Kavanagh. “It got my slightly murky Sunday mind thinking how football has changed from the 1920s to the 50s and 60s to the present day. For example, who could picture either of the Charlton brothers with a man bun? Or Gareth Bale sitting in Madrid airport before his physical this summer with a beer and ciggie on?”

I guess there were footballers in the 60s with the equivalent of the bun, just as there will be players now who enjoy a tab.

4.45pm BST

14 min And where would winning the league with Spurs rank on Mourinho’s bedpost?

4.44pm BST

14 min In between conceding fine goals from ludicrous defending, West Ham have played pretty well, and Bowen collects the ball sliding through to Antonio, who lunges into a shot. It goes wide, but he was offside anyway.

4.44pm BST

12 min I’ve no skin in this game, but how not to want to Spurs to score when every time they do, this happens? How long before the players say bun this, I’m off to the kluhrb?

4.42pm BST

10 min It’s absolutely ridiculous how good Harry Kane is. His most obvious comparator is Shearer, I guess, and though he doesn’t have the same acceleration, he’s a much better passer, smoother technician, and better finisher from 12-22 yards. I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone better from that range.

4.40pm BST

Harry Kane! Harry Kane! Harry Kane! Bored of playing as a number 6, Kane appears as a number 10, sliding Bergwijn through. He crosses to the back post and Coufal cranes his entire being to head clear, but Hojbjerg collects, finds Son who finds Kane, and the absolute man megs Rice on the half-turn then drags a brilliant finish inside the near post with Fabianski expecting one towards the far. What an absolute player!

4.38pm BST

7 min This is a good response from West Ham, winning a corner which goes to the near post, where Antonio plays Steve Bould, winning the flick on; Sanchez pokes a foot at it, sending the ball across the face and behind, but the ref appraises a goalkick.

4.36pm BST

5 min But Cresswell has a shy, looking to sweep it around the outside of the wall. It’s not far away, ruffling the side-netting, but Lloris had it covered.

4.35pm BST

4 min But West Ham win a free-kick 25 yards out, left of centre, and Rice lines one up...

4.34pm BST

2 min That’s West Ham’s gameplan out of the window then. My guess is they’ll try and stay on the game for now and for the next hour if they can, before changing to a more aggressive formation.

4.33pm BST

Midfield maestro Kane picks up possession not that far outside his own box, and hoddles a ball in behind Balbuena for Son, who latches on, advances into the area, and with intense joy and extreme prejudice, bends a finish past Fanianski towards the far corner! These two!

4.31pm BST

1 min Aaaaand off we go.

4.31pm BST

The players take the knee. All black lives matter, people.

4.30pm BST

I hope the game comes with as much incident as Declan Rice’s barnet.

4.27pm BST

Here come the teams! Bale is saying something extremely riveting, because he’s put a glove in front of his face so no lip reader can work out its secret. But using my supersense, I can reveal that what he in fact said was “Be Here Now was actually not bad, y’know.”

4.24pm BST

And here are further details of the Gatwick derby.

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4.23pm BST

It’s not been a good day for Tottenham Women. They’re currently 6-1 down to Arsenal.

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4.22pm BST

Moyes is back from corona, and says his team played well after lockdown and good in pre-season so he’s not surprised they’re doing well now. Looking at their XI, they must be an absolute mare to play against.

4.21pm BST

I was thinking during the week about the total ridiculousness of Mourinho’s achievements. Save coming second with that dreadful Man United team that had a decent keeper, which is his best achievement of these:

1. Back to back Europa League and Champions League with Porto.

4.18pm BST

David Ferrier has the answer: “The only time the FA Cup left England, won by Cardiff City?”

There it is.

4.17pm BST

Back to 1927, “Was it that players were limited to a maximum of five cigarettes on the pitch?” wonders Bill Hargreaves.

Woodbines only.

4.11pm BST

“Can you explain if Spurs bought Matt Doherty to do anything other than weaken their main rival for a place in next season’s Europa League?” asks Duncan Edwards. “That and mess with my Fantasy Team week in week out.”

He’s good, was cheap, and gives them an option of 3-5-2. It’s also hard not to notice that he’s repped by Jorge Mendes, who also reps Mourinho.

4.10pm BST

Garry Bale, then. If he’s not lost his gas, he’s one of the best players in the league, though I wonder where he’ll play. I find he looks a bit awkward on the right because he’s a power player not a touch player, so looks more comfortable on his natural side, but Son plays there. I guess they can swap and rotate.

4.09pm BST

Mourinho says that the “message and philosophy we want is here”. He says they don’t talk about top four, or winning a cup, just about the next match, and doesn’t matter where or against who, but they go in order to win. At Old Trafford, they conceded a goal in the first minute and just played their football.

On Bale, he says he has three “incredible attacking players” on the bench, and also references the excellent ones who aren’t involved.

4.02pm BST

Who can forget this encounter? And go on, a trivia question while we’re here: what was, and remains, unique about the 1927 FA Cup competition?

3.59pm BST

That said, I’m slightly surprised we’ve not seen more of Bergwijn, who looks a far better player than Moura, has more room for improvement and – crucially for Mourinho’s purposes – is no less unpredictable.

3.57pm BST

Back to that Spurs XI, my guess is that Bergwijn would’ve come in anyway. Lamela was there to do a particular job at Old Trafford – win the ball off United’s dicky back-four high up the park – but against West Ham, width will be the order of the day, which is why, I imagine, Aurier and Reguilon remain the full-backs. Though Kane and Son are good enough to fashion a goal in all manner of circumstance, the game for Spurs is out wide.

3.53pm BST

At Selhurst Park, Alexis Mac Allister has just equalised in the ... er ... checks notes ... M23/A23 derby in the final minute. There are, though, seven minutes of injury time to play and whatever happens, both sides can ultimately console themselves with tea at Tasty Jerk next door the ground.

3.50pm BST

As for West Ham, they’re as unchanged as you’d expect.

3.49pm BST

Spurs make two changes from their 6-1 Old Trafford squeak: Eric Dier has a minor hamstring, so Toby Alderweireld comes in, and Erik Lamela is suspended after his red card against Man United injured (I think), so Steven Bergwijn comes in. It’s funny really, given Giovani Lo Celso and Dele Alli are also missing, out of nowhere Spurs look like they’ve got a good squad. Oh and Gary Bale is on the bench, likewise Carlos Vinicius.

3.39pm BST

Tottenham Hotspur (a reanimated 4-3-3): Lloris; Aurier, Alderweireld, Sanchez, Reguilon; Ndombele, Sissoko, Hojbjerg; Bergwijn, Kane, Son. Subs: Hart, Doherty, Davies, Winks, Moura, Vinicius, Bale.

West Ham United (a sophisticate’s 5-4-1): Fabianski; Coufal, Ogbonna, Balbuena, Cresswell, Masuaku; Bowen, Rice, Soucek, Fornals; Antonio. Subs: Randolph, Fredericks, Diop, Noble, Snodgrass, Lanzini, Yarmolenko.

10.41am BST

Football is extremely weird – at the best of times but even more so now. Yet even in such circumstances, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United stand out from the mess, the kid in the playground who turns up for school in an overcoat thinking it makes them classy, and the kid in the playground who turns up in a pink fur thinking it makes them different. Or something like that.

Not that long ago, Spurs looked to be hurtling through the phases of Mourinho at record speed – footage of their performance at Lokomotiv Plovdiv has been censored in some countries – but they muddled through and have been much better since, defensive uncertainty offset by devastating speed in attack. And seduced by the sadism of it all, Jo looks an entirely different manager; the smug is back, and football is all the richer for it.

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Lanzini's late gem completes stunning West Ham fightback at Tottenham

søn, 18/10/2020 - 19:38

When Gareth Bale finally made his entrance, one month after re-signing for Tottenham and 72 minutes into this derby, it is fair to say that the scene was set. Spurs had a free-kick 30 yards out, to the right of centre, and the returning hero went straight over to take it.

For a few tantalising moments those present and the watching TV millions wondered whether his scriptwriter had the most outlandish plotline in mind. It would have been too much. The first touch of Bale’s comeback was a shot that bounced tamely into Lukasz Fabianski’s arms.

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Gareth Bale's love for Tottenham at heart of his return from Spain | David Hytner

lør, 17/10/2020 - 12:11

Wales forward has respect and deep affection for the club and is delighted to be back as fans eagerly await his second debut

Gareth Bale wanted to leave Tottenham, but not like this. It was the long and stressful summer of 2013, Real Madrid were making their moves, supremely confident that they would get their man, and Team Bale felt they had to harden their exit strategy.

Whoever said what to whom is unclear but the upshot was that Bale changed. He had played and scored in Spurs’s opening friendly at Swindon in mid-July and it would be his last involvement for the team. He developed a gluteal injury followed by a foot problem, which ruled him out of the rest of the pre-season programme, but behind the scenes, to put it bluntly, he became a pain in the backside.

Related: José Mourinho backs Gareth Bale to show Real Madrid what they are missing

Bale did not fully realise the effect that walking back into a warm, welcoming environment would have, one source said

Related: Gareth Bale escapes wilderness with every chance of redemption at Spurs

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Tottenham v West Ham: match preview

lør, 17/10/2020 - 10:00

Tottenham and West Ham are both in fine form after surprise commanding victories over Manchester United and Leicester respectively. José Mourinho’s front three – Harry Kane, Gareth Bale and Son Heung-min – are sure to overmatch their opponents on paper. But the introduction of Bale could interrupt Son and Kane’s electric partnership. Giovanni Lo Celso’s presence will also be missed in midfield. A free hit approach for David Moyes could yield another shock if his own attacking trio continue to dazzle. Graham Searles

Sunday 4.30pm Sky Sports Premier League

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José Mourinho backs Gareth Bale to show Real Madrid what they are missing

fre, 16/10/2020 - 23:30
  • Signing could make second Tottenham debut against West Ham
  • Manager hails Daniel Levy as a ‘genius’ in the transfer market

José Mourinho believes Gareth Bale will rediscover his best form after returning to Tottenham and has acclaimed Daniel Levy as a “genius” for his work in the transfer window.

Bale was Spurs’ most eye-catching arrival and could make his second debut at home to West Ham on Sunday. Mourinho expects the 31-year-old to replicate the performances that took him to Real Madrid for a then world-record £85m in 2013 and indicated Bale would primarily be used on the right.

Related: Transfer roundup: Spurs seal Joe Rodon deal, Palace swoop for Jack Butland

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Transfer roundup: Spurs seal Joe Rodon deal, Palace swoop for Jack Butland

fre, 16/10/2020 - 19:55
  • Wales defender signs five-year Spurs deal after £11m fee agreed
  • Butland joins for initial £1m, Fulham sign defender Kongolo

Tottenham have signed the Swansea and Wales defender Joe Rodon for a fee believed to be in the region of £11m rising to a potential £15m.

The 22-year-old has signed a five-year deal, joining Spurs just before the domestic transfer deadline following extensive negotiations.

✍️ We are delighted to announce the signing of Joe Rodon on a permanent transfer from Swansea City, subject to international clearance. #WelcomeRodon ⚪️ #COYS

Related: Men's transfer window summer 2020 – all deals from Europe's top five leagues

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Premier League: 10 things to look out for this weekend

fre, 16/10/2020 - 01:01

A potentially pivotal Merseyside derby, a chance for Man Utd to make changes and a tricky assignment for Chelsea

Ten years to the day after their most recent win over Liverpool, Everton entertain the Premier League champions at Goodison Park in a top-flight fixture that is about as mouthwatering as they get under the current conditions. Despite the 7-2 defeat at Aston Villa, Liverpool go into the game as odds-on favourites against a side that, under the stewardship of Carlo Ancelotti, finally appear to have overcome their almost pathological inconsistency. Their white-hot winning streak of seven matches in all competitions since the season began will end at some point, but there are few compelling arguments that suggest it will do so against a team that have looked curiously out of sorts lately. We could learn a lot from this game, not least whether Everton are genuine title contenders in what is already shaping up to be a very peculiar season, and whether the extraordinary humiliation visited upon Liverpool by Villa was an aberration or an early indicator of a far greater malaise. BG

Everton v Liverpool, Saturday 12.30pm BST (BT Sport)

Related: Arteta 'extremely disappointed' if Arsenal's Tierney not freed early for City

Chelsea v Southampton, Saturday 3pm (BT Sport Box Office)

Manchester City v Arsenal, Saturday 5.30pm (Sky Sports)

Newcastle v Manchester United, Saturday 8pm (Sky Sports Box Office)

Sheffield United v Fulham, Sunday 12.30pm (BT Sport Box Office)

Related: EFL clubs to reject £50m Premier League offer and demand control over money

Crystal Palace v Brighton, Sunday 2pm (Sky Sports)

Tottenham v West Ham, Sunday 4.30pm (Sky Sports)

Related: England see red, Scotland soar and Big Picture fades – Football Weekly Extra

Leicester v Aston Villa, Sunday 7.15pm (Sky Sports Box Office)

West Brom v Burnley, Monday 5.30pm (Sky Sports Box Office)

Leeds v Wolves, Monday 8pm (Sky Sports)

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England and Tottenham on collision course over Harry Kane's fitness

man, 12/10/2020 - 23:30
  • Southgate to start captain against Denmark on Wednesday
  • Tottenham worried FA sent striker for a scan last week

José Mourinho is strongly against Gareth Southgate’s plan to start Harry Kane for England in the Nations League tie with Denmark on Wednesday night and has communicated his concerns to the national setup.

The Tottenham manager had urged his England counterpart to handle Kane with care during the international window, given his high workload in the season so far, and the situation became more delicate when the striker felt an issue with his thigh last week.

Related: England's class of 2018 return favour as Southgate looks back to go forward | David Hytner

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Mesut Özil looks to have played last Arsenal game after European omission

tor, 08/10/2020 - 13:24
  • Decision makes clear Özil is not part of Mikel Arteta’s plans
  • Spurs and Manchester United squads also contain surprises

Mesut Özil has been left out of Arsenal’s 25-man Europa League squad, further underlining that he plays no part in Mikel Arteta’s plans.

Seven months have passed since Özil last featured for Arsenal and he has not been part of any matchday squad so far this season. It was conceivable he might be enlisted for action on Thursday nights given the hectic schedule Arsenal face – however, he has not made the cut for Arteta’s “A” list and it looks certain he has played his last game for the club.

Related: Mesut Özil offers to pay to keep man inside Gunnersaurus in Arsenal job

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Transfer window verdict: how every Premier League club fared

tir, 06/10/2020 - 11:00

Who got what they wanted and who finished frustrated? Our guide to every top-flight team’s dealings

Arsenal know how to leave it late but in adding Thomas Partey to Willian and Gabriel Magalhães they completed a window that will rightly delight Mikel Arteta. The unwanted Matteo Guendouzi and Lucas Torreira have been shifted, on loan at least, although their embarrassment of centre-backs remains far from ideal. Signing Houssem Aouar as well would have put them in dreamland but that may be revisited next year. Nick Ames

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Premier League: 10 talking points from the weekend's action

man, 05/10/2020 - 09:00

Ancelotti has Everton aiming high, Manchester United need more than Cavani and flying full-backs impressed

Héctor Bellerín has had his doubters over the past year. There have been suggestions a touch of his old pace has gone after long-term injury, and when PSG bid for him last month there was an argument it could be a good time for Arsenal to cash in. But Bellerín set up both goals against Sheffield United, the first after a typically barnstorming burst to the line, and is looking a touch nearer to his old self. “After such a long time at the club he doubted what ambitions he had here, how he could evolve here,” Mikel Arteta said after Arsenal’s narrow win. “But he came to me and said: ‘I can see what we are trying to do here and convinced it is the right place for me.’” Arteta seems to have that effect on people; Arsenal and their right-back are still getting up to speed but both are in a far better place than they were a year ago.

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'My worst day': Solskjær and Mourinho on Tottenham's 6-1 thrashing of Manchester United – video

søn, 04/10/2020 - 21:48

Tottenham Hotspur inflicted a miserable afternoon for Ole Gunnar Solskjær and Manchester United with a 6-1 thrashing at Old Trafford. This was the first time since November 1957 they've conceded four in the first half, equalling their record heaviest defeat to Manchester City in 2011. Despite opening the score through a penalty from Bruno Fernandes it was six without reply from there on. Anthony Martial's red card was the catalyst on an afternoon that got worse and worse for United

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'It is my fault': Solskjær on Manchester United's humiliation at hands of Spurs

søn, 04/10/2020 - 21:31
  • Manager admits to worst day of his coaching career
  • ‘After a defeat like this you have to look in the mirror’

Ole Gunnar Solskjær admitted Manchester United’s 6-1 trouncing by Tottenham at Old Trafford – the club’s record-equalling Premier League defeat – was “embarrassing” but took the blame for his “worst day ever”.

United have lost their opening two home league games for the first time in 34 seasons and have only three points from their opening three matches.

Related: Harry Kane stars in Tottenham's 6-1 thrashing of hapless Manchester United

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Manchester United 1-6 Tottenham: Premier League – as it happened

søn, 04/10/2020 - 19:49

6.49pm BST

It’s tempting, with a club the size of Manchester United, to take any beating they take to be all about them rather than their opponents, so we should start by homing in on Spurs, who did everything right today - composed, slick, confident and benefiting hugely from Son returning, and straight away returning to his best in an irresistible attacking combination with Harry Kane.

But you can’t escape the fact that Manchester United were a listless shambles, particularly at the back, where Harry Maguire, Eric Bailly and Luke Shaw had particularly horrific afternoons. The whole game was a reminder of just how far behind the title contenders they are.

6.40pm BST

Some serious United discontent in the Sky studio: “I almost feel like resigning from now because I know you have to have some filter when you speak on TV but that was a shambles. I feel like every United fan right now. What about the board … what’s going on with my club. I’m really emotional right now.”

6.38pm BST

And here’s Jamie Jackson’s match report:

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6.37pm BST

Harry Kane speaks: “We got off to the worst possible start but we felt good before the game and in the warmup and the reaction showed that. The sending off changed it a bit but we still had to take our chances. Making sure we got no men sent off ourselves and took our chances. We were ruthless after that.”

6.26pm BST

Solskjær is having a few words, through a rictus-grin, with the officials as they go off, but he’ll know that the sending-0ff wasn’t the main problem for him here. And United fan Kevin Wilson has a few words about him here, more in sorrow than anger: “Managers rarely do the honourable and right thing these days but it might be best all round for Ole to quit after this game. He doesn’t deserve this. His time in charge has been mixed, some highs and some lows, but I’d rather his reputation stayed as a Man Utd legend rather than someone who presided over what could be a dreadful season before being fired. It’s not his fault that Woodward lets him down continuously or that players with international level reputations like Maguire and Pogba sabotage their own team constantly.”

6.24pm BST

6.23pm BST

90 mins+1: Pogba goes on a meandering run, eventially hitting a cul-de-sac in the Spurs area. Hey ho.

6.21pm BST

90 mins: HPogba flicks a neat through ball into the area for Rashford who has to go out left to play it back in, and the attack peters out. Three minutes of added time will be played.

6.19pm BST

89 mins: Moura causes more problems on a marauding raid through the middle, winning a free-kick. Spurs keep the ball some more, playing out time for fun. Where will Bale slot into this team?

6.18pm BST

87 mins: Spurs have scored 13 goals in the past four days. He’s a dour one, that Mourinho.

6.15pm BST

85 mins: Shaw brings down Moura in cynical fashion, poleaxing him from behind after he gets past him on the Spurs right. Shaw is booked, could have got worse than that. More meriting of a red than Martial’s.

6.14pm BST

83 mins: Man Utd win a corner on the right, decently delivered, and bobs around the six-yard box before Spurs clear.

6.13pm BST

81 mins: A small goalmouth scrap-ette in the Spurs penalty area, but it never really looked like yielding a goal for United. “Pathetic,” thunders Gary Neville

6.12pm BST

80 mins: A smirk from Mourinho, a moody stare into the middle-distance from Solskjær. There’s going to be LOTS of fall-out from this. And the phrase Crisis Club will doubtless be insensitively thrown around at a time when half the football pyramid fears for its very existence.

6.09pm BST

Kane spanks it to De Gea’s right and beyond him. The joy of six etc

6.08pm BST

77 mins: Davies sashays into the box, skips one challenge and is felled by a grounded Pogba on the second.

6.07pm BST

76 mins: Hojbjerg, who’s been busy and effective in the middle wins possession again to set up Moura for a shot that’s blocked, but it prefaces another long period of Spurs possession, which ends when – at last - Maguire wins a battle with a Spurs forward.

6.04pm BST

73 mins: The excellent Son has done his work on his return, and he goes off for Ben Davies. Not a like-for-like replacement but no big deal at this stage.

6.03pm BST

71 mins: Close! Another swift Spurs break, Hojbjerg intercepting on halfway, laying off to Son, who plays in Kane for a low shot turned round for a corner, which Alli heads over.

6.00pm BST

69 mins: A bit niggly at the moment, Pogba and Sissoko tangling, as Spurs make another sub, Dele Alli (remember him?) on for Ndombele

5.59pm BST

68 mins: Another United sub, Greenwood off for Van de Beek, who many wanted to start, though whether he’d have had much impact given the shambolic defence behind him is open to debate.

5.57pm BST

66 mins: Dare I say it but this has all got a little dull now. Result’s a foregone conclusion, Spurs look relaxed and confident and Man Utd look broken and dispirited.

5.55pm BST

63 mins: Son is fouled, awkwardly, by Bailly, who might have caught the back of his leg with his studs. Bailly is booked.

5.53pm BST

62 mins: Spurs build well from the back again, winning a throw in an attacking position when Bailly sloppily runs it out of play. The visitors continue to knock it about for some minutes before Ndombele is dispossessed by Rashford but the United break comes to nothing.

5.49pm BST

59 mins: As Martin Tyler points out on Sky, what is it in the Manchester water at the moment that compels its teams to concede five at home on Sunday evenings.

5.49pm BST

57 mins: Ndombele is next to take a pot shot, high and wide from 30 yards. He’s done his cause no harm today though.

5.46pm BST

55 mins: “Hope Lamela being taken off is a punishment for that performance, as a Spurs fan,” writes Esther Green. “But listening to Souness was like that toe-curling moment when your UKIP voting uncle goes off on one at Christmas dinner.”

5.45pm BST

55 mins: So have Spurs, again. Kane cutting in but firing harmlessly wide of De Gea’s right-hand post.

5.44pm BST

53 mins: I should state for the record that Manchester United have recorded an effort at goal, Shaw’s free-kick headed way over by Pogba.

5.42pm BST

51 mins: Slick and brilliant from Spurs – four swift passes and Aurier’s found in space on the right-hand side of the area, and he has the space to spank it low into the far corner.

5.38pm BST

47 mins: Fernandes was notably and uncharacteristically anonymous before the break so no surprise he’s gone off though the creative outlets have scarcely improved.

Quieter start to this half anyhow.

5.35pm BST

46mins: Spurs get the second half under way. Fernandes and Matic are off, Fred and McTominay on for United, Lamela off for Moura for Spurs, though many will say he should have been long gone

5.30pm BST

@tomdaviesE17 Lads, it's Spurs.

5.28pm BST

“Why does Kane get all the accolades and focus?” says Mark Cassidy. “Son is the star.” True. They’re twice as good with him in their side. But some harsher words for one of his fellow attackers. “Sticking your elbow in a player’s throat and then collapsing to the ground when they retaliate with a light slap is really smart tactic from Mourinho/Lamela,” adds Brian Kitt.

Graeme Souness is fuming about this too, if that’s any consolation, though he’s laced it with all manner of guff about “players from Latin countries” being more prone to such skulduggery, unlike the Stout Yeoman Brits who, to a man, are Not That Type Of Player.

5.23pm BST

My inbox has been as peppered as Man United’s penalty area was in that first half, most focusing on United’s shambolic state rather than Spurs’ slick excellence. “I think the one saving grace for both OGS and Ed Woodward is that there are no fans in the stadium to see this,” writes Graeme Thorn. “The negative chants would be deafening by now.”

Surely it goes higher up than that. The fact is the club has owners that aren’t that fussed by any of this. Glazernomics is a demonstrable failure.

5.19pm BST

I need a bit of a power lie-down after that. Tottenham are rampant here.

5.18pm BST

45 mins +2 : United win a corner, Maguire’s header is blocked, and Spurs clear.

5.18pm BST

45 mins + 1: Kane is given a free header to attack from the corner but he flicks it wide. He should have done better, perhaps, but he’s been excellent this half.

5.17pm BST

45 mins: Spurs playing keepball at the minute, until they work it wide for Aurier, who skims a venomous shot from the right wide, and it took a deflection.

Three added minutes.

5.14pm BST

43 mins: Maguire wastes another attack with a careless ball into touch on the left. Imagine the mood inside the ground if fans were there.

5.13pm BST

42 mins: Pogba’s strength wins a free-kick after three defenders gang up on him but Shaw’s subsequent delivery is overhit.

5.11pm BST

40 mins: United attack! Purposefully from Rashford in a central area, but he plays it wide to Wan-Bissaka whose ball in is but ua weak bobble.

5.10pm BST

38 mins: It’s hard to see how Edinson Cavani is the precise answer to this.

5.09pm BST

37 mins: It’s a rout. Sissoko plays Aurier down the right, who slides it across the area for Son, darting in at the near post to glide the most delicate of angled finishes past De Gea into the opposite corner. Delightful attacking, woeful defending.

5.05pm BST

34 mins: Going back to the penalty, it looked kind of soft, and Lamela seems to have started it with a push, but Martial gave him a pretty firm and purposeful slap back.

5.03pm BST

31 mins: “Scabby from Man United” according to Gary Neville, an insult I’ve not used in the context of my own football team but might well do now

5.02pm BST

30 mins: United are caught out again, inside their own area, Bailly robbed, Son playing it across the area for Kane to welly home

5.01pm BST

29 mins: If it’s any consolation, that Spurs corner came to nothing.

5.00pm BST

Manchester United are down to 10. There was some kind of melee after that corner was conceded, involving Martial and Lamela, who went down as they were tussling at the near post. It’s all careering out of control for the hosts here

4.59pm BST

28 mins: More carnage as first Reguilon and then Ndombele try their luck with fierce shots into the mixer. Corner again.

4.58pm BST

27 mins: Spurs go close again, and again Kane is the creator playing in Aurier who cuts in from the right before his shot is palmed away by De Gea. Another attack follows, and Lamela sees a shot deflected wide from close range.

4.56pm BST

25 mins: Fernandes floats a lovely diagonal ball to the far post for Rashford but Aurier does well to head out for a throw, but Man Utd come again until Maguire is dispossessed and a long ball is played forward for Son, who looks odds-on to make it 3-1 but makes an uncharacteristic mess of his first touch. A squandered chance

4.54pm BST

23 mins: Greenwood goes close. Surrounded by four defenders on the edge of the area he wriggles clear of all of them to find space for a shot that skims just wide of Lloris’s left-hand post.

4.52pm BST

21 mins: United pressing a bit more now, and Greenwood finds some space 20 yards out but his shot is muffled by a deflection and ends in Lloris’s arms.

4.51pm BST

20 mins: Rashford hits the post! Reaching a fine through ball, he beats Aurier and sends a skidding shot against the upright, though the flag was up for offside.

4.49pm BST

19 mins: The free-kick is headed clear and eventually ends in the arms of Lloris.

4.49pm BST

18 mins: Martial runs at Sanchez inside the box again, gets the better of him again initially but Spurs recover this time until a free-kick is conceded 25 yards out on the left.

4.48pm BST

17 mins: Lamela robs Pogba midway inside the United half, but United regroup to press Spurs back. Reguilon eventually gets down the left to send in a low cross that De Gea gathers.

4.46pm BST

15 mins: Spurs look that bit crisper and controlled in possession at the moment in what is otherwise a pretty helter-skelter game. Kane is everywhere.

“The opening minutes of this fixture will be featured in the upcoming book “How Not to Play Football,” quips Mary Waltz.

4.44pm BST

14 mins: Lamela’s kick wide n the right is charged down and United break through Martial but Ndombele regains possession from Matic on the edge of the Spurs area

4.43pm BST

13 mins: Kane forages again, teeing up Lamela before he’s forced back. Spurs win a free-kick after the ball is belted into Luke Shaw’s midriff. Here we go.…

4.42pm BST

11 mins: And breathe. Much though I find assist statistics superfluous, the sheer creative potency of Kane of late is a thing of wonder.

4.39pm BST

8 mins: This was top-notch attacking interplay from Spurs here, Kane sliding in Son, who bursts beyond the back line on the left to clip it into the opposite corner. Cagey, tactical chess, this eh.

4.38pm BST

This is ridiculous.

4.37pm BST

6 mins: after good work by Shaw, Greenwood takes a low potshot from 20 yards but Lloris is down comfortably behind it

4.36pm BST

Absurd stuff! a throw into the box causes havoc among Maguire and Bailly who can’t handle Ndombele’s rumbustious presence and his deflected shot finds the corner.

4.34pm BST

3 mins: What a daft start from Spurs – United showed good intent down the left, and Martial was deftly played in behind Spurs back line but that was basics from Sanchez, barging into Martial like that.

4.33pm BST

Ninety seconds in, and Crisis Club United are ahead, as Fernandes effortlessly rolls his kick into the corner

4.32pm BST

An early United raid and Sanchez clumsily brings down Martial as he zips in from the left

4.31pm BST

United get us underway, kicking towards the east stand, after the customary knee-take.

4.27pm BST

The teams are on their way out …

4.23pm BST

Jose Mourinho talks, on a very important matter: He genuinely though “Gary” was short for “Gareth” and that was why he addressed the England manager Southgate thus the other day. “I apologised to him and I want to make that public.” Glad that’s cleared up.

Meanwhile, Stephen Carr (presumably not the former Spurs full-back) emails to say: “I’m going to stick my neck out here and say that this afternoon’s game is going to be the complete and utter opposite of Leeds - City.”

4.16pm BST

A bit of pre-match chatter, from Solskjær and Rashford: “We have to break them down cleverly enough,” says Solskjær, “and they’ve got Son back who’s one of the best players in the league at running in behind.” As for Cavani: “I can’t say anything before a deal is done, my mind is on the game

Rashford says United need to take more risks, and it’s important to go into the international break in good spirits with a win behind them.

4.10pm BST

Back on a nostalgia tip, here’s some wise counsel from one of our regulars:

If you fancy a bit more nostalgia @tomdaviesE17, the World Cup Panini Football Collection 1970-2018 is a wallow in glorious kits and dodgy haircuts (and so much more) -

4.01pm BST

A perhaps tone-setting first email. “Still no league start for van de Beek...” harrumphs Robert Lin. “Is Ole actively trying to get sacked?”

This level of pre-match discontent can only mean one thing: a reverse-jinx and the Reds win at a canter.

3.59pm BST

In these dystopian, digital football-watching times, you’re going to want a dose of English football’s past at its most eccentric. In which case, tuck right into this gallery:

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3.57pm BST

Arsenal have beaten Sheffield United 2-1, braving a late Blades’ fightback after a fine David McGoldrick goal, while Fulham are still pointless after losing 0-1 at Wolves.

And an eye-catching scoreline involving Fulham’s west London rivals Brentford too, the Bees tossing away a 2-0 lead at home to Preston to go down 2-4.

3.43pm BST

Son is back for Spurs, Bailly in for Lindelöf for the hosts

Manchester United: De Gea; Wan-Bissaka, Bailly, Maguire, Shaw, Pogba, Matic, Greenwood, Fernandes, Rashford, Martial. Subs: Lindelöf, Mata, Lingard, Fred, Henderson, Can de Beek, McTominay

3.35pm BST

Arsenal have found another gear in the second half against Sheffield United. They’re two-up and cruising. Let Tom Bassam tell you more.

3.33pm BST

Pre-match reading: Our resident tactics guru Jonathan Wilson runs a critical eye over Man Utd’s current state here:

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3.20pm BST

Afternoon everyone. What to make of this one then? Two heavyweight-ish sides about which it’s hard to divine whether they’re very good this season. Manchester United’s unconvincing early performances and seemingly confused transfer window have done little to muffle the mumblings of those who wonder whether the club have got any sort of plan. The move to sign Edinson Cavani, formidable forward though he is and has been, has more than a whiff of the Zlatan or Larsson cameos at Old Trafford. And the Bruno Fernandes/Mason Greenwood love-in period of high summer suddenly seems very distant.

José Mourinho meanwhile returns to Old Trafford boasting Gareth Bale and Sergio Reguilon as recent arrivals. Bale is unlikely to figure today but Reguilon should, and has already shown his promise. Tottenham have had a curious season so far, schooled by Everton first off before outplaying Southampton and Newcastle only to be denied victory against the latter by that handball kerfuffle about which all opinions have now been officially exhausted and are thus prohibited. And they’ve reached the quarter-finals of the League Cup without winning a game over 90 minutes, as well as the Europa League group stage. Busy, busy, busy.

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Harry Kane stars in Tottenham's 6-1 thrashing of hapless Manchester United

søn, 04/10/2020 - 19:35

Farcical, hapless and concerning: three words to describe a horror show from Manchester United, who on this evidence would struggle to give a parks team a contest. This was the first time since November 1957 – also against Tottenham – that they conceded four in the first half and when Harry Kane scored a late penalty United had equalled their record Premier League defeat, having also lost 6-1 here against Manchester City in 2011.

Every team can have an off-day and, while Spurs deserve plaudits for ruthlessly punishing their hosts, the real question is where Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s side go next. The manager has the international break to digest this but, though Porto’s Alex Telles and Edinson Cavani are close to joining, a left-back and a 33-year-old striker hardly appear the answer.

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Tottenham's Eric Dier admits to being terrified of new handball rule

lør, 03/10/2020 - 23:30
  • Defender penalised for handball against Newcastle
  • Dier: ‘You don’t feel free to act, to play in a normal way’

Keep your hands behind your back when you block. Do not raise them when you jump, even if, really, you need that for leverage. Get close to your man, you have always been taught that, but not too close because then you are open to all sorts. Although, if you are super close, maybe you will get away with it. Welcome to defending in the Premier League 2020 and the above guide is merely to help you stay on the right side of the new handball rule, although that, too, is evolving. Defenders are not penguins but perhaps it would be better if they were.

Eric Dier sighs. When is your arm not your arm? When is its position natural or otherwise? And what is natural for one person and not the next? “In and around the box with the new handball rule, you are terrified,” the Tottenham and England defender says. “You don’t feel free. You really don’t feel free to act, to try to play in a normal way.”

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Tottenham v Manchester United: match preview

lør, 03/10/2020 - 10:00

The last edition of this fixture in December ended in a 2-1 Manchester United win that had Mason Greenwood at centre-forward for the first time and José Mourinho handed a first defeat as Tottenham manager. Victory eased pressure on Ole Gunnar Solskjær who had just overseen an insipid draw with Aston Villa. Now the manager is being asked to explain why only Donny van de Beek has been signed in the window. Another victory would go some way to fading out the noise – for the moment, at least. Jamie Jackson

Sunday 4.30pm Sky Sports Premier League

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